Monday, July 13, 2015

Holiday Boss

So whilst the holiday boss might not have been thrilled with last weeks performance, quite a lot happened. I finished up a stack of shop samples including Circus Skittles and Tuffets.

I visited Kellie's new shop in Fairfield called Cutting Cloth. The shop is stunning and full of Kellie's wonderful quilts. You can follow her on facebook to see some of her wonderful range.

Still in Fairfield , it was off to visit G.J's. Having recently moved, the G.J's store is enormous with a huge amount of quilting fabric as well as everything strecthy and sparkly and sequinny that any dancer could want. (I find myself so drawn to all that sparkle.)  

While I was there I saw my fabric in the wild for the very fist time. It was a bit weird, I didn't want to stand near it in case someone said something awful about it.

I made a new friend (almost but not quite),

and I celebrated the birthday of our slightly older friend, Annie flowergarden.
I look forward to all the adventures you have planned Annie, it is going to be some ride !


  1. how many kilotonnes of stuffing do you get through in a year?

    stand next to it so you can offer autographs.

    you bought the sparkly spandex to make shorts, you did, I know you did. you are wearing them right now.

  2. A Peppermint Penguin seems to know an awful lot about you Jodie!
    I think she raids a pillow factory for polyfil, APP!!!
    I'm looking forward to Thursday so I can get my mitts on my own supply of Backyard Circus and associated patterns. :)

  3. Firstly, Your fabric range is absolutely delightful, Perfectly placed and not at all out of place, I have heard of it but have not been there yet. Cutting cloth looks wonderful indeed, all the best to Kellie. Happy Birthday to Annie and your newest creations is super cute too.

  4. I captured two panels of your Ava and Oliphont fabric out in the wilds of GJ's last week. I have added them to the stash to be brought out and made up for when there's a new addition to the family. If it's a boy, I thought I would make Ava into Iva by not adding the the hair bunches and making shorts out of the skirt fabric.

  5. Thanks for being a special friend Jodie

  6. Good to meet you last week, putting a real face to an awesome blogger.
    How exciting to see your own fabric "In the wild"

  7. I know, I know, I've not been paying attention... You have your own fabric?!?! That is so terrifically awesome. Where can I see it online?


Hellloooooo !!!!