Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I'LL huff and I'll puff

and I'll blow your tree down.
and I'll take the fence and the clothesline with me ....

(no-one was hurt and everything is fine and I now know two very lovely arborists if anyone ever needs an arborist or two.)


  1. OMG, how awful to lose a nice tree... and a clothes line and a fence :-) We seem to have had shocking winds most of the year but gratefully no trees down on my washing! Glad everyone was alright.

  2. Ooer! Scary weather. I'm happy to hear nobody was hurt and at least you have had cause to use the word 'arborist', which sounds beautiful.

  3. yikes!

    lot of wind here too.

    and the weather.

  4. Nothing better than awesome arborists. Sorry for your loss but glad no bodily harm was done.

  5. Yikes, glad everyone is OK. So hope the insurance is going to cover a new hills hoist!

  6. I hope you gat it all fixed soon.


Hellloooooo !!!!