Saturday, August 19, 2017


As I may have mentioned on various forms of social media, it appears my "make" is broken. I just have zero inclination to stick to anything and less than zero inclination to start something new. 
I blame the sloth.

I was so excited ! I was pumped - totally obsessed with making a sloth. I ordered some fur that wasn't quite right so I ordered some more. I drafted 7 heads.... nah, not exactly quite right. I add the little sloth eye mask things .... the sloth looked mean.
I made awesome big long sloth fingernails (claws). I even made a sloth tail.
Did you know sloths have tails ? Did you know they only poo once a month ?

My sloth looked like a monkey.
Sloths are kinda formless you know.

I studied pictures of sloths and read lots of useless trivia about sloths.
I ordered more fur.
I got desperate. I even ordered green fur.

I have enough fur to costume an episode of Game of Thrones.
The sloth has eluded me. 

The winners of the Rockpool giveaway have been contacted and parcels have been sent.

Congrats to:
My Little blue dog

The sloth is now dead to me.


  1. Sorry to hear your make is broken. Hoping you find it and fix it again soon.
    I am so excited for my prize. Thanks again. Congrats to the other lucky winners.

  2. Oh no! Poor sloth, that's pretty harsh. You did make me laugh so much I could cry with your green fur and tv series costumery. And poop.

  3. This guy was cute at the Hobby Lobby:
    He looks kinds angry and less cute online though. I am amused by the odd sloth lady's comment (or it could be a guy, but I think it's a lady, like a crazy cat lady but with sloths): "I love this sloth so much. I have 15 of them. Every time I pass a hobby lobby, I have to buy all the ones on the shelf. These are the best sloth stuffed animals EVER!!!!!!!!!! <3"
    Obsessive sloth buying--I think it's a disorder. Poor Sloth lover. She just can't stop.

  4. I thought I was a sloth until I read this, but I poo more than once a month so I guess that doesn't make me a sloth after all. Plus my nails aren't that long but I blame that on my hand sewing. Sounds like your "make" needs a well needed rest. Feet up, grab a book, or a movie, and some chocolate, switch off for a bit. Love ya guts Hodez!! ❤️

  5. Thrilled to be a winner of some of your wonderful fabric line. It seems ironic that a SLOTH broke your make. Maybe it's really a Christmas Sloth and you need red fur too. ��

  6. Be one with the sloth. Be the sloth. Your make will find you. Then you can poop on it. Thanks for today's belly laugh Jodes 😂😂

  7. You made me laugh. Your broken make will return laughing and skipping soon. x

  8. Argh! You've become one with the sloth! He's commandeered your sewing mojo! Maybe this is his insidious way of telling you he wants to star in your next fabric line? I am delighted to have some Rockpool winding it's way to me! Glad you were able to get that line and it's gorgeous projects done before Sloth hit you.

  9. at least I know I'm not *that* constipated.

    so have you sent in your application to the GoT costume dept? It's probably not a goer for the next school play.

  10. Sometimes there are things we just aren't meant to do. Bye-bye Sloth. Hello some other cute animal.

  11. You have my deepest sympathy. I have an unfinished Tilda Angel that I drag out 3-4 weeks before Christmas every year, for the past four years, with the intention of finishing it. It remains incomplete maybe this year...

    1. I also have the unfinished Tilda Angel - at least it's Tilda, it might have been an angel, I can't remember.

  12. Hope you get your sewjo back soon. I'm underwhelmed by my creations lately, too. I've just spent a week trying to come up with a border design and still haven't decided. Possibly I'm just procrastinating. You didn't get my email thanking you for the giveaway, so I'll say now that I'm thrilled. Thanks so much.

  13. Hope the sewjo comes back, shame about mr sloth but you did make me giggle

  14. :( your not trying to make six things at once are you? No? OK that is potentially the problem?! Heck I have no idea either. Go and get some holiday brochures, dream impossible dreams and perhaps your mojo will slide back on into the pool room.

  15. Thank you for picking me to win something from your recent release. I am sorry to hear about your difficulties, they will pass. I have to say I love that fur, the auburn colour is fantastic and I love how it fades at the ends of the hair... also I am very very impressed with the claws. I think maybe you need a bit of distance from the sloth, I don't think he's dead for one minute, he's very slow moving. Go away and come back later I am certain it will all happen.

  16. A sloth would be so cool. You make the best animals. Seeing as they only poo once a month, I am thinking that he may come together over time? Thanks for the parcel, I know I will love it, you are very generous! Cheers!

  17. They only poo once a month?
    On the subject of trivia, I have been trying to figure out how our American friends say 'buoyancy' ever since you reminded me of the peculiar way they say 'buoy'. I walk past the water with my dog most days and cannot get the silly idea out of my head!

  18. I have a soft spot for sloths ever since my 3 year old daughter insisted the picture of a sloth in the story book I was reading to her was "wrong way up" and kept turning the book upside down for me. Irene in Northern Ireland

  19. I wish my dogs only pooed once a month.

  20. There is nothing more frustrating than the mind's eye and all the dimensions will not cooperate.
    Best giggle of the day but! 💟💟💟

  21. Hope the sewjo comes back, shame about mr sloth but you did make me giggle


  22. Kudos to you for even attempting a sloth - me, I am just hanging for a day to practise BEING a sloth, working fulltime is cramping my style..


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