Sunday, December 7, 2014

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

I guess if the title is true I must be well loved because I sure as hell am finding blog time hard to come by. Mr Ric Rac (still wearing the busted ankle boot) is back at work and things are back to high-speed end of year normal here and at the day job.

I am working on a supersonically huge new project and am struggling and doubting myself and giving up and starting again and obsessing as I always do. I am completely sick of myself, but don't worry, it's often like this and I'll get over myself once I get my head around it.

Here is the little present that I sent out in my newsletter last week . The pattern is completely free and can be downloaded by clicking on the link HERE. It comes with the whole alphabet, so you could, if you had the time and inclination, make a set for your whole family.

Or you could just print out the pattern and gift it with some felt and make them do it themselves .... 
You know, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to blanket stitch and then he can keep busy while he waits for the fish or something along those lines.

There are a few packs of those coat hangers in my shop if you are keen.


  1. Thank you! These are some cute. No tree, but I'll figure something out!

  2. I HAVE to carve some sewing time out, my machine is going to think it's been abandoned :(
    I love you little quick patterns, perfect when I need a stitchery fix.
    Looking forward to the new project! I have just finished a big work related one and I feel so happy to get it done and dusted.

  3. Thank you kindly, Missus. Am loving feltiness at the moment.

  4. soundboard services and slappin with wetfish for self doubt available at the usual address.

    the temptation to spell something out on cute teeny hangers.

  5. We all believe in you Jod - it'll be ACE

  6. Supersonically busy makes my head spin! My blog is being covered over with layers of dust now. These itty bitty outfits are way too cute. Maybe you need some time on a horse with a shield and a spear? Jabbing things helps relieve stress, one would think.

  7. Very very cute Jodi -- thanks for a fun pattern!

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  9. Hello, I came across your pattern when reading The House on the Side of the Hill, Melody features a free pattern every day, and on the 17th of December, this was it. It was very well timed for me, and I wanted to thank you for a brilliant pattern, and to show you the jumpers I made.
    jen dot barnard at btinternet dot com


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