Monday, August 27, 2007

Sabotage !


So what have we got here?

It's not a pretty sight.

That's right Sarg the victim is a Janome sewing machine cord, quite obviously tampered with. Estimated time of death sometime on Sunday (during concert costume sewing).

The labs have come back and it has been cut by a sharp object with two parts. Yes sir, probably scissors.

Hard to believe I know, the sheer brutality. No apparent motive - a crime of passion maybe ?

We've narrowed down the list of suspects Sir and Jodie , yes she is the owner of the machine, she's waiting in interview room one. She claims she knows nothing about it. Give her a couple of days without her sewing machine Sarg and she'll be singing like a bird.


  1. Oh No - such a graphic shot......Can you get replacement cords? Lucky it wasn't plugged in during the crime.

  2. You poor things, do you know who did it or do you! You can get replacement cords.I have a vintage machine and my brother inlaw is a sparky and he made a new cord for me. I hope that you are not too long without it. Take care Love Mel!!!

  3. Oooopsy Dooooopsy! Glad you weren't injured in the process. Stay sane ... not too long to go!

  4. The photo is so graphic. I can't believe you are showing the public.

    Hope the wait isn't too hard for you. Must admit, I have sandwiched my 'sandwich press' cord - believe me it goes 'bang'.

  5. toasted sandwich press cord sounds tasty!
    Jodie, here I was thinking you were perfect like me, so blame Sir, cause us chickybabes never do anything wrong!
    I hope you have ordered a new cord... If you are anything like me, you'll be rocking in the corner speaking in tongues if you can't sew for a day (or even TWO days)...

  6. Emergency! Disaster! Horrible! My sympathies. Meggie

  7. Love your creative posting - you cracked me up!

  8. aaaaaarrrrgggghhhhhh!!!!! I think I might go and 'dust.....I'm so traumatised.

  9. Oh my goodness! Will you be using the spotlight?

  10. Not related to this blog but just wanted to see how you are coping with the heatwave? Are there carzy ballaratians running around with thier t-shirts off getting really sunburnt?? Awful news on the cord. Shame about all that chanel 7 / AFL palava, otherwise I'm sure it would have been front page news....

  11. Jodie
    did you call in the Ballarat Detectives yet to find out who the culprit was?
    I didn't know you guys had had a heat wave?? we have had a perfect week here in Newcastle.. 27C everyday... dont you just HATE winter???
    Happy weekend to you...
    PS I got some of that twill tape from the US.. OK not some, but about 40m's of the stuffs.. now I might have to use it! LOL

  12. oh man...I hate my sewing machine with a passion...but to be assaulted so :O

    but they say most killin' are committed by someone the victim knew............

  13. Oh No! And such an important cord to be snipped. :(

    I feel sorry for any sewing machine that's been senselessly victimized.

    LOL...thanks for the giggle.

    Kimberly :)


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