Thursday, January 20, 2011

The worlds biggest craft group - blogland

so far !
yep, that is what has been raised so far by the crafting community, and it isn't over yet.
I know how overwhelming the sheer amount of auctions and raffles can be, and some things have skyrocketed out of my pocket-range I can tell you....but you know, those humble $5 raffle tickets are adding up.
Pop over to Jennie's blog and check out some auction/raffles that you might have a chance at winning (and don't forget Jennie's awesome auction)
If you want your heart to just melt- get on over to Teddybearswednesday and read the two posts about Colin- do you know -he volunteered to be Auctioned ?

Of course there are also hundreds of auctions in the land of facebook as well.

There are so very many people doing wondrous things.
Corrie is making quilts, people are baking and volunteering and helping the animals.
Toni is keeping everything ticking along and keeping everyone up to date with new auctions and that amazing total. Check out the asterisked items to see whats just been added today!

yep, our craft group is pretty amazing.

(and my big exciting news is just waiting....but it is coming I promise)


  1. Yep! Pretty a-maaayyyzing!!
    (So proud to be a part of :) )

  2. Isn't it exciting to just know that so many people will be helped! My contribution is to make some cushions...if you know of anyone who enjoys making them and wants to help out...please send them my way. Monkeymoomoo is making dolls too!

  3. just amazing! (and I'm getting excited that you're nearly up to your 200 entries!)

  4. Thanks Jodie for More links! - I am loving the crafty love and generosity that is out there.

  5. It is such a privilege and a pleasure to be part of such an amazing, creative and generous group. Plus, it's awesome fun!!!! Nic

  6. It is something to be proud of I think :)

  7. Thanks for the mention, Jodie! Now I feel bad for not doing another raffle/auction round-up this morning.

  8. Aren't we just a great group !
    Busting to hear your news , tell me quick I won't tell anyone .

  9. Here here for blogland, & it's big generous heart. So excited about all the raffles & auctions, i've gone wild with my entries. Don't forget to pat yourself on the back Jodie!! Love Posie

  10. It's pretty amazing isn't it. Such an honour and privilege to be part of, really Toni is tops.
    And SO are YOU!!!! You are too good to me, thank you so much for the gorgeous rap.
    Nearly 200 comments for you WOOOHOO!!

  11. Wow and double wow! So glad I am not available to cook for anyone. My sewing is so much better. And Colin is a very nice bear to volunteer like that. Cherrie

  12. Yep, absolutely amazing. I take my hat off to all you clever talented people who are making stuff; i'm happy to do my bit by donating cash to such a good cause.

  13. Everyone is doing so much and Colin is a lovely bear to volunteer! Lucy x

  14. Oh please tell me your amazing news is a book! A Ric Rac book would surely be a best seller!
    And doesn't it make you feel all warm and fuzzy to know that so many people contributing a little bit can do such collective good!

  15. It's lovely to see (and participate) in the raffles. I can't afford to offer hundreds of dollars, and therefore wouldn't win and wouldn't be donating at all. Seems silly that only the top dollar amounts get given.

    I think raffles are much nicer.

    Hope things start to improve in the flood zone - awful, awful thing.


  16. 450000 good wishes heading north. Bloody great stuff. x

  17. OMG, I have a teddy just like Colin!! Mine is very, very loved and really needs patching, but after 55-60 years, even I need some patching.

    Wonderful amount that you have collected. $45,000 is a huge amount, and the blogland community always comes through.

  18. Wow, that's incredible! Well done blogland and well done Jodie and all you lovely bloggers who're doing an incredible job of organising all this!!


  19. It certainly restores faith in humanity doesn't it...Well done everyone!


Hellloooooo !!!!