Friday, October 15, 2010

Over share?

Yesterday I was answering an email about doctors flannel and wool felt, and it occurred to me ( not for the first time) that I really should just have a little explanation that I can send people when they ask those questions. A fact sheet.......So that got me thinking about some of the things people ask me about and I thought I might add a FAQ page to the blog.

So this is your opportunity - ask away. Send me your questions and I'll make a little page with all the answers. Open slather. Crafty questions, bloggy questions...ummmm whatever else you might think I know.
and while I'm here banging on about myself , I have to thank some people for featuring me on their blogs in the last wee while,

The gorgeous Miss L of Tialys who featured Baxter
Erika of Weallsew who is featuring my blog next week

Craftymummy who posted about the craft clock
and Ursula who popped my teapot in her round-up and whose blog I seem to have lost.....

Its cold and wet here today and I am at home in my track pants. The parcel man has visited and given me a gorgeous present and there is a small knight calling plaintively from the sewing machine......

Go on don't be shy......... just ask !


  1. why don't you move back here so we can stitch swear words together?

  2. My question: How do you manage to stitch, design, write and be so utterly gorgeous all at the same time? Teach me!!!!

  3. Hi Jod - Will you do some softie making classes in the future? Nic P.S. I'm in trackies today too - perfect weather for them!

  4. I just asked you a question in an email before I came and read this! And good on you for having an at home rain/trackies day. I only just got out of my pjs before. Oops!! I do have a good reason! I think....!! I'm sure you'll get lots of questions.... Oh... Ihave another one....

    WILL YOU PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE SEW ME ONE OF ALL OF YOUR CREATIONS?? (Not the kind of questions you meant??!)

  5. That's funny I just send you an email with very important info that you need to know about . Let me know if you don't get as I sent to your old email address der !

  6. That's such a cool idea.... now I just need to switch my brain back on and think of a question

  7. What colour are your trackie dacks?

  8. Ooh! I like Nic's idea. A Ric-Rac workshop. How awesome would that be? Hmmmm.... questions.. um, I guess I would like to know a little more about what sort of fabrics you use, and where can I get them. Also, what sort of stuffing? How do I do some of the hand embroidery stitches? Where do you get all your awesome ideas from, Jodie, when did you start making stuffed toys and what inspired you to do it and why haven't you had a book published yet? That should keep you going...

  9. Can you get to work with no traffic lights?

  10. Ooooo annie, now I am puzzling that one. Hmmm... so far I think no but will continue to think on it.

    Do you have the answer to peace in the Middle East? What are next weekend's winning Lottery numbers?

  11. Now that would be the perfect table setting for my mother's birthday today!
    Your patterns inspire many many people!

  12. Well you did ask Jodie!

    What's it like to be a Craft Rockstar?

    How can you tell good felt from bad felt?

    What stuffing do you use?

    How do you avoid lumps? (in stuffing, in sauce, in life)

    What kind of camera do you use?

    When are you coming to visit me?

  13. Blimey, can't think of anything at the moment! It's like when you catch up with someone and they say "so what's been happening?"... the mind goes completely blank.... !!

  14. Do you have a rule to getting the eyes on softies in just the most perfect position all the time??
    OMG, you're my hero, argh, hype hype faint - just like your Baxter episode at the art gallery. You crack me up, please do a softie story book, my children worship your work??!! Love Posie

  15. Will you be writing children's books in the future? You really should you know...well with maybe a little adult humor in it. LOVE LOVE LOVE that tea set.

  16. what kind of sewing machine do you use? and what music do you listen to (if you do) while you work?

    erin c.

  17. I occasionally need an conversion chart for Australian to English. Case in point: Open Slather ?

    I adore this site and all your lovely little critters, so any information you add will be appreciated.

  18. That tea set is the most amazing, inspiring photo I have seen in a LONG time!!! Love it!

  19. I should add (not sure if I told you) that I featured a photograph of yours on my blog recently. I gave you credit, of course.

    Did you ever frame the photo of the lily you bought from me?

    Love the tea set :)

  20. I can't think of a single question. I just sit back in awe and enjoy the parade of cleverness and humor that goes by. You crack me up all the time, and I wonder where you get it!

  21. 1. How is it possible that you can be so creative, witty, friendly, talented, funny, ingenious and adorable all at once?

    2. What/who has been/is your inspiration?

    3. When did you feel confident enough to start writing your own patterns?

    4. How do you stay motivated?

    5. When can I start looking for your craft book in the bookstore?

    6. Will you be my BFF?

  22. What is doctor's flannel? I don't think we have anything in the U S called that. Is it heavier than flannel you would use for pajamas or baby things?

  23. WHEN can we expect to see your work in bookstores everywhere??? It's like those stories that include recipes, only your recipes are for softies instead of food. First the photos and adorable story, then the pattern for the hero/heroine. Six story books should be a good start, or one grand compilation.

  24. Am I in your will as the person to whom you bequeath all your stash??

  25. I would love to know how to put a personalised banner on my blog (still using the original blogspot one because I'm a ludite) Also things like adding tutorials/patterns in a sidebar. I'm sure you addressed these questions at the Craft show but I was in stinky old Adelaide and missed it!

  26. Hi Jodie,

    How do you prop up your animals for their stories?


  27. Wouldn't mind to have a tea set like this just for myself! Gorgeous!

  28. o my god how beautiful tableware.

  29. You asked for it.

    1. When are you going to give in to the inevitable and fly north to live next door to me?

    2. What's your very favourite colour?

    3. When's the book coming out?

    4. Do you ever sleep?

    5. see #1

    Moogs xxx

  30. Do you have a tea party tutorial to go with that lovely tea set? Pattern? Love it!

    Homemaker Honey


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