Monday, March 18, 2013

On Mondays and gangs

I am still pyjama clad after my attempt at a sleep-in was thwarted by a cat , sitting on my back and meowing at the back of my head.
I have had some toast and at least three cups of tea and a bit of a think.
I know that I periodically bang-on about all the feel-good stuff that we get from the crafty community and I may tend to the evangelical at times, but seriously….. If you had shared the weekend I just had, you’d be feeling a bit knackered pumped as well.
Urban Stitches was the absolute bomb diggity of crafty weekends. Look, I know I am paid to be there and swan about (the swanning lasts about three minutes, as swan is not my natural state.) but there really isn’t one minute there that feels like work. Its kind of like a crazy school reunion except you’ve never met these people before.
Of course there is a lot of “I know you on bookface” or “I read your blog” or “ I am catswhiskas47  on instagram”, that kind of partial internet-knowing that seems so normal to me now, I don’t even blink.urban2
As I kept saying to people on the weekend, there is that shared love of making that almost guarantees a great conversation with anyone in the room (and lots of people come to this event on their own). There is laughter of the “OMG I can’t believe she just said that” variety and a clenching of the lady muscles that is as good for the pelvic floor as it is for the soul.
I met some truly wonderful, batty, generous, warm hearted women on the weekend and turned a few ‘internet friends’ into ‘real-life friends’.
I think it is so much fun because you know that to some degree every other person in the room ‘gets it’.
There is no need to explain or rationalise why you would spend months hand quilting a quilt to give it away, or why you enjoy making toys at the age of 43. Its like we are all part of the same gang (minus the leathers and chains for the most part)
Yes, there was food and pina coladas and handbags made of aluminium foil. There may have been a giraffe suit in amongst the interpretive dance and doodle talk .There were closed door discussions over pizza and a pig was seen in the foyer. We learnt things we didn’t even know that we didn’t know and some of us have now seen things that will never be unseen.
Best of all ,  I was not responsible for all of the above
(and I get to do it all again in Sydney next weekend)
Thanks for a great weekend.


  1. It all sounds wonderful, and you have written about it all in such a good way, I am sitting here quite envious!

  2. Hi Jodie
    The simple thing is, craft is good for the soul. As someone who is sometimes annoyed by the Black Dog, craft has saved me. If it wasn't for a friend introducing me to patchwork and from there I discovered a plethora of other things I love to do, I'd probably be on medication and sitting in the kitchen with a blank expression on my face, while the meds numb me from feeling The Pain.
    Instead, it is a rare day that I'm not doing something related to crafting. I thank you, Melly, Rosie, Leanne and Emma for helping me to do that. I'm not creative in the 'make it up for myself' kind of way, but I enjoy interpreting the designs of others and making beautiful things for the sake of doing it.
    So thanks for being out there. You probably are not aware of the many women who feel the way I do about their hobby/obsession/salvation. And, you are a big part of that.
    Cheers and have a great time in Sydney.

  3. Ah, how I'd love to go to a weekend like that. It sounds amaaaazing!

  4. I CANT WAIT TIL THE WEEKEND! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Aww, you all came to my suburb and I didn't even know it!

  6. I live in hope that one day when my kids are older and I can convince my hubby I need another weekend away I might get there!

  7. Thanks for a great weekend - it really WAS good fun, wasn't it! Even if you had to cross your legs while you waited to sneak out for a toilet break... Enjoy Sydney!

  8. I know green is my favourite colour, but I'm 73 kinds of jealous.

  9. you shouldn't sleep on your front, it's hell on your neck

  10. It sounds fantastic! I'm very envious! xx

  11. How very well said! When are you coming to North Carolina? ;-)

  12. "like a school reunion except you've never met these people before"....sounds like the ONLY school reunion I would ever attend!! Glad you had a wonderful time. Was it YOUR pig in the foyer? Just asking....

  13. Oh the rampant jealousy! I have never made it to one of these craft feat love ins before, although I dream about it. I totally get what you're saying about every one getting it and only wish that I could get me some of that getting. ONE DAY. All good things come to those who wait, right?

  14. Sounds like a blast, shame I missed this one. I'm always the bridesmaid never the bride??

  15. Jodie it was a fantastic weekend, very inspiring. Meeting with so many like minded (gang members) was the best. X

  16. Haha sounds like you might have had a good time!


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