Monday, November 30, 2009

Market mayhem

Daylesford turned on a spectacular day on Saturday for the market. I am sorry it has taken me this long to blog about it BUT someone who has finished VCE and been home sick seems to have eaten all my Internet (and trust me I have a lot of Internet) so I am back to caveman Internet until tomorrow.

(MR Burly - husband of Julie sporting a very flash three tiered pink ensemble)

Julies idea with the Suffolk Puffs or yo-yo's was great - I met so many bloggers on Saturday that my brain was a bit of a whirl. Please leave me a comment and tell me who you were again so I can come and visit you. (waving wildly at Ms Sprouts and the pirate) and she BAKED ! That's right she baked yo-yo's and let Annie and I give them away to bloggers....

Annie was in charge for the day and I could not ask for a better assistant (or friend). She is so willing to help and give up her weekend to stand behind my stall and flog my wares (and she does a far better job of it than I do I can tell you).

It is so hard to explain just how much fun Saturday was - I was on a crafty high all weekend. I met THE BEST people and caught up with awesome inspiring crafters and shared plans and exciting news and made commitments to friends and crafters to do less hibernating and more socialising.

(Kirst's music boxes - she is my biggest blogcrush ever )

I can't really do a major festival of links - mostly because I know I am going to forget someone - and really there were so many bloggy visitors it was almost hysterical at times. But also because it will take me about another ten hours on caveman Internet.

(One of these curlypops delights made its way home with me)

If you would like to see just some of the fantastic bloggy visitors that made their way to the market, head off to the delightful Superpops blog ....

and if you want to meet the other stallholders then here is a list for you. I did this from memory and I am sure I have forgotten some people, and a few stallholders are not on the net so I apologise in advance



Pink snowflakes


The clunes strangler

ceci bean


bob boutique



Pictures eat people


There was one other stallholder there who I would like to tell you about tomorrow.......and I am going to blatantly try and sell you all something as well. I might coerce, I may threaten or I may just beg......

(Consider yourself warned!)


  1. wild waving back! I didn't buy nearly enough, damned mortgage. we had a great day and it was amazing to see all those very very clever bloggers in real life

  2. Yay! All that nagging on my part worked and Ms Sprouts made it! Ha ha! Sounds like it was a fab day. In the meantime, tell the VCE-finisher to read a book or something and leave your internet alone. Caveman speeds are no fun at all.

  3. Bugger. Didn't make it in time. Fog at Heathrow meant I missed my connecting flight in Singapore. Had lots of nice Singaporeans ask about my yo-yos though.

    Glad y'all had fun and am so jealous to have missed out. I may have to come back and visit my mother more often than once every seven years!

  4. I am so glad it went well for you and that you had an absolute ball,

  5. Oh no I forgot Ms Knitting Sprouts on my list.... must go back and edit for the 6th time (damn memory).
    It was so lovely to meet you on Saturday. I think I'm still getting over my crafty high!

  6. Loved the pirate on Saturday, wasn't he fab?? Nice post Jodie, I'm loving the market debriefs, just caught a good one over at the Daybook Exchange, check it out!! I do think that the market was extra special this time, what a great combination of makers it was. And the visiting bloggers really added to the day. As Kate said, it was a true makers market and I think that showed. If only I could find the Alice doll I bought, I've hidden her so well from prying eyes that I can't remember where she is!!! Ahhhh.... xo

  7. Oh, isn't he handsome, I'm such a lucky girl, how many guys would wear a puff (or three) for their girl. He's contemplating a Mr Burly blog now, watch out!!!!! Please help.

  8. Love the pink yoyo idea. Daylesford is a long way from Dongara but I must make a pink yoyo to wear to every market I go to. You never know who you'll meet

  9. Mr Burly does an excellent line in yo-yo.

    Very sad to have missed all the mad, bad (I would have spent the mortgage) fun...

  10. It's great to hear you had such a wonderful time... all you hard work has paid off! Will we see the left-overs (if any) on etsy?

  11. What are these Suffolk puffs of which you speak? I live a mile from the Suffolk border. When I cross it to do my shopping I can't say I've noticed any of these in the hedgerows or falling on my head. Perhaps they are shy.

  12. Ooohh what a shame you are so far away, and what a great idea with the suffolk puffs!! I must make one to wear to any markets that I visit. Good thinking girls... Rainbow smiles... Gloria

  13. Ha - at least Trashy made it as far as Heathrow - we were grounded at home by flu and that is the one and only reason I didn't manage to get there - I even had a yo-yo ready!


  14. sounds like it was a blast...........nice to see Mr burly wearing his yo yo' meets are so much fun.......

  15. Hey Jodie, great to meet you on Saturday and to be able to take home a little piece of Ricac :) Check out my market review for pics of you!
    Gypsy xx

  16. I'll treasure mine forever. Thanks darl!

  17. I really wish I could have made it to the market. It sounds like it was a great day.

  18. I'm so jealous!! Sounds like you all had a great time, wish I could have been there.....I totally live in the wrong state don't I?! All the action is in VIC!

  19. Great atmosphere, your stall looked fab and it was lovely to see you and Annie again. This was the very first Makers' Market I have been to; need to get out more!

  20. it was an absolute inspiration to meet you jodie, i just wish i'd had a) no kids with me and b) more time as i would have picked your brain a bit more! my little girl loves her skipping girl key ring and i'm very excited about my mushie and gnome kit. hope to meet you again!

  21. Looks like an awesome market enjoyed by all!!

  22. Ha ha, Not a bad pic of Mr Burly! Nice to meet you ladies, and I thought our librarian was crazy!!

  23. Jodie, looks like a fun time had by all and a very busy crafty weekend

  24. Sounds like a great day. Anything left you might be listing on etsy?

  25. Sounds like a great market. Looking forward to hearing more ...

  26. Real men wear yo yos!! Sounds like you had a ball

  27. Fantastic it turned out so well...and yeah I'd be up for any leftover late market Chrissie shopping!
    Perhaps you'll start a worldwide pink suffolk puff phenomena

  28. It all sounds fab - and I'm not in the least bit jealous that I wasn't there too.

    Nope, not even slightly.

    (does that sound believable????)

    Locket xxx

  29. oh man the jealousy! I would have loved to have been there!!!!!!!

    that's my BIL up there in the pic! how nice he's made it into blogland with his pretty pink yo-yo's!!!!!!

    looks like a fab day! I'd have annie do my stall too if I could you lucky thing!

  30. Big love to you Jod. Loved the chance to chat & looking forward to next time. xxx

  31. Waving too!
    Great to meet you and looking forward to making Monty and Pearl.
    Yay for the Puffettes!
    Abbe :)


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