Monday, August 20, 2007

On we go

So, after all that shopping we had to have some morning tea.

All the chairs (there weren't many ) were taken so Annie and I ate on the church steps. My cake is the one half eaten (of course) and two of them did make it home to my kids.

Then we headed back inside for our second visit to Aunty cookie, where Annie pulled out her "reserve purse" and continued to shop.

The Aunty cookie stall really did look great !

The market was an interesting mix of things but the venue was waaaaaaaaaay to small. There were more than a few nudges and bumps and "excuse Me's" as people jostled around to see things.

I bought this brooch for myself, isn't it great ??? - the bag is the name of the designer / business I believe. I wish i had asked for a card.

I never wear brooches but figure at 38 I am bound to grow up and become one of those well groomed women who can wear brooches and those casually tossed shawly things any day now !!! So I am prepared !!!!

Hang around tomorrow for the final installment of our day - who knows I may even turn into one of those women over night (There were lots of them at the market as teacup noticed )


  1. Jodie
    wear your brooch with pride! I wear mine on my casually tossed over the shoulder shawl.. I thought I looked FABBO.. but I seen a reflection in the mirror and when you are a fat blonde tart such as myself, well I looked like an unmade bed!! LOL.. do I care? Um NOPE! my boss asks if I am wearing one of my quilts when I turn up to work in it! And I am only 37! The cupcakes looked too good to eat! The two for the kids? well they wouldn't of made it to the car!

  2. Jodie I had a great day with you girls...the market, the shopping, the food, the company, the stitching, the cameras (!!)...But the VERY best part was all of the laughing. Come bak to visit soon!!!

  3. I agree totally, the venue was way too small. My friend had a great time spotting all the Prues and Trudes!!! Maybe we will catch up next time you are down.

  4. I have loved reading about your wonderful market adventure!

  5. Those Auntie Cookie stuff looks fab.

  6. I love Red-Birdy. What is it with turning 40 and wearing scarves and brooches? I was wondering why I have amassed so many since May this year! I wear them with pride.


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