Sunday, July 5, 2015

I went to the zoo

Despite the wrath of the holiday boss, I skived off last week and went to the zoo along half of the population of Victoria I might add.
 I saw all the usual suspects and took photos
 and wished, above all else that I could be a zookeeper.

In the far left you can see a teeny little baby elephant. I could spend all day just watching the elephants even if they didn't seem all that thrilled to see me.

 The holiday boss was mollified with last week's output:

Four new creative cards, originally named Three Ring Circus (although there are four diamonds) Circus Skittles, Circus Oli's and Circus Tuffet.

That last one should be called Circus-how-can-anything-take-this much-stuffing? 
All the details will be in tomorrows newsletter and they will be in all good stores super soon. They might also be in some crappy stores too, I have no standards.

The holiday boss sits back and drums her fingers on the desk...... "That is all well and good but what are you doing this week Jodie?"


  1. OMG Jodie, you crack me up!!

  2. Glad that boss gave you at least 1 day off, Jodie - she's a slavedriver. Would love to be a fly on the wall when you and Mrs Moog compare notes on your bitchbosses!

  3. Brilliant photos Jodie...and yes you brought a smile to my face too. Great new patterns.

  4. there is a stray apostrophe in there, no? Circus Oli's what?

    Roll on crappy stores, world domination awaits.

  5. Yours let you go to the zoo? I'll be having a word with Bitchboss ...when she eventually gets up. Having a "much needed lie-in" this morning, apparently.
    I can see you worked blooming hard to make up for your jolly to the zoo, though.

  6. You can just tell Holiday Boss that you went to the zoo for inspiration. I know you already have the elephants off pat but those other two creatures could be given the Ric rac treatment one day perhaps.

  7. I reckon you are a zoo-keeper of sorts, yours just involves more stitching and less poop scooping.

  8. Sitting ready to watch an elephant show "they" needed a child to be in the show. The mister volunteered our 2 year old daughter. As she was so young "they" needed an adult to be on the stage with her. The mister volunteered me. So daughter and I performed on stage in front of an audience racing against an elephant to get items to bring them back and put them into a bucket. Elephant won. We were in whisker's distance of the glorious beast. The holiday boss runs a tight ship! Does she also crack a whip?

  9. Holiday Boss really has a heart of gold, she can't fool us! ;o)

    What fun new patterns in your Circus line-up (still chuckling over the line ""how-can-anything-take-this much-stuffing?"). Won't be long and Holiday Boss will have your week sorted, I'm sure.

  10. Hubster & I actually GOT to be zookeepers for a while - we were the ONLY weekly volunteers at a non-profit (and, boy, was it NONprofit!) zoo. Oh, my GAWD, it was THE BEST job EVER. We've moved, from Texas to Florida (might as well be in a whole 'nother country) so we can't do it any more, but we both miss it. Even scooping poop was a big deal (especially tiger poop!) - but interacting with all the animals was really the best part. We loved it when we could take some of the educational animals out & show them off at events, where people could actually touch them. (We got to hold them while people "petted" them with 2 fingers.) We also got to do things like enrichment (meatballs and blood popsicles for the big cats, cardboard box toys for the parrots, fruit & veggie icey pops for the mammals, and new substrate & habitats for the snakes & armadillos. yup, fun fun fun! If you should ever get the chance, do it - you won't regret it!

  11. I'm sure we are twins separated at birth.

  12. Excellent output Ms. Ric Rac. And I'm betting Parsley and Beet are very proud of you for spending time with their relatives!!!


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