Sunday, July 1, 2012

This is not a to-do list

  • With the cats being pattern tested (and me still unsure about names )
squiggle cats
  • a new woollen bag blog-finished for the Daylesford Craft Experience (pattern not started)
  • A new Mr and Mrs who popped up out of nowhere (draft nine)
  • A continuing robot obsession that will not seem to quit
  • Some finished embroidery (still not turned into a “thing”)
  • A jolly fellow who is awaiting a few more simple instructions
  • Some just started embroidery
and a cut-out baby quilt that I have decided is far far to girly for a boy named George, You could say there are a few irons in the fire.
Now I could say that with the boys off at football, I’m going to knuckle down and finish off a few of these things. I am going to take advantage of the quiet house to write some patterns, and tick a few things off the list…
I mean I could say that couldn’t I?
But really? As if you would believe me.


  1. Oh what wonderful projects you have going. You could always name those kitties Fred and Ginger as they look so cute and are probably wonderful dancers, lol! Hope you get lots done whilst the boys are away.

  2. Those irons you have going are smokin hot! Especially the woollen bag and nameless felines.

  3. Love your work, Jodie!
    I like Fred and Ginger for the kitties and can't wait for you to complete the pattern so that Creative Abundance can stock it and Emma can get them in. Just as long as THAT fabric remains in stock.

  4. Love them all! Pattern writing here too but I would rather be asleep..

  5. You Rock! I love all the new creations...and, I love the dog in a sweater. :p

  6. it's all so fabulous, who cares what you do next! That'll be fabulous too.

  7. I think I know what you're planning to do over the holidays.

  8. Hope the fire is keeping you warm.

    Nice choices you have for keeping you company on your break.


  9. You do such beautiful work and I'm sure you really are the kind of person who meets deadlines on time!

  10. Version nine huh! You sure are , it would have been shoved into the UFO draw at my house!
    How did the postcard collection go?

  11. ...oops the missing word is persistant!

  12. Ha are soooo funny...knuckle down and finish!!...that sure is one long non-to do list though...first off get that bag pattern written for Daylesford - yep, it's all about those of us who will be there being first in line...and if that cute dacshund embroidery "thing" is part of Daylesford I would not be complaining (hint hint hint very big hint) *LOL*...enjoy your holidays

  13. When I first saw the ginger cat I thought his name was Clive. Just a thought..... !!

    The non-to-do list looks pretty cool but. :-)

  14. All your toys and projects are so cute, but cats - adorable!


  15. So not that busy really, he he. :D
    I hope that you get everything organised so that you can get your patterns finished and your robots finished.
    Here are the robots that I made for my two children:

    Good luck with everything, looking forward to seeing how you go over your holiday.

  16. I agree about George! Who would have thunk it!

  17. You are sooooo busy! I get a bit stressed if I have too many things on the go at once. Just taking a break from making a bag with a glue on handle - as if I need another bag! - and I really should be doing other things but, hey, it's sunday. Love the cats and dogs and - isn't that a little bit of Christmas in July going on?

  18. I'm here thinking you are slacking off with only 6 projects in the works. Get cracking, woman!

  19. Jodie - they all so awsomballs.

    NOt sure which is my favourite.

    As long as Santa is out before Christmas you can pat yourself on the back (grin)

  20. Oh, the cats. The cats! I am emphatically not a cat person but I would make an exception for those!

  21. Happy school holidays, we're nearly there . . . late as always in the ACT. Loving the patterns & creations, uber clever, love Posie

  22. You could... but first you should probably have a glass of something...and a lie down to conserve energy before you get started. Works for me!

  23. I just read your blog when I need a good chuckle or an outright laugh. I love to see everything you're working on: ADD at it's best right? I get bored if I do the same thing for too long. GO JODIE!!

  24. I love those very cute cats, Your Santa is just delightful too, Such wonderful projects, You work in the same way as I do, many projects on the go at the same time. I am glad you are feeling better.


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