Friday, December 19, 2014

truth and lies

 I finished work on Wednesday so this bright Friday morning sees me totally in control of the whole Christmas debacle. The baking is done, The house is decorated and the good-cheer and festive warmth are oozing from every pore. (lies)
In my defense I did go into town yesterday. After eleventy trips around the car park, with hooting cars, swearing pedestrians  and a giant festive Elmo playing bagpipes I gave up and came home.
At least Darla has the housework under control. 


  1. The world has gone MAD! I would like to lock myself in my workroom and not come out until the 5th of January. Hope you have a Cheery Christmas!

  2. We did the 25 lap Bunnings carpark dance the other weekend and gave up. This is why online shopping was invented.
    Happy Christmas.

  3. Can Darla come and do my housework too please?

  4. Ahhh so you were that nutter that drove past us at break neck speed when we were in Ballarat yesterday? ;)

  5. That Elmo is pretty talented - when we saw him he was playing a trumpet!!!!!

    Eat, drink and be merry - after all that nobody will be looking at the house (or shouldn't be anyway)

  6. I hear you!!! The shops are only shut for one day!! They could be like me and have everything organised (NOT)!!! I thought that listening to bloody awful Christmas carols was bad but having to listen to a trumpet playing Elmo would tip me over the edge.

  7. I am not going anywhere near a shopping centre until school holidays end. I am a coward!
    We got the box of decorations and tree down from under the eaves today. That counts as progress, right?

  8. I need one of those vacuums!!! And probably a Darla -- she looks like she has your life under control!!!

  9. Christmas madness isn't quite as mad here in my french rural backwater but, when I was still in the U.K., I refused to go into the town centre after the end of November. As somebody else has said - it really is why online shopping was invented - probably by somebody driving round and round a car park looking for a space.
    A giant Elmo. Why?

  10. You'd think the Zombie Apocalypse was on its way, the way people stock up with groceries and stuff. My mum used to do that and my dad would be eating left overs for a week before binning it either because it was off or he was totally off it!
    I've got to do groceries and I'm not going anywhere near the supermarket until after 9 tonight. I then have half a chance of getting a park within a kilometre of the complex!
    And as for cleaning? Well, let's just not go there.
    Peace be with you!

  11. cool, calm and collected - Darla that is.

    it's a thingmas free zone round mine, you are most welcome - place is overflowing with craft crap also.

  12. Adorable Darla!!!
    I wish you and family a Merry Christmas!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  13. It's terrible out there! Where did those festive feelings go and how can we retrieve them? I love Darla and I can't wait for a pattern for her (hopeful thinking?) I need her around here to help me with the mountains of housework overwhelming me.


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