Saturday, August 25, 2007


Aha, Miss organisation strikes again.
This week I made my little buckets as part of the whiplash challenge, using the spy fabric.
Blah !! My photos for the tutorial were shocking !!! So if you want to pop back tomorrow I will have a do-over on the buckets

Of course when I say tomorrow I use the term loosely. Tomorrow I am going to work. We are a week and a half out from school concert and there is still heaps to do.
Have I told you about the puppets?
I have been making eight Giant puppets for the concert - they are footballers and they are about 2.7m tall HUGE !!! Anyway depending on that.......... the bucket tutorial may be a bit later than tomorrow.

Check out these little mouse-trap buttons I grabbed today . It was the end of the tube type sale.

Today I cut some Daphne from a bush in the garden - it is such a lovely smell and now the house smells like spring. Then later I had to chop fresh coriander for dinner - another favourite smell. I was wishing I had smell-o -blog so you could all share. Then I got to thinking about smells and how they can transport you back.

I remember the smell of green apple shampoo when I was about 10. When I was pregnant I was addicted to the smell of Aloe Vera soap . I have no idea why but I wanted to shower ten times a day just so I could smell it.
The smell of old style freesias is the smell of my Nanna's house and the little vase she kept in the bathroom. Her bath was so old the enamel had worn off one end and it was all scritchy scratchy if you had to sit at that end. I could go on forever with this !
Ok so if you had a smell-o-blog what would we be smelling ???


  1. Okay - you've got me laughing, want to know what my smell-o-blog would be? Napthelene (sp?) flakes. I used to spend holidays with my aunty and she put those flakes in the linen closet to keep away the moths, whenever I smell that scent I think of her. How's that for an odd one?

  2. i can remember that apple shampoo as a kid i used to love the smell of it.. when i think about it now i can smell it... the smells of my youth..camphor in the bottom of beds.. oh the list goes on. i wonder what my kids think are the smells of there childhoods... happy days margie

  3. I love your pic of the buckets. Will wait for the "real" ones.
    Did we have the same Grandmother, I know exactly what you mean about the bath, our Grans too.
    The smell I remember is rubber toys. Who knows why but we had a rubber fork and spoon. I love the smell of them, like felt textas now. You know permenant markers. Ohhhhh the smell. Sorry no flowers for me but my Mum always wore "Tweed" perfume. Can't say I liked it too much but it was Mum.

  4. the smell of No more tangles that my dad used every morning to fix my hair for school

    my grandparents house a combo of wood and old house

    the smell of my husbands deodorant its that arm and hammer cool something but I love it. he has worn it for years and his shirts still smell of it even when washed. I love it!

  5. Yes, even in South Africa, we had the apple shampoo! I loved peach facial cleanser (teenage years), the smell of my mum's gingerbread cake (childhood), the scent of jasmine (out now!), and one close to both our book smell. Just love putting my nose to the pages, knowing an adventure is imminent....

  6. Hmmmm! If I had a smell-o-blog it would consist of freshly bathed babies, my mum's apple pie,jasmine,
    any cooking containing garlic and chilli,the garden after the rain and fresh sheets. Good luck with the concert. The puppets sound awesome.

  7. Jodie
    my smell-o blog would be HOT chocolate chip muffins! Which is a complete opposite smell to my 13 year old son!
    We had a scratchy bath when we bought this shack.. wish I still had that bath (new one in new bathroom) because i could actually FIT in that one! (too many choccy chip muffins perhaps???)

  8. LOVE love love the buckets!!!!!! And the Daphne too - tell me how you did it! I remeber Green apple shampoo - we must all be of the same vintage. I remember the smell of my school reader cover. It was a VERY exciting time - a bit like Brenda's books. A special smell for me was going to my Auntie Elsie's house in Geelong. As you walked in the front door it always smelt the same. I have only ever smelt it one other place, and that is her daughters house. A special smell.

  9. I love what you did with your fabric find...cute buckets! What will you be using them for?
    Smell-o-blog? Fun! My 2 year old right after a bath, my grandmothers god awful perfume...sure wish I could smell that again... crunchy fall leaves when you rake them in a big ol' pile, the art and design building at the university I attended... probably a big combination of bad for you chemicals and other funky smells, but it smelled like creativity to me!

  10. The smell of my new school case mum bought me at the start of each year. 'Globites' I think they were called - circa 1970's. GOD I'M WEIRD!!!

    ps - love the buckets Jodie - look forward to the tute!

  11. I love the green apple shampoo, green apple gum, green apple taffy and on and on. The mouse trap buttons are just the cutest.


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