Saturday, December 19, 2009

This one time, on craft camp....

I hereby decree that next May is going to be renamed The month of craft.

Not only do I have the FIVE day long Stitches and Craft show to attend , and a weekend at sewjourn to enjoy, but Sheridan has just thrown another crafty hat into the ring.
Next May Chaletgirl is hosting the Australian Craft Blog Convention.

try this on for size...Friday afternoon shopping at places like Tessuti and Buttonmania followed by drinkies at Nikki's studio. Saturday - a day devoted to crafting and chatting and eating followed by a bloggy dinner out. Oh and there will be presents and all manner of loveliness.

Now, I do realise that there will be very little of me left after the Stitches and Craft show, so I am not committing to the whole event, but I am going to be there on Saturday with bells on (and presents once I figure that bit out).

People will be heading to Melbourne from all over the place!

OK for actual facts and times and all the serious stuff go over to Sew it Together check out the details, and join in !!!

and just so you know, school finished yesterday, I had stuff that had to be done this morning but as of 4pm this afternoon I have been proudly pyjama clad and staring down six glorious weeks of holidays.


  1. Oh, Jodie, I am sooo envious, I just read about all that this afternoon.
    And that little guy you are making looks pretty good too!

  2. hmmmm, I was going to say I hope you come to Brisbane Stitches this year but then just noticed that it's in September. I hope it doesn't end up co-inciding with my trip to France! Maybe I should just come to the Melbourne one, make it my birthday present!!

  3. Oh you've reminded me about Stitches and Craft... I can't wait... I will definately say hi!

    I am already planning it - I'm leaving Le Punk at home for THE FIRST TIME OVERNIGHT (can you tell I'm a wee bit freaked out about that...?!) and staying somewhere lovely in the city & gorging on sushi and/or Indian food (sadly lacking here) as well as Stiches & Crafting it up!

  4. Ohhh I can't wait for next May really! I'll be at Sew It Together as well. Can't wait to meet you there!

    Stitches and Craft couldn't come quicker as well. This year's was so fabulous, I want next year's to come quickly!

  5. Sounds excellent, but there might be a divorce if I try for to go a week after Stitches!
    Enjoy the holidays, Chris started today too. Yay for help with the feral children!

  6. Like Kate, I'm staring down the divorce barrel a week after all that S&C, but am signed up with fingers crossed in the meanwhile!

  7. And you at least have to mkae it to Saturday night dinner for a drink or two or three!

  8. May, huh? Nearly at the end of the year so lets call it five months. And the lottery is played twice a week here. That gives us 40 chances of becoming bazillionaires. Plus add in the EuroMillions Lottery once a week that is another 20 chances and I have a one in 14 million chance of winning with each ticket I buy so ..... if I spend the money I would use on buying all of those tickets I can come play too :-) Yippeeeeeee! (And scarey Mrs Thingy from Yr. 11 vegies maths thought I would never amount to anything. HA!)

    ... if teh gods a with

  9. Yay for pyjamas all day! And crafty bloggy get-togethers.

  10. Woo hoo... May sounds like the month dreams are made off - all those crafting events!!

    Enjoy those pyjama clad, crafting holidays ahead of you Jods.
    Merry Christmas,

  11. All I know is Buttonmania sounds like heaven on earth!

    Flannel pajamas are my most favorite outfit in the world. If only I could get away with wearing the in public! I spy a very sweet turtle.

  12. wow, does that sound like fun- wish I could be there!

  13. I thought May was Cake Month... as in May I have another piece? I don't mind if I do please and thank you very much!

    Is that... Ernst's big brother? And is that a still from the European art movie he was in, directed by Ingmar Bergman?

  14. 6 weeks of holiday at Christmas? That's sooooo not fair! We only get 2! Locket xxx

  15. After that title, I was hoping for something a little more racey!!
    Have a great summer break.
    Andi :-)

  16. Crikey - you Aussies might be a bit busy (lucky things). But you could always eat some American Pie....

  17. We spent all morning in our pyjamas today. Minx was sewing, I was knitting and Monster was drawing. A perfect Saturday morning.

    Hope you have a wonderful six week break and I can't wait to see what craftiness you get up to!

    Your crafty May sounds fab - I'll be looking on with maybe a teeny bit of envy.


  18. Yippee! I've signed up too - sounds like a fab weekend.
    Have a wonderful holiday!

  19. Jodie - enjoy those holidays girl - you and yours deserve them


  20. Now I have to decide which one to come to melb for stitches and Craft or australian craft blog convention??? no, both are not an option. what to do!!!!???

  21. 6 weeks of hols - I couldn't be more jealous.

  22. Thanks Jodie!

    Can I say that I am sorry that it has worked out to be such a busy month?

    When I started to plan this, I made a note of all the popular markets, Stitches & Craft and the Quilt Fairs in all the capital cities in April, May and June.

    This was the only weekend with nothing on it!

    I know that it is hard for lots of you with it being so close to S&C, but it has worked well for a couple of bloggers who are just staying on in Melbourne after S&C!

    I will try and pick a better date for the 2011 one. And there will be a 2011 one, because this has turned out to be enormously popular.

    Thank you to everyone who is participating!

  23. Not to mention your Sewjourn booking the following weekend!!! The blog get together sounds great - unfortunately I will be away that weekend but you are all sure to have a ball!!!

  24. I'm not quite as jealous of your May fun as I am that it is SUMMER RIGHT NOW where you live, and you have six whole weeks in which to enjoy it. Ahhh, sounds lovely, and can we have a better look at the turtle? :>}

  25. I'm so excited already! I think I'll start counting down the days next year! can't waaaaaaaaaaaaait!

    imagine the noise level in the room all day!


  26. Sounds too good to be true-enjoy your holidays Jodie-I can highly recommend them:)

  27. Hey Jodie!
    You are amazing - all your achievements and you never seem to slow down.
    Just registerd for the sewittogether saturday (thanks for the link) and will definitely be popping by sometime for the stitches and craft show. Look forward to catching up at some stage in 2010.
    Cheers to you and your family for the hols and the new year.


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