Friday, November 25, 2016

Free steak knives ! (not really)

I received some emails yesterday asking if I was offering discounts in my store.
 I thought it was a bit weird.... I had forgotten about the thing that is Black Friday / Cyber Monday.
I have never joined in before, because I am just not that organised (yep that's a surprise to no-one)but I did recently have a sale and may have forgotten to mention it here. 
(yes I do totally suck at business)

Everything is under $10. Everything is cheap. Everything comes with free steak knives... not really.
I'm pretty sure you get the idea.


  1. unless you are drinking through a straw, you do not suck. at all.

    and this whole black friday thing really only applies if the business in question is based in USA, since it's a US holiday, and not a UK or Australian one!

  2. I'm interested in comment #1 about discount offers in Bangladesh. LMAO! I stay home black Friday, curl up in my chair and read. The public is full of crazies and shopping from my armchair is much more preferred.

  3. Thanks. I have been eyeing several of your patterns for a while, but I don't really have time to make all I want to make. Still, I might use this as the excuse to take the plunge. You really have some lovely ideas.


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