Sunday, September 14, 2014

fast forward

In three short working days I will be on holidays. The to-do list has been gently started and I will need three lifetimes to achieve it all. (of course).
I am currently making some fun stuff, just for me, in among all the other stuff and I am getting it wrong and stuffing it up and enjoying it like crazy.
Right at the end of the break I'll be heading back to Warracknabeal to enjoy Stitching in Spring with Rosalie and Melly. (We are like a three woman comedy / stitching act these days - you should book us !).

It is going to be a great weekend and Warracknabeal has one of my favourite junk / vintage shops ever. It has everything !

After Warracknabeal I will be doing a hand sewing class at The Cotton Factory here in Ballarat. You can book online and choose any of these fellows to make. In fact by the time the class comes around there will be a sixth little chubster to choose from !

In the mean time I am going to fit a full working week into three days, go out for dinner with the kids, sew a few more turtles and dream of hind legs and tattoos.


  1. If I miss you at school on Tuesday I'll see you in class - can't wait.

  2. Eeek! You're getting a crafty tatt? You are SO cool!! Or you are going to embroider on on a toy hehe. Have a great time in Warack a whatsie call it!

  3. Wow - all those scissors. I have to say the one where it looks as if a row of buttons has been sewn on and the needle put through the 'fabric' made me go all unnecessary.
    If I could come to your class I would but I'd find it hard to choose between the fox, the giraffe and the elephant. As it is, I can't come, so I don't have to make that choice - phew!


Hellloooooo !!!!