Saturday, December 5, 2009

I have to :

Introduce my new boyfriend
(spunky robot courtesy of pinksnowflakes)
Say thanks for all your support of THAW in the last post - man you guys blow me away !

Tell you that Vic of Punky and me - is the winner of Rocket and he will be heading off to live with her really soon.
Share with you Miss Ric-Rac was suitably embarrassed about it all I have yet to show her this .........

and tell you that the disco bot pattern is finally done and listed.
Can I also just whisper quietly that I am stuffed ! My brain has turned to blancmange and I wish I could sleep for a week. My kids are fully doing my head in and I am snappy and snippy and in need of a good slap myself.
Christmas is looming like some turgid bubbling quicksand and the Grinch is ringing and asking me for anti-festivity tips.......
School is like some crazed asylum where they are definitely not handing out enough feel-good pills and the calendar is filling up way too quickly.
I am off to a 50th birthday party tonight and I just want you to know that should the four horsemen of the Apocalypse interrupt my sleep-in tomorrow I shall get out of bed (sans foundation garments) and I shall grab the nearest weapon (quite possible an outdoor chair) and I shall quietly and calmly beat them to death.
(but I am not a monster, I would spare the horses)


  1. Oh Jodie the end of your post had me laughing so hard I nearly dropped the baby off my lap! If they are not handing out enough happy pills I recommend a bottle of chardy to be self administered as required (but not before 8am - we have to have some standards darling). Be kind to yourself :)

  2. long as you spare the horses, I say that is entirely reasonable.

    What a lucky girl that Vic is! :)

  3. I should spare the lot of them and just give them a good talking to in your best 'teacher' voice because if you beat the Apocalyptic Horsemen to death you will be left with FOUR horses wandering around in the front yard aimless and homeless and you don't want to end up having to take care of them as well. We all know that horses are absolutely CRUBBISH at changing the loo roll.

  4. ohh, I wish there was something I could do for you! I can offer up some virtual hugs?? (( )), there, does that feel better now?

  5. on re-read that sounds a bit patronising doesn't it??! wasn't meant to be, I promise!

  6. I love your new friend! And I wish you a lot of strength and energy!

  7. hope you get many big sleeps in the holidays.

  8. Aaaah sleep in tomorrow ! Don't send those horses around here I may not be so kind .

  9. Congratulations on the Downunder Quilts article. How exciting the Discobot pattern is finished! Oh, for a sleep in.... ! I totally get the references to quicksand too.

  10. Oh lord. The exhaustion I can fully identify with. Creativity spent and parental goodwill in tatters. Hunker down babe, insanity reigns. Thinking of you muchly.

  11. Cuddle your new boyfriend....he looks dishy.....Kick the kids.
    You'll feel better after that.

  12. I hope that as I write this you are getting quietly sloshed, but not so sloshed that a hangover interrupts your well deserved sleep in tomorrow!

  13. I'm intrigued by what you are embroidering. Do we get to see the rest of it?

  14. Those bots are cute, cute, cute with a side order of seriously cute. Thanks for sharing you've brightened up my evening just before I go off to bed. :)

  15. Fantastic article Jodie! So did you hear the creche barbie and santa visit near your place today :) Think of me when you sleep in .. early macca's start for Ayden and a party for Maya at 10. Good work with the robot pattern too!

  16. Sorry Jodie - I'm just sniggering here at your post and then at Trashy's comment - she does have a point about the loo roll..........!

    Locket xxx

  17. Cool article, I liked reading about some other selvedge sewers.

    Sorry to hear that life is so cranky at the moment for you and I really REALLY hope you get your sleep-in, even if I am charmed at the idea of you beating the horsemen to death in the nude with a chair.

  18. The tea hit the monitor just as I read the 'sans foundation garment' bit. Plus I agree with everything Trasha says.

  19. Oooohhhh....know how you feel! Who kidnapped October and November. I didn't see time slip by sooooo fast. I must get up for work at 4.45am I will think [quietly] of you.. no noise... as I'm scared of the outdoor chair.. Rainbow smiles.. Gloria

  20. Firstly - without foundation garments?!!!

    Secondly - Not a chair, they are expensive, use a large handbag with a brick in it, preferably studded (the handbag, not the brick)

    Thirdly - I am sad you're not a monster as being one myself... ahem, anyway, good of you to spare the horses and the Horsemen need a damn good thrashing anyway. Possibly not Death tho' he's not so bad and could help with the housework (he's very good at ironing)

    Fourthly - threaten to REALLY embarrass the kids if they don't just STOP!

    Fifthly - annihilate Christmas for your own good. Then settle down to well deserved glass of something wonderful and cake.

    Sixthly - Life is crap, but at least there's chocolate/wine/compensation of choice.

    Seventhly - a lot of people adore you, you do know that don't you?

    Eighthly - Well I do anyway, so there!

  21. I prescribe:
    - happy pills a-plenty
    - chocolate a-plenty
    - vino a-plenty and
    - maybe some comfort food like a bit of mash or soup.
    If all else fails, stick your head under the covers and don't come out until you feel better.

  22. oh i am so with you on the last bit of your post. in the past i was super organised and very excited myself. now - i haven't got the tree up (it just seems like such hard work for such a short amount of time). i have very few presents (because my five year old's christmas list consists of 1. and iphone and 2. a macbook - thanks to having a big sister who can buy this stuff herself!!!) and i can't believe that this is the last week of school and i have nothing to give to the teachers!!! and as for parties - they are coming out of my ears and all i want to do is curl up in a ball and read......
    have a happy festive season - i know when it comes to the crunch, it will be just gorgeous - like every other year.

  23. You are almost there, this time of year is always the same, frantic, and i think we feed each other with the frenzy of it all. No advice, many others have the wisdom, but just a reminder that it ALWAYS works out in the end!

  24. You're SOOO funny! I do hope you're sleeping in as I type -- perhaps your new boyfriend could stand guard while you snooze away....

  25. Lurve your new man!! Flicked through the Down Under this morning and it's such a good issue filled with my talented crafty mates - fantastic!!! I have Daph's Birthday this week to add to the way too many things to do list. I was also allowed to sleep in this morning - the girl's were told not to pester me until 9am. They lasted until 8.54 and then jumped on me!! Oh well, I have the Amitie Xmas lunch at the very fabulous Jenny's today so life's not all bad!!

  26. Hope you got your sleep-in this morning, Ms Grumpy; sounds as if the happy pills just ain't working. What does Mr R-R think of your new boyfriend. And your Jemma looks gorgeous on the cover of Thaw - raced down to the Upholstery Gallery yesterday for my copy and also Mixtape. I am tempted to carry them with me everywhere I go and point to the article about you and Annie's piece and shriek "I know them, I know them" in a groupie-ish sort of way. Great to catch up last weekend. Keep sane

  27. Hee Hoor haaaa!!!!
    So i slept till 11:30 (!!!!) today. no 4 horsemen could wake me from that monster snooze! Hope you got the same craaazy laaady!

  28. Man you make me laugh Jod. Hope you got that sleep in. I actually got one myself. Yay. That doesn't happen very often. xoxo

  29. Hi Jodie,
    I just love your sense of humour, you have a way of expressing the most exasperating things. I know exactly how you feel, but you have obviously (albeit perhaps temporarily) elected to laugh rather than scream...but we still hear the scream simmering.
    Lots of hugs,

  30. Hey Jod!
    I went out in sympathy for you, had a huge sleep in, hope you had the same!

  31. hi there! I found your blog the other day and I love it. I have been way behind in my blogging recently but i always make sure to check everyone's i follow... This post had me laughing hysterically at the end there and i love those disco bots!!! :D I love finding new people in Blog-land and i shall definitely have to try my hand at some of your tutorials soon :)
    Liz @ Observations n Such

  32. Hi Jodie,
    I've been MIA a bit in blogland of late so have just caught up with your last couple of posts. You always give me such a giggle. Your daughter is gorgeous and you should be very proud, as I'm sure you are... even if she does eat up all your computer time. LOL
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  33. Sleep honey! Sleep for a week!

  34. Cute new guy...I think !
    Thanks for the cute pattern too, arrived today with much thanks !

  35. Aaah Jodie you never fail to make me laugh.
    The description of you attacking the four horsemen is priceless, don't believe the 'sans foundation garments' would trouble the much - I think the outdoor chair might be more of a concern to them.

  36. Yeah - what they said.
    Big hugs - Shari


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