Friday, September 12, 2014

On the road

There has been a touch of busy-ness around these parts lately. Just before I was felled by the disease-most-hideous, I was designer-by-invitation at Melbourne Urban stitches.
St Kilda was a fantastic venue - ( even if Lunar Park was closed). We stitched and chatted and laughed for the whole weekend. I got to catch up with lots of crafty friends and I  met some great new ones.

Last weekend saw me jet off to Sydney with Mellly and Me and Rosalie Quinlan for the Sydney version. I haven't been to Sydney for years and I felt a bit nostalgic for those misspent teenage times loitering about the Sydney train stations. 
We had a fantastic time and somehow ended up belly-dancing in the street.
 (photographic evidence on Instagram).

fox toy, felt fox

This little man was my Urban Stitches project and he joins the rest of the little hand-sewn family. I really enjoy these little guys and while I am not planning on covering the whole alphabet , I can tell you I am not quite finished with them yet.


  1. Mini foxy is so adorable, Jodie. Can't wait for our class. hope you're feeling better.

  2. A meerkat please!

  3. Funny - the places people loiter during their teen years. I didn't have an exciting enough train station near me but I did have a bowling alley which was good and sometimes I would even bowl although then you had to wear ugly shoes which, when you are 14 or 15, is of enormous significance.
    I hope you are now fully recovered from the disease-most-hideous.

  4. I love Foxy. He's very cute. Sadly, mine is still headless! Still. I shall get there. :)
    One thing about the alphabet is that you can make a career out of the potential, even if you don't do all 26 letters. We're enjoying the journey with you.

  5. It was wonderful to meet you and making Mr Fox has been a delight. I must confess I've been making the bird I won!!! I'm lookin forward to Aardvark, duck, yak etc......


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