Wednesday, January 26, 2011

tick tick tick.....

The raffle (see below) will be drawn at 12 -ish today. I add the 'ish" cause I am just as likely to forget until 3 or 4 or dinnertime.
You know this HUGE response , all over blogland really does illustrate the amazing community that lives inside our computers . All our "internet friends" doing there bit for others across the state and across the world, in turn doing their bit for their internet friends, or the friends of their internet friends.
Damn good job I say
(and could we have a round of applause for Toni and Carli who have worked so hard to bring together such a huge effort. Can you imagine the hours it would take to get all those list happening, not to mention the hundreds of emails.........)
See you at 12 - ish.
and thanks of course for coming here and entering my raffle and giving your $5 or more to the people who need it.
People are good.


  1. Oh exciting, i've been greedily buying up raffle tickets, i want to win, you know, for the benefit of the Qld Flood (& my children who really want your softies).
    You've done well babe, awesome work, love Posie

  2. Hear Hear! Mate you have done a fabulous job. The bloggy community is doing a fabulous job. Two hundred and forty three $5 entries? Bloody brilliant.

  3. People are good - and so are you, Jod! What a fabulous crafty effort this has been (not to mention inputting all those $5 donations umpteen times) - three cheers for all of us.

  4. There's been such an amazing response! Terrible if you want to win, but fantastic for the amount of money that has been (and will be) donated to the flood relief!

  5. I should have bet you about getting over 200 entries!!i hate to say I told you so....awesome awesome work!

  6. you are just full of awesome Mrs J!
    yay for the money raised

  7. You've all done a damn fine job! ♥

  8. Hooray Jodie... I agree with Fer, what a damn fine collaborative effort.
    What an amazing amount of money raised. I am hoping to go and visit Parsley (or Beet? Hmm, not sure!) in his/ her new home- so I will check that the settling in process is going okay. Or, if I bet her there, I will try and make sure Karen is preparing a nice home with a good outlook!


Hellloooooo !!!!