Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Elsie 1–8 Bodies

Yesterday, being the first day of school holidays, it was declared the Day-of-Pyjama and as such, much of it was spent in the sewing room ignoring the

To-Do list and playing with Elsie


  Here she is with her Viking friend just for a sense of scale. I was a little bit fruck out by her petite nature (can you imagine that neck seam!) and thought I might embiggen her somewhat.


Whoa Nellie ! I embiggened her into gargantuan proportions, she would have been about 20 inches tall if I had proceeded with this body. (I tried a new idea with the neck seam and it worked a dream, I cannot believe I didn’t think of it earlier.


So then I worked toward a happy medium, which, while I didn’t hate it, kind of felt a little rodent-like to me. I added a few features to see where I was headed and then it dawned on me…This is someone else entirely! He is going to be set aside to peculate a little longer as well (Pity his pattern pieces  have been mutilated beyond use). That weird strip of linen? I’m glad you asked. It is to cover up a different drawing of a mouth. I should draw faces on bits of fabric and pin them onto the dolls head to try out different features…but I get carried away and hey presto, mouths that look like moustaches.


So  a little smaller again , but not so small as the first one. I am happy with the shape and proportion of the body. I know it just looks like a stuffed tube, but it really isn’t. I decided to hang it all and make a four piece body if I was going into crazy-land with a four piece head, and it is quite a nice shape.

I’d like to tell you that today is the day for limbs but then we would all be disappointed. Today I have to do some computer work, the finished patterns are creating a backlog, I have some embroidery to finish and blah blah domestic blah.


But you know she is going to be calling me don’t you?


  1. Prize of best made up word goes to you today. I love watching your processes and seeing your characters develop.

  2. Please please please bring Elsie on Thursday - pretty please...

  3. Calling you? I can hear her calling me all the way over here in California. Elsie is just too sweet....and I love her Viking (boy)friend. :)

  4. Loving all of them. Especially liked the linen - looked like a nose job was going on rather than the mouth

  5. Yeah :)linen all the way baby!

  6. ha ha, just right clicked "fruck" to see what the definition was... I am such a blonde. They'll looking good!

  7. You must be so pleased to be on holidays -- your joy sounds through in your writing. I love the invention of new vocabulary too! Have a wonderful two weeks, you deserve it!

  8. peculate. yes.

    the percolation of the peculiar.

  9. Stuff that makes me snort snot at 2 am. Embiggen. Peculate. Fruck out. I really think you should use that word more, because it KILLS me. Seriously. I am giggling to myself in the rain, which sounds more romantic than it actually is. Me, here, alone. By myself. Laughing at my dear sweet friend on the other side of the planet. Fruck. HA!

  10. those are so fun and I really enjoy seeing a bit of the process ... and of course the wonderful vocabulary...

  11. I was thinking the strip of fabric across the face was the bandage after sinus surgery. I'm familiar with that! What is this domestic stuff of which you speak? Elise needs your immediate attention.

  12. YOU are a stuffy genius! That last shot is adorable!

  13. Elsie is a darling with her stuffed hair. She is reminding me just a bit of Lucy from Peanuts--but Lucy has no adorable freckles. Hope the un-crafty work passes by in a blur so you can get back to the real world of linen, beads, and doll necks.

  14. Lucky you've got Elsie right there to remind you not to dally with the unfun stuff!

    She really is looking too cute to ignore.

    Enjoy creating.

  15. I can hear her calling. Just look at that face... there is certainly a sense of mischief bubbling away. enjoy the holidays!


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