Friday, March 23, 2012

Thoughts on a Friday

I mused upon a canine

They are the lucky onesdogpark1

they get to go to dog park


and sniff each other’s bums !

(Photo withheld for discretionary reasons)


  1. I know, they have the best lives don't they!? Not the bum sniffing part per se but the lying around all day having someone do everything for you!

    I just love the way they all have their distinct personalities. Our two hounds are completely different to each other and they are both hilarious in their own ways.

  2. Is that like wishing on a star but hairier and lickier?

  3. I would just like to publicly thank you for your discretion. Your pup is Gorgeous!!!

  4. MY WORD ! that's not fin is it? it cant be..
    i so wish i were a dog. i would just be so happy i could pee wherever i wanted. i am probably the saddest person in the world over the chamber pot totally not being cool anymore....

  5. The dog park is a cool place to play - as long as you watch your footing!

  6. you make me laugh so much!

    have an awesome weekend chicko!

  7. HI Jodie

    The dogs seem quite happy. Just wondering, how did your postcards from around Australia go?

  8. He certainly has grown up into a beautiful boy!

  9. Finn you are gorgeous and dog parks are the best parks, oh to be a dog in our household.

  10. What a handsome fellow! Dogs are the best.

  11. I love pictures of happy pups! Taking our dog to the park is one of my very favourite things - she just smiles the whole time! Adorable.

    Katie x

  12. Wow, when did Finn turn into a dog?

  13. Dear Dr. Fiin, I'm crushed you went to court to gain a 'restraining order' against me. I thought you really cared about me. I really care about you. Can't we work this out?

    Sincerly, Kivascout ;p

  14. He's a beauty! I also have a GSD :) Thank you for the free rodent tutorial/pattern ~ I'm looking forward to making these cuties!

  15. What a handsome fella!! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your doggy shots. I can't believe how grown up he looks.

  16. Seriously girl, I wish I had a tally of the number of times I have either peed or snorted reading your posts. Today was both. Also, I got some awesome happy mail today! Thank you so much, you are the greatest!

  17. Well I have worked out what you, Saint Jodie, will be patron of. Ready?


    We have seen the teenagers 'crack' and now Finn and friends sniffing each other.

    Umm, let's see....

    "Saint Jodie, please help me with my husband's wind problem. I can no longer take the dutch oven.

    Thanks, Lisa."

    (A Catholic not meaning to offend).

  18. Oh Finn you baby boy... not such a baby any more!


Hellloooooo !!!!