Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oh My

Well that was a bit overwhelming in the best possible way. Do you know I keep a list of names? Like a perpetually name-engrossed parent to be?…yep I do, and now I have added so many awesome ones to it. Thankyou. I’m thinking this might be the best way to outsource a job ever. I haven’t picked a winner yet but I will in the next day or so. For now of course the holidays are over and my library brain is taking over.


To whit, some advance planning. This Saturday I am teaching a Rag rug class at Ballarat patchwork. Its a super quick class teaching the techniques to make your own rag rug.  The short class will cost $15.50 (and you get instructions to take home). You can call Ballarat Patchwork if you would like to come along and nominate a start time at 10, 12 or 2. So you don’t have to give up a whole day.


I can promise it will be heaps of fun! if you need some more info just drop me an email or call the shop.

Now it is back to the Dewey decimal System for the day. (le sigh)


  1. Rug looks fab, Jod. I suspect work and Mr Dewey are less fab.

  2. Darn, back in the real world, hey Jodie!
    Can you please put up another class for this with Emma? I'm sure she'd accommodate it if there is enough interest. I'll be at Urban Stitches this weekend. I would love to learn this new skill.

  3. I just read through all one billion name suggestions. So the funniest thing about the whole thing is that nearly ALL of your suggestions are old English names. Which you know, are not popular here in the US at the moment because people have this obsession with naming their children with 14 random extra and/or silent letters thrown in the middle. And a silent 3 just to keep it interesting. Stupid freaking Americans. Good luck choosing, but I'll have you know I did look through about 2000 Old English names on some baby name site trolling for good ideas. You know. For you. ;)

  4. You know that "oh my!" is the most often repeated single phrase in the 50 shades books? You might get some new blog readers over the next few days...and if they come across rag rugs, they won't be recognising them in those pictures.

  5. I couldn't add anything to the list names.

    but just now.... Dewey. you need a Somebody called Dewey.

    Are you fit to go to work - if you cough too hard you could blow all the index cards right out the wee drawers.

  6. That rug is so awesome that I saved your post when I was at work and didn't have the time to post a comment just so I could post a comment when I got home.
    It's THAT good.

  7. I am sure your mini classes on Saturday will be lots of fun; hopefully your cough is gone by then.

    Sooz's mention of the Fifty Shades books makes me wonder what sort of entries you would get if you ran/hosted an event using your 'Personalised Doll' to depict either Christian or Ana. Can you purchase mini whips, cuffs and feathers? Mmm

  8. I love the rug - wish I could fly over to attend the class, I've always fancied making one of these. The elephant is cute too.

  9. Your rug looks seriously AMAZING. Love it. Did you do the plait it into itself as you go method or did you stitch it when you were done ( unfortunately I will be no where near Ballarat any time soon... )?

  10. I wish I lived closer a rag rug class would be just what I need.

  11. Damn this all looks so awesome, perfect execution as always Mrs Ric Rac, love Posie

  12. Do you have a pattern or instructions for making these...My Great Grandmother used to make them, infact there are a couple of hers here at the Museum in Launceston. I would love to make one!!!
    PS I would love to do a class with you, but guess not possible really...


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