Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cut a Rug

Remember the rag rug ? Well it is still slowly growing.

Occasionally when the brain is too tired for anything else, the rug gets dragged out and I do a round or two

Most of the time it lives happily in the sewing room, gathering dust bunnies and threads .



I am still inexplicable in love with it. Emma from Ballarat Patchwork came up with a brilliant idea, and now I use these plastic kids needles instead of safety pins, it makes it much faster.


I want about another 10 inches on this one before I can call it done – and then I will start another.

I didn’t ask permission to steal photos so I will just link and suggest you go over and check out Claire’s Toothbrush rug and Bec’s rug that became a cupcake cushion. have you made a rag rug? Stick it in the comments so I can check it out.

This did not start out as an advertorial but for today only Ballarat patchwork have 25% off all Creative Abundance designers patterns, so if you want to grab an instruction card for your own rag rug it will set you back a whopping $4.13 !

Yep, this is how I make my millions folks,


  1. I need to do some more of mine!

  2. It's gorgeous Jodi! I love the close up shots. I'm afraid i don't have the patience to make something like this.

  3. Sorry, I know you're Jodie and not Jodi - it was a typo!

  4. I learned how to make rag rugs when I was a child, and it was how I spent some of my time when I had to stay home sick in bed. That was many decades ago. My grandmother made some lovely ones for her home. And now I almost always have one in progress. (Well, actually, the same one has been in progress for a few years now. LOL)

  5. It's fab :) I started making one a few months ago It hasn't progressed much from there but I'm sure it will do one day.... :)

  6. What gorgeous colours. A couple of years ago I taught myself to crochet and bought a book with patterns for home d├ęcor type things. One of the patterns was for a rag rug using a huge crochet hook and I made one for my upstairs loo, as you do. The worst part about making a rag rug is the cutting up of the stuff in the first place but they do look cool. Unfortunately, crochet was one of those crafts I obsessed about for a while and then went off so I've forgotten how to do it. You have inspired me though so I might dig out my ginormous crochet hook again and give it another go.

  7. I must do a bit more on mine. I haven't had any email re staff meeting

  8. Just when it is almost out of my mind, you show it again and the fire is rekindled. I need to make a rag rug! It looks fabulous Jodie.

  9. The colours in your rug are stunning and I really like the way it sits so flat on the floor!

  10. Funny. I was just looking at Claire's rag rug posts yesterday and musing that I really should start one... but I really don't have time.
    I sent her an abusive message on FB. How dare she rekindle my wish to make yet ANOTHER thing? And now look what YOU'VE done!!!!!
    You two are clearly in cahoots. Where do I get a plastic kiddie needle? *sigh*

  11. I have finished a is somewhere and I posted about my 2 unfinished rugs here;
    crochet one still not finished.
    wool one still not finished.
    The colors in your rug are lovely; that's really why I didn't finished mine; I don't like the colors in mine.

  12. I LOVE these rugs. Mom just sent me a box of my grandmother's strips and a crochet rug already started. Grandma has been gone 28 years and was 90 when she passed away. Now if I could just figure out her method. The strips are fabulous fabrics from the 40s and 50s and perhaps a few strips from the 30s.

  13. I bought 2 hunny buns yesterday to start my rug. Where does one purchase those plastic needles?

  14. You've inspired me! I started my rug yesterday - using old t-shirts and singlets from the rag bag. I'm using a Clover brand "Super Jumbo Tapestry Needle" which makes it really easy to work.


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