Sunday, August 2, 2009

friends, bloggers, countrymen, I need help

If busyness begets busyness than I am almost begetting myself into oblivion!
With the costume sewing providing a steady stream of tasks, I of course go off on a tangent or two and am suddenly all fired up to make other things and finish things off ...

What I really need to lend my mind to the two studios I will be running at the Stitches and Craft show in Sydney later this month. My gorgeous assistant and I will head up on Saturday morning early and head back late Sunday afternoon. I will do a Saturday afternoon studio and a Sunday morning one as well.....

So here is where I need some help guys..... Firstly I need some Sydney-siders to give me some approximate directions via public transport for Annie and I to get to the show from the airport as well as a bit of a guesstimate on the time it will take. I haven't been to Sydney for years ! Maybe we could do a blogmeet at the show?

and then the big questions? What will I talk about for half an hour (a bit less if we have some questions and answers). I'm not sure of the technology available so lets just presume it is just me and a whiteboard!
What do you want to know about blogging if you are not a blogger?
What do you want to know if you are a blogger?
What would you particularly want to know from me if we were having a blog chat ?
Would you like a few handouts?
I was thinking a basic handout or two might be good.

(Why did I think this would be a good idea?)

Perhaps a hand-out about blogs that are about blogs (if you know what I mean) to help people get started. I was thinking Whip Up , Craft , The long thread, Cuteable, sew mama sew, One Pretty Thing, Mixtape....what do you think ???

If helping me to sleep better at night is not motivation enough.....every comment on this post will be entered into a giveaway (yay free to everyone)
and the winner will get a choice of either a parsley or Beet of their very own. (Sorry no gumboots - Paddingtom Bear stole these ones back....)

So lend me your mind guys......I'll pick a random winner in a few days or sooner of my brain starts to explode!


  1. It sounds a little stressful. I don't know Sydney well at all but I do know that the public transport system works better than it does in Melbourne!
    I am a new blogger although have been reading others for about six months. I would want to know some tips on photography for my blog. Also, any shortcuts that you know for things like linking other blogs to your posts.
    Handouts are always helpful, especially at those sort of workshops. I always plan to remember the great things I hear but since the average show is sensory overload..... :)
    Have fun and try to enjoy, people are there because they want to hear what you have to say.

  2. Hi Jodie! If I was lucky enough to be in Sydney to hear you speak, I'd love to hear about what got YOU started blogging. A personal story is always so inspirational.

    You could speak about what motivates you to blog, how your blog has evolved as you've learned more about blogging, how connecting with other people through their blogs influences your blog, how much time and effort do you have to put into making a great blog etc.

    Handouts with links to blogs that inspire you, blogs about making blogs, lists of blog hosting sites etc would be great. ie, all the technical stuff can go on paper, and you can save all the fun stuff to talk about! Bring along some of your gorgeous softies and talk about how you've created then taken them to the world!

    I think it would also be useful to talk about how important photos are (ie, how to make your blog look great - I know Pip over at Meet Me At Mikes has done a few postings about that).

    What's the best thing about blogging? What's the worst (eg, it must take you AGES to write up those great tutorials, but SO worth the effort for your readers). They're all things I'd love to hear.

    From reading your blog, what seems to be at the heart at blogging for you is the community that you are a part of. This is a beautiful, human side to what could be a very impersonal world of blogging.

    Best of luck, Jodie. Very exciting!

  3. Hi Jodie,
    Wish I could make it up to Sydney for the show. You are amazing to be doing all that on top of working. Good luck with it all. I am planning a trip your way soonish to visit a particular patchwork shop in person. Want to have a coffee when I come?

  4. rather than deal with public transport would you like to be picked up at the airport and driven to the show. I'm going Saturday anyhow and it's far from our place. Let me know.

  5. First, I'd be finding out about the available technology.
    If I were there, I'd probably want to SEE the blogs of which you speak. If you can get a lap top and data projector, that would be ideal.
    I like the idea of giving the stories behind the blogs .. the more personal side of things..... the craft blogging community, etc.
    Some of the bet advice I got as a blogger was to read lots of blogs, pick your favourites and try to work out what it is you love about those blogs. Then, try to include some of those elements in your own blog (whether its the style of photos, the way it is written, the links, etc). This has really helped shape my blog in recent months. I have been doing ALOT more photoshopping to get my photos looking the way I want.
    Rather than lots of handouts on bits of paper that may or may not get lost in people's bags, why not just give people a card with your blog details on it and then write a post in Ric Rac with all your tips and tricks. That way, they have to visit your blog to get all those notes and ideas. (And those of us that are not in Sydney can benefit from your wisdom too).
    I'll come back with more ideas if I have any.
    Good luck and have fun. I'm sure you'll be great!!
    Andi :-)

  6. The first thing I would want to offer to you is not to stress about it. Just talk from your heart, give basic new blogger info...because many people just want to know where to begin. Some do not even really know what a blog is. Before you realize it the half hour will be over. I always enjoy getting handouts to refer back to later! By all means...have fun!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  7. Jodie, I'm in Sydney (well on the outskirts anyway) and I'm sending you an email.

  8. Hi Jodie, I hope you have a great time in Sydney! Unfortunately I am not overly well acquainted with Sydney and its public transport system. So no help there. If I were to be so lucky as to attend a talk by you I would love to hear about your blogging journey. How you started and why, the technical side of it, the pressure you might feel because of having a blog and how you deal with it. How time consuming it is! How to take good photos. Where you get your creative inspiration. Re handouts. People love handouts, unfortunately they also love to photocopy them. So maybe limit info on a handout to a list of useful websites, some pro's and con's of blogger, and where you get your supplies. OR prepare a detailed handout with lots of info, and charge a nominal fee. (I also really like to idea of providing all this type of info on your blog, and providing those who attend with the relevant link!) Hope this is of some help to you!

    Enjoy Sydney!


  9. Hi Jodie,

    I found your blog because of the great, cute things you make, but I keep reading because of your stories and how you add personal touches to all of your posts. I think that is what is worth sharing with anyone who is interested in blogging. People come back because of great photos and the quality writing that goes with them.

    Good luck!


  10. Because your session is called "Starting & Maintaining a Craft Blog", I think you'd need to cover both. But as there is so much online help tp get started, you could very briefly talk about blogspot and it's functions and give a handout on blogs (what they are, why they are used, and the basic features). Your experience in maintaining a blog is more valuable. Letting people know how to get readers, how to make your blog interesting, what to share and what not to, what to write and how much, responding to comments... that sort of thing. 30 minutes is not long enough to learn about how to start a blog. If I was to sit and have a chat with you, these are the questions I would ask.

    Hope this helps. Wish I was able to come!

  11. I think both you and Annie will be great.. There are great ideas and suggestions already. Also, if you have trouble with directions I can ask my Sydney office to help as they direct international travellers around Sydney and NSW all the time. Good luck!

  12. Hi Jodie

    I wish I could be in Sydney to listen to your talk as I would like to start a craft blog. Some ideas for your talk:
    How to overcome the fear of going public in the blog world.
    How do you get your blog known out there (if thats what you want to do.
    Graphics, banners and photos on your blog and other technical hard to do bits for people who are starting. (Some handouts would be great here as it could get a bit technical and that would just leak out of my brain!)
    How to deal with the turkeys out there that leave nasty comments.

    I am sure there is lots more but those are my top of the head thoughts. Good luck I am sure your talk will be both educational and inspirational.

  13. Hi Jodie can't wait to see what you have in your session. Try this site to work out how to get around Sydney, plans the whole trip for you including bus, and train where needed.

  14. Oh, how I wished I could be in Syndey, so I could come and hear you speak. I would love that!

    I'm sure you will do great. If you speak just the way you blog, people will love it. Talk from you heart.

    If I were there, I would love to know what you would consider the do's and don't's on the subject of blogging. I would love to hear about the things you learned along the way, and how you learned them. Maybe some of the mistakes you made in the beginning, or what you consider to be mistakes now, and the successes. Handouts would be fun and great indeed, with links to interesting and fun sites, some tips. I, personally, wouldn't be that interested in the really technical stuf about maintaining a blog, because that information I can find all over the internet. It's the more personal take on blogging, your personal take, and the things you learned that would be most interesting to me. But ofcourse, that's just one opinion.

    Goodluck! I'm going to consider emigrating to Australia. There always seem so many fun things going on on the subject of crafting there with you! ;-)

  15. Sorry no help on the Sydney front but blog things I would be interested in is photography tips, tools to make the whole process easier (like the little tute on meetmeatmikes), blog etiquette, and maybe even a little about yourself, eg; why you blog and how you have benefited from it etc.

    (you loves reading your blog and loves your sense of humor)

  16. I'm going with point form here...
    *benefits of having a blog
    *how to get started
    *adding pictures
    *taking a good blog picture
    *keeping it interesting
    *some blogs to provide inspiration

    Hand out a little frij magnet (or other keepsake) with your blog address on it to get all the links and information.

    I agree with the laptop with projector thingamajig, but do try to keep it simple, like screen-shots so you don't need internet access, use your own computer and make sure you have the right software, a test run is always good. And a backup plan if you are stuck with a whiteboard and your pretty face! Props are good too!

  17. now this may have been said above, I haven't read all the comments but I think you should just talk about things like why you started blogging but how it's gone along the way, just like one of your posts when you mention the generosity and inspiration from other bloggers keeps you going with it and how it has lead to so many things ie craft shows, I know you will be fine Jodie you are a natural just be you as you are, a handout with crafty links is a fab idea for people to take away and also I would mention a few basics like good photos etc. Reading back over this it's really no help at all I suppose but I just know you will be fine even if you don't plan much it will just happen

  18. Hi Jodie: I love reading your blog; you make such great stuff and have such a fabulous/wierd sense of humour, so I have no doubt you will be a hit in Sydney. You could give a brief rundown on the various blogging services (blogger, typepad and anything else) and talk about photos and other elements that make a blog pictorially interesting,and also what people like to read about. Talk about how you got started, what you like about blogging, responses you've had, and where from, etc - stories about personal experiences are much more interesting than techy stuff. A handout with basic info and some good blog addresses would be useful. As a relatively new blogger, I have to say I get a real kick out of blogging; it's such a great 'sharing' experience. Sleep well and good luck! I bet you and Annie will have a great time.

  19. Can't help with the directions (obviously, seeing as a live a couple of thousand miles away) but in terms of things you could talk about:

    *How do you get inspiration for your projects?
    *How do you keep up motivation for blogging?
    *Your thoughts on blog etique
    *Practical stuff like which blog platforms, how to find info on changing the style/look of your blog (ie 3 column templates)
    *How to increase your blog exposure.
    *Getting a balance between crafty stuff and personal stuff.
    *The good things about blogging.
    *The bad things about blogging.

    That should fill 30 minutes, right?

    Hope you get there without getting lost!


  20. "So here is where I need some help guys....." Well done you, recognising that you need help is the first step in any recovery ;-)

    Would you be involved in education by any chance? Handouts??? Hahahahahaha...... no don't get me wrong I think they are a cracking idea, really I do. I just think it is funny they are your initial thought.

    Loving the ideas identified above and you know that if I lived in Sydney I would come get you guys and chauffeur you anywhere you wanted to go. Oooo! I would even have hired a limousine and stood at the door holding a sign for Mesdames. RicRac and FlowerGarden. We could have had shirley temples, mimosas, cosmopolitans and fizzy lemonade. Woohoo! Party central.

    (hahahahahahaha! Word verification is 'mingl')

  21. Wow - lots of good suggestions there - for those who already have a blog you could give pointers on what makes a good blog post - photos, info, humour, real life etc. A half hour sounds like a lot, but it goes so fast! You'll be fine - and each audience will guide you! And I'm sure fellow bloggers will be there to lend support and copious amounts of tea or coffee...
    Good Luck!

  22. I would like to hear your tale - what made you think about setting up a blog, how you've changed over time, blah blah blah. Just a long chatty blog post from you in the flesh, to be honest.

  23. oh - I'm hoping that I'll be there; make sure I am in the front seat for your talk.
    I'd really like to hear about what blogging means to you, what you get out of it (personally + professionally), what inspired you to start blogging, how you fit blogging into your life and crafting routine (how much time you make for it, etc). Also, I guess things like how personal you go in your blog, or how much you hold back and how you determine what you don't tell us or do tell us.
    Just a chat from you would be excellent. And hand outs could be nice; but not at the detriment of your sanity (oh, umm... is it too late for that?!).
    I also don't think you need to worry about a slideslow or anything computer related (they normally are more trouble than they're worth), and I know that listening to and watching you will be animating and exciting enough. I won't need to watch something that has kept you up the night before working on.

    See you in Sydney. Yah!!!

  24. Oh mate, just crap on, you know that will work. Don't over think it.

    I'd do a handout with some suggested blogging hosts and as long a list of blogs as you can be bothered doing. Tell them to use google to find the rest.

    Tell them everyone has their own view on what makes a good blog and what makes blogging fun and then tell them what you reckon. Then crap on a bit more. They'll ask heaps of questions and totally love it.

  25. Oh, if you can just make it through tonight, I think you'll be fine! Once you open your mouth and get going, the words will just spill out, I'll bet. And I'm sure everyone there will be more than friendly, you'll have a great time! Just tell them a bit about yourself, why you started blogging, and what you've gained or learned from it. Personal experience is what you can give them, it's invaluable.

    Have fun, can't wait to hear about it when you get back!

  26. Jodie you have absolutely nothing to worry about. I enjoyed talking to you at the craft show at the showgrounds earlier in the year, even if only for a few minutes. Talk just like you do on here, as if it is a group of friends gathering for a get together and you will be just fine. If I were a new blogger I would like to know how to change the header *which I still havent learnt as yet) to one of my own photos, and clever photography, and the one thing for you to talk about is where your wonderful creations come from, where your imagination takes you and how you find all that spare time with everything else you do to make them all. Pity I couldnt stop by Sydney to see you but I am sure you will have lots of fun. You never know, a bloggy friend might be able to pick you up and take you there from the airport so you dont get lost.

  27. Jodie, You'll be fine don't stress, I don't blog haven't a clue how to go about that as I'm sure others don't also. Lots of good ideas above and I'm sure a handout would work well. How to start, loading pictures how to link sites, patterns, time consumed etc. Maybe that's too much, only the basics probably. You sound as if you have heaps of fun keeping in touch with other bloggers. I enjoy reading yours and Annie's and going to other links from them.
    Also not related to your weekend but the elephants in your latest blog, do you make them to sell please.
    Have a great weekend, look forward to hearing about it


  28. On your handout you could have some screenshots of your blog (and maybe a few examples of other people's blogs) with labels on the various features of a blog, and perhaps a few comments on why you consider each of these blogs successful.

    Also- you never know how much your audience are going to know about blogs. (You don't want to get to the end of your speech and realize they don't know what you've been talking about.) When I told my (fiftysomething) mother I had a blog she looked shocked and horrified and then asked me to clarify exactly what a "blog" was. I managed to convince her it was a fairly harmless and safe thing to do, and she said "Oh. Okay. Just as long as you don't spend all your time on MyFace..."

    ...So, maybe just a short introduction on blogs in general first :)

  29. I think that the handout is a great idea - one can never have too much info. should be able to get a direct train line from the airport which will take you close to rosehill. I would check out cityrails website and the terminal you will be travelling from is Domestic Terminal. I would allow at least an hour to get rail is rubbish. It actually may be better to hire a car with a sat nav...which we did when we first moved to Melbourne - a god send.

    Enjoy the show!!

  30. Not being a Sydney-sider I can't help with the first part, but with the second... I blog because I can, but I know that others have given up because they don't have a 'following'. Maybe why do some blogs have lots of comments and followers, and others barely none? What makes a good blog? What do people get from blogging?

  31. Tell them about what makes you passionate. When you talk about what fires you up that will come through and transmit itself to the audience.

    A handout with the blogs you like and that fit with yours, the blogs that inspire you, put those on a handout. Take the selvedge dress along too - that will always leave your audience stunned!

    I agree with the earlier comment too, a data projector and laptop with wifi would be useful so you can show what a good blog looks like (i.e. yours!)

    For the rest, know where the loos are and where you can get good coffee (and cake!)

    The rest is you enjoying yourself!

  32. know my thoughts already.........

  33. That's so not fair! Why did Sydney get you and Brisbane didn't!!!

    Anyway, I would just be you. Chat about how you started blogging and why and where you have evolved to now with your blogging, and I think you'll be fine. If you have half of the personality in person as you do in print ( and I'm more than positive you do!!), I think you'll be just fine!

    Very jealous of all the Sydney siders btw.


  34. too many comments to read to see if you got directions, so I'll write you mine. I use public transport all over Sydney, but the airport to Rosehill will take a while. Yes, a substantial while.

    First board the train in domestic and ride to Central. From there you have a few choices. If it were me, I would take a train to Parramatta. These run frequently. Then I'd wait for the free Stitches and Craft shuttle. If you wish not to wait, the 909 bus will take you to rosehill.

    There is a non-bus option, but depending on connections it may take longer. From Central travel to Clyde. Then transfer to Rosehill This stops at the racetrack. Clyde is very small. You won't get lost, but trains often skip this stop. I'll be taking the train out to Rosehill, so it's not-undoable. It's just time-consuming so bring a little craft with you!

    I do hope I can come to your talks, but Saturday and Sunday are up in the air as I may have weekend markets.

    If it were me, I may talk about starting a blog, how to initially attract viewers (memes and such...) and what to post. My philosophy is be true to yourself. Post what interests you. Don't be afraid to show when you've failed, as well as when you've succeeded. Also remind them that having lots of readers isn't really what is important. It's interacting with the ones you have. Maybe give them ideas about engaging their readers and continuing the conversation further with email.

    I do hope I get to see you on Saturday at the show, but I won't know until Thursday night how it will pan out. If that doesn't work, I'd quite enjoy meeting Saturday night with other bloggers!

  35. Trains do run from Domestic Airport to Rosehill. Airport to city(Central), is about $15 one way per person, add a bit for cost to Rosehill. Change at Central to go to Strathfield, change at Strathfield for Rosehill (Carlingford branch line). Daunted yet? Don't know about trackwork disruptions, but the cityrail website will have details. Isn't that offer of a pickup at the airport sounding good?

  36. SOooo... can we enter the giveaway if we live in the US?! :}
    I think something handy to know is how to advertise your blog, or make it more searchable.
    I REALLY want a Parsley or Beet. I have been eying them ever since they made their appearance on here. Love em!

  37. Jodie, I've sent you an email. I wasn't going to comment but I'd love to win Parsely or Beet!

  38. You can do it :) In fact, I'm sure you'll be great at this role.

    I think I'd mention how you don't have to be a crafty superstar to have a blog... and that you can always have control over how much real life you share.

  39. Bugger, not sure I can make it on the saturday or sunday. But now I might have to rethink that.

    And re what to say I say what Sooz said.

  40. Ha Jodie, I met you briefy at stitches and craft in Melbourne at it amuses me that you are worried about filling up 30 minutes (amused in a good way). I chatted to you, heard you interviewed up on stage and was impressed and inspired by your 'fun-ness' 'real-ness' and 'non pretentiousness'. Tell your story, it's interesting, how you got into doing what you are doing, and if you make it interactive, it will definetly go from there, I reckon

  41. You have a squillion comments so wade through so this will be brief.
    I am new to I would /do want to know
    how do people find my blog if not given an address ie search engine on topics etc.
    The legalites of posting things you have created using your own designs and that of others (e.g copyright issues)
    Of course everyone loves a handout.. so hand out maybe notes on what you have discussed? Good luck, I'd love to be there. Peta

  42. I would love to hear your "rules for blogging," mostly about building (and keeping) an audience.

  43. You'd be fun to meet and I'd love to go to Australia...but sorry I'm no help with the directions. I like the hand-out idea...the "go to" places for lots of stuff. If you have a computer and large screen it's be great to actually "see" what you're talking about blogging. I'm a visual person. And I'd want to hear your thoughts on using project/photos, etc...from other bloggers without permission, even if a blogger links back to you. This one bugs me lots. And I'd like to know if you dream up projects in your sleep. :o)

  44. We went by train last year and it was a LOOONG way (especially with a toddler and 60kg of luggage...). The taxi ride back to the airport (on the homeward journeyfrom the show) cost me close to $80. I heard tale of a shuttle bus to the apartments where we're staying, and have been meaning to look further into that....

    Re: studio workshop.. I think a good thing for prospective bloggers to know is how to get started. Blogger vs Typepad, Wordpress etc. Also about how networked the whole thing is. How to follow comments on to discover new blogs etc, and how the community builds good friendships.

    and oh... isn't that sweet? Word verification is "Roses". NEver had a real word before and it's a special name.

  45. Jodie I think handouts are great for things like this as it allows people to atually listen and not get all anxious about taking notes or missing things.
    I wish I'd know about the resources blogs provide - so yes things like Sew, Mama, Sew and the tutorials they ahve available.
    Also advise people that when they find a blog they like to look at that person's blog list as they will often find others they like from that.
    Also to take the plunge and BE INVOLVED! Leave comments - you don't have to know the person to do this - you get to know people by doing it.
    Good luck.

  46. there are plenty of good suggestions here - when I first started out blogging I was keen to find out where to read the good blogs - and what made a good blog too. Blog etiquette is worth some explaining.
    I am going up to Sydney for this but am not much use for directions. Good on you for taking this on - I am looking forward to it.

  47. I can't believe you're giving away one of those deliciously adorable two!

    I live in the states so I have no idea about how to get around down there. But if I were being introduced to blogland I would love an overall idea of what's available through visiting blogs. Maybe a couple quick group photos from specific blog.'s 6 sewing ideas from blogs with tuturials. Or's 6 baked-goods with recipes and step-by-steps. Showing how awesome it is that people are able to share their knowledge and passions with each other through their own blogs.
    Good luck!! =)

  48. Hi Jodie! I've had a quick lookie through some of the other comments to see what people are suggesting because my brain is tired and I had no idea what to say at first. But my instinct would be to say keep it fairly personal rather than technical (unless that's what you've been asked to do) Blogging is all about the different personalities and what makes for a great post is not how technically accurate the photos are or the layout etc but what you get from the person you are reading. (at least that's what's important to me!)

    It's like the fact that I can't seem to find the perfect craft book any more because what I really want from a book is the crafty skill/pattern but also the personal backstory. Books with just great patterns don't do it for me anymore (although I'd probably still buy them anyway!!!)

    Sorry, I'm rambling, but what I'm trying to get across is that keeping it personal and about people is what I think would be best! Leave the techno bit for people to find out someother way (maybe from the handouts???)

    Locket xxx

  49. Oh, yes, you need a big screen to show some of your delightful posts. Please share that international friendships have been formed through blogging, and we bloggers are always learning from and being encouraged by one another. My best to you!

  50. handouts for sure...i teach and handouts are great ways for people to remember and use what you exposed them too.....

    you will be amazed will impress the crowd with both your knowledge of blogging and art....

    in both senses i think you should share tips on both as well as links for both.....

    so one handout about art/technique/etc....things that are important to a few tips/things to know/fyi's....then some links to blogs that you might read for info about art/technique...

    then another handout on blogging....same...things that are important to you as a blogger, tips, etc...then some links to blogs you admire...etc...

    thanks for offering up for suggestions and the give away...

    exciting to be spreading your knowledge...good luck!!! you will be awesome!

  51. Hi Jodie,
    It sounds like you are going to have a supreme time at the show! Even though I won't be there, I thought I'd throw in my two cents. How about a little blurb on blog etiquette? You could call it "the bloggy charm course"! I hope you get all your questions answered and most of all have fun!

  52. I'm no help on most of your questions, living as I do in the US, but I can answer one:

    "Why did I think this was a good idea?"

    Because you're good at what you do, and you're good at sharing it.

    Very, very good.

    Have fun! :)

  53. I think the handouts are a grand idea. Its hard to scribble down internet addresses on your lap while someone is talking. The handout will be specially appreciated once everyone goes home and they can read it over and look them up on their computers. Also having your basic suggestions will be helpful after the get-together.

    You will do a wonderful job and have a fun time!

  54. I just love your creations. Wish I could be in Sydney to visit with you at the show.

  55. What's the best way to start blog friendships? Building a blog community has been my biggest challenge. I know that's in part because I'm not a consistent commenter, I'm working on that. Should I concentrate more effort on being active in forums or participating in swaps?
    To simplify, what's the best way to make blog friends?

  56. As somebody who takes quite a lot of classes, I can tell you that handouts are always appreciated. Sources are good, if that's appropriate here.
    And if you're going to talk about blogs - there's something that has amazed me from the time I started reading blogs, especially the Australian ones: the sense of community, the helpfulness. I sat in front of my computer with tears in my eyes when I read about the wildfires last year and the way so many people rallied around the victims to help in so many ways. Don't know if that'll fit into your talk, just had to mention it.

  57. Wish I could be there... I'm sure you'll do great, and the time will go fast. I suppose a hand out would be good. Some pointers on taking pics would be great, I know I really struggle to get even half way good pics!

  58. I'd like to know why you blog and what your motivation for doing so is. I have a million things that I think--"I'll blog about this", yet seem to busy to sit down and get it done. How do you stay focused and get as much done as you do?

  59. Try not to worry about it! I'm sure you will do fine, and everything will go smoothly. They'll love you!

  60. I wonder how to keep up your motivation to blog. I started a blog - mostly with the intention of documenting my gardening and knitting for my own interest but lost interest! I love your blog though and read it all the time. I am also madly in love with parsley and beet!

  61. Hi Jodie, I wish I were living south of the equator so I could come to your studios. I haven't been blogging for long- just over a year, and I found it extremely enjoyable to resist the pressure to get one of those fancy blog templates that everyone is downloading. I like the original minimalist template because it's mine, no matter how plain. But I 've also enjoyed tweaking it a bit (a very little bit, mind you, because I am hopeless at computer anything) and I found blogs like katydid and kid (on blogger) really helpful because every tuesday she teaches little tricks like how to make a favicon, or how to change your sidebar font,how to number your comments when you have a million of them at giveaway time, and other things like that. Maybe a list (or a suggestion) for your attendees of things like this might be interesting. It's something a person never thinks about when they start blogging but some months into it they wish their blogs could have this or that feature but still be theirs.
    But mostly, you know, you and the whiteboard and your amazing, amazing creative brain will be just perfect. I'm betting people coming to your studios have signed up because they want an insight to how you think up those amazing creations - selvedge frocks and craft clocks and those delightful animal friends! You're going to be fabulous there!

  62. I am sure you will get lots of assistance on how to get there from Sydneysiders who are in the know. As far as your talk goes I think you are on the right track for sharing all the wonderful things you have talked about and a handout of people's blog addresses may be useful-also I think a question and answer time would be invaluable-good luck and I hope to see you there!!!

  63. I blog, but not all that much. I'd like to know ways to use templates (or make my design look better), and easier ways to post. I use blogspot, but find it to be a bear to edit and move around pictures. I tried Live Writer, but it gave me issues. Anyway, maybe some tips on formatting posts? And yes, if it were me there, I'd love a handout introducing me to all those websites. I've only found them recently, but I love all the crafty goodness I've been finding. is another one of my favorites.

  64. Sydney freaks me out! It's too big, too busy, too much traffic, so sorry I'm no help there.
    Definitely do a talk about blogging, and there's some great advice up above. Keep it simple, tell them how great a resource it is, friends you can make, swaps they can get involved in, prizes to win. A handout with a few links to these would be a bonus and maybe include a where/how to start. I'd start them on blogger, it's so easy, how to follow blogs and leave comments that people can reply to. The most important thing, remember your user name and your password!! Maybe you could include out a sheet on blog etiquette, gloss over it but don't go into too much detail.
    30 minutes isn't very long, it'll go so quick! Good Luck!!

  65. Any tips about blogging would be great (I'm not doing well with mine) Tips on photos, how to create links etc.
    Handouts are wonderful, saves people having to try to remember everything.
    I just wish I was going to be there!!

  66. What I like most about your blog is that it is FUN to read. I like how you turn everything into a story. I think you should put plenty of little stories and humor into your presentation. Also, a handout listing your favorite blogs is a great idea. One last thing - a handout with tips for setting up good photos might be useful as well.

  67. I would start simple, what is a blog, a blog is like a journal, or dairy.
    Tell them why you started to blog, what you blog about. After you, give your personal story of how you began. 15 minutes will have gone by. I would not get to technical, just talk about what you do and what is on your blog. A handout with links to” How to Blog Sites" would be wonderful. Most people just want to know what it is, where to find it and what to write about. The technical things can be on your handout if people really want to go father and start a blog. You will do great; bring your little friends with too!

  68. Connections, Inspiration and Community.

    That's what brings me to blogging. And the ability to have my own tiny soapbox to stand on and muse upon whatever I delight in today.

    I agree with Jane (above) that I wouldn't get technical, people can learn that once they've decided to blog. I would talk about why you decided to start blogging, what you have gotten out of it, the friends you've made and the opportunities that have come up because of it.

    Good luck with your talk, and travel on the ferry if you can. It's public transport, but you get to ride a ferry across the ocean. How good is that? Whenever I go, it always amazes me that there are people reading the paper while on it, rather than looking at the incredible view. I guess you get used to anything if you've done it enough, but still... it's the ocean people, and you're on a ferry! Amaze at it!

    Ok, so this was more about ferries than blogging. But then, maybe digressions are an important part of the blogging world :)

  69. I think some discussion on what is and isn't safe to say on a blog would help. That's what's keeping me from starting a blog anyway. I'm afraid to say anything that would identify me or my kids and by the time I'm done mentally editing, I have nothing left to say. I guess I'm a big chicken. Maybe if I had a better idea of what the real risks are I'd be less nervous?


  70. Would love to be in Sydney, but funds cant get me across the ditch right now!! As far as blogging goes, how much time do you devote to blogging, and where on earth do you get the time for all your amazing creations, and where your ideas come from. What drives you to blog? The examples of the blogs you mentioned are good. Your own blog is one I always think, "Oooh goody", when you have posted. these and yours included are some of the ones that have inspired me to blog and create more. Good luck (not that you will need it) at the show! :0)

  71. I am a blogger, and what has me stumped is how you guys get consistently excellent pictures. Photography is such a vital part of (especially craft) blogs and I'm not that great at it. Also if you've used the various blogging software (blogger, typepad, wordpress, etc), how do you choose?

    Good luck!

  72. If I were to meet a Crafty Blogger in real-life I don't think I would want to know much about the technology side of things, more like - how did you get started blogging, has it helped promoting items for sale, how does it connect you to other crafters that you might not have met otherwise, how does blogging help connect crafters from around the world etc etc

  73. Hi Jodie

    I cannot help you with your travel plans but i can see you have a few options given to you there on that subject.

    As you know, I am a relative newbie, Just over a month and 100+ posts later, I love it. I blog almost every day, pictures are important especially in our field of crafting. You and Vikki Stewart are the big influences in getting started, I started to keep in touch with my relatives in the U.K almost a visual diary. Followers do happen, but that is not the most important. Reply to things posted on your blog and check their blogs out too. For me personally it has bought the world of crafting to me, and if i ever get the chance to meet one of the people who i chat with it will be wonderful. when it comes to blogging. You can post my blog if you like as someone who will give them a quick reply to questions they may have, another person to interact with if you like. People should blog what they are passionate about, People will read it if they have similar interests. On the handout put the technical stuff like Starting A Blog info, keep the chat informal. Tell them what a blog is, what it means to you. I am sorry but i think i have been rambling.
    All the best in Sydney, You will be fine, and the half an hour will go by so quickly. You will be taking along some of your lovely creations i hope!
    Looking forward to reading how it went on your blog when you get back
    All the Best and Happy Sewing

  74. The elephants are so adorable! I'm new to the blogging world and would have loved a handout before I got started! You have a great blog...just speak from your heart and experiences...if you speak anything like you write the listeners will be hooked! Best of Luck!

  75. What I really want to know is...

    When are you coming to Chicago???

    C'mon, share the love with your US minions!!! I'd be super happy to just sit back and listen to your accent while you talked all about you. And Parsley and Beet, of course, 'cause they're adorable!

  76. Hello Jodie,
    Hello from Kaysville, Utah U.S.A.
    Love your blog. Stop by
    Have a great day. Joy

  77. Can't help with Sydney, but good idea on the handouts, though. Everyone likes something they can hold in their hands, espeecially me, because I'm deaf, and I miss a lot of information when I don't have an interpreter to tell me what everyone is saying.

    You're sweet to offer up a giveaway.. My girls would love a parsley or beet! Thank you!

  78. Ah! Too late she cried as she waved her wooden leg!* It's all been said before me. I too am voting for technical guff on handouts as per Nikki at my Black Cardigan's response and then thirty minutes of Jodie pizzazz. Your pizzazz is the kind that comes naturally. Personal anecdotes and the like. That thirty minutes will whizz on by...

    * Where on earth did that saying come from?

  79. As someone new to blogging and not very technically minded I'd appreciate the practical stuff - how to customise your blog, what sort of stuff to include, how to make a nice header? How to get your photos to cooperate?
    Those elephants are SOOOO cute! I'm off to cut out 4 of your kinder dolls - have been busting to do it sooner but had boring sewing (pants and skirt mending) to get out of the way first! Good luck with the show!

  80. You know you can pick my crazy brain anytime, always good for a brain storm. Also if you need any help getting organised, let me know! Good Luck! em

    an incredibly helpful website and although taxi might be quicker, this should allow you to get anywhere by public transport.

    Looks like it will take about one and a quarter hours from the airport to Rosehill.

  82. jodie how exciting heading to sydney...
    I love the ideas on getting the story behind the blog...
    how they got started...was it hard to get personal and what sort of posts have they found gets a good response to...
    and getting ideas on how to
    "get out there" on the net...
    without attracting,
    I think you will be amazing on the day...and have lots of fun...
    maybe you can attach a GPS to you bags and "follow" them around...
    sydney is a total nightmare without one...
    Have a great time!!!

  83. Wing it!!

    Is there any need for anything other than you 'doing your thing'??
    You'll be fab! Wish I could go up, way jealous of all the action/good times that I will miss.

  84. You have received some good suggestions already - the one I could add is to speak a bit about how you keep blogging regularly - do you have some tips or some motivation that keeps you posting. I find it hard to find the time and before I know it time has slipped by. How do you do it? People would love to know.

    Also maybe you could take some of your crafts with you - it would be so nice to see them in person.

    looking forward to the blog you will do on this experience

  85. Hi, I've been reading your blog for only a few weeks, but love your work and your humour. I think this is such a great idea-a talk about blogging.
    If I were new to the world of blogging, I would want to know what the benefits are of having a craft blog, both for business and personal reasons.
    I think a hand out with some technical details would be great; some things about blog layout, what's important to include, different blog platforms etc. It took me a long time to work out what I wanted on my blog and how to lay it all out.
    Maybe you could address issues like how you protect your creative ideas, how to promote your craft and basic blog etiquette. And I think it would be great to provide some links to blogs that YOU like-this is your talk after all.

    Wish we still lived in Sydney, I'd definitely come to that!

  86. Can't help you with your Sidney-question, as I'm from the other side of the world, but I'd like to know more about personalizing your blog. I'm almost completely html-nitwit, and add too (not diagnosed, but with some adhd/pdd-nos kids and knowing myself...) I sure need visual examples of where and how to do that. Can't imagine I'm the only one (didn't read ALL the comments), so I definitely would make sure I'd have a beamer or at least lots of illustrations.
    And a good list of sizes that your personalised designs can be.

    Your blog looks great, I love the pics with the tutorials. Race snail is my fav!

  87. sheepish@rio.comTuesday, August 04, 2009

    I have no ideas about blogging - except that yours is one of my fav's. AND I am in love with both Parsely and Beet.

  88. Hmm . . . Well, I am new at reading blogs so this may or may not be helpful. I am interested in knowing how often you post and why. Is less more or is more more? Understand? :) And for someone interested in starting a blog, what is the best budget-friendly point and shoot camera to use for photos on the blog? I hope that this gave you some help! :)

  89. Good luck with your busy schedule! Those elephants are too cute.

  90. Going to conferences, I always appreciate a helpful handout.

    Not being a blogger, I always wonder how someone gets started, what the time commitments are, tips on how to get great photos, etc.

    Good luck on the trip- I would love to go to Sydney.

  91. You're really good at telling a story with your photos. For example, introducing your newest softie gradually over several pictures, or when the stuffed cat talked about being a surprise for your friends' birthday. Perhaps you could tell people how to do that, as opposed to just putting up one static photo. It makes your creations seem so much more alive and endearing. Just a thought.


  92. A half hour will go by quickly. I'm sure you'll be kept busy answering people's questions. You could provide your handouts and talk a bit about them, and then just open it up to questions and keep it informal like that.

    If you are able to post any handout(s) here, I would love to see them!
    Good luck to you.

  93. I love your blog and it's one of the few I read faithfully. I'd love to hear your comments on how you stay motivated to do all you do and still find the time to blog. I find that my blog is the one thing that always gets pushed to the back when I'm busy.

  94. Handouts are excellent. Maybe some ideas on how to keep blogging...a day to showcase a new blogger/artist, using photos instead of lots of words, how to place photos in the text, a recipe a week, a fabric a week, things that we use to stop it being too repetitive. A summary of some blogging to acknowledge someone else with linking etc. I'd love to see your handouts, too. Kind regards, Lisa.

  95. You will need to hire a secretary to wade through all the help!!, Loads of great ideas there..Hope you have a cracking time..If it were me listening at the seminar I would like to hear tips on how to be confident in just making something and not stressing about it being the perfect item that everyone will approve of..How to follow the creative gut! U know what I mean..Oh and a large jar of florentines too!! he he

  96. I can't help with the Sydney directions - I can barely find my way to Melbourne airport.
    I was given a book about blogging that I'll send to you. It might help you - getting it off my overcrowded shelves will definitely help me.

  97. You have a lot to read (something to do with the beautiful parsley and beet, methinks!), so will try and keep this short. As someone toying with starting a blog, i'd love to hear: how /why you got started; ways to gather readers and keep them entranced; strategies for keeping on blogging during busy / tougher times; building networks with other bloggers; and a basic handout is a great idea! Thanks and good luck!

  98. Rats! I was planning to visit the show on the Friday, so I could be kidfree. I may have to rethink, I would love to hear your talk, I have admired your blog for a long time. As a blog-curious lurker, I would be interested in hearing an experienced opinion on the pros and cons of the various platforms/options out there, and how many computer skills do you need- or do you perhaps need a techie husband? I agree with the idea of a small card with your blogname as a handout, directing people to your site. Hopefully I will see you at the show! I am coming from the north side or I would offer you a ride from the airport (which is south of the city) Susan

  99. What I would love to hear about is how to get blog traffic...I get more than I used to...but not much. It makes a girl feel unimportant and like not updating her blog :)

  100. Oi - I will come down on Sunday and take you out to the airport - so that is that sorted.

    Re Blogging...

    gawd it took me half an hour to read all the comments so just take them all, combine and read them out to your session.


  101. I would love to win Parsley and in that case I would adopt Beet!
    You just can't separate them!
    Please please count me in in the give a away.

    For good advice, I'm no help, living on my side of the world I don't know about Sydney or the other things.
    I would just tell them from your heart about your own blogging adventures.
    Print all advice and give that as a hand out or even better (to save trees), give your URL and let them read all the tips here themselves.

    Good luck!
    I love your projects.

  102. I think talking about what inspires you to blog when you don't feel like, or keeping it balanced with other daily tasks it is a great thing many of us like to hear :)

  103. Handouts of some kind are always a good idea.
    My daughteR would love the girl elephant.
    Jennifer in CO

  104. I'm comment 104 so I'm sure you have enough hints by now. Hand out are good. My word of warning is that if anyone is considering starting a blog they can eat up your time quicker than anything.

  105. I wish I'd found sites like Sew Mama Sew earlier. I think a handout with a list of those would be really helpful.

    Quite a few comments here!

  106. Sorry can´t help you with directions in Sydney, but I would like to enter the giveaway.

    Groetjes from Belgium

  107. I would want to hear about any stories you have about choosing the software or tech you did and why you considered it important to have. Maybe hit a little on how you stick so well to your topic on your blog yet still remain so approachable. I would be interested in how to get a lot of internet attention and keep a following of the people who are initially attracted to the site.
    On the hand-outs I would only need very brief highlights to remind me which speaker gave out this set of notes (if there are lots of speakers) but more importantly, any internet addresses you mention in the stories. It would also make me feel extra special and have your talk stand out if a simple freebee pattern was included for little softie critter or some other small thing.
    Your selvedge fabric is an inspiration. Thanks so much for all your work!
    Jessica R

  108. Would like to enter your giveaway


  109. Girlie, you have so much talent, please do not fret. I would want to hear about how to stay routined and keep track of your blog ideas, how to keep it regular and fun. Also talk about the blog community and how it enriches your life!

    I am a huge fan of yours and also covet old aprons. I have quite a collection! Can you show us some of yours?

    Good luck, you'll be great (the time will fly by..)!

    x. susie

  110. Hi Jodie
    Great to hear you'll be in Sydney..I hope to catch one of your chats! Blogs are great, yours particularly- I'd love to learn more about them- given the quality and humour of yours I'm sure anything you say will be worth listening too!
    Re the transport thing, that 131500 website is very good.

  111. I think a handout of blogs you like is a wonderful idea, I know whenever I sit and bloghop I am blown away by the amount of creativity out there, it never fails to inspire me (and eat hours of my day!)

  112. now that i've read some of the responses or ideas for your talk ...i want to know what you're going to say! and i won't be there :(
    Maybe you could touch on some of the answers in an upcoming blog.. good luck.

  113. Things I want to know about blogging (haven't ever done it):

    etiquette (bloggers & commenters)
    why do bloggers feel so much pressure (and then comment on it?)
    why do people blog? (commercial interests, self-expression, what??)
    how about safeguarding your identity (ie...stalkers)
    I hear about blog stats: what exactly can you tell about your readers from it?
    how do you get good photos for your blog? (ie lighting setup etc)
    how do you set one up? how hard is it? do you have to know how to program?
    why do bloggers care so much about how much traffic they get...and the corollary: how do you increase the traffic?

    hmm...I'd love to see some answers to these questions somewhere :)

  114. Hi!
    I've been reading your blog for a little while now. I LOVE your softies and your sense of humor.

    I've only been blogging for a few months. I am learning to tat. The thing that has surprised me is the sense of community I feel among other people who share my interests. Tatters have a very active and supportive blogging community. I believe people who like to pursue creative hobbies seem to be able to appreciate and encourage other people's creativity. Blogging is a great way to connect and share with other people that you can't really experience in real life.

    I like your idea about sharing some blogs which inspire - I've got most of them on my blog roll.

    Don''t worry. You are such an experienced blogger, I think questions will be easy for you to answer.

    You might also point out blogging's economic advantages. My magazine purchases have PLUMMETED since I began blogging and reading other's blogs. I have a lengthy blogroll and when I need inspiration, it is the first place I turn. My blog feels like my cozy corner of the world.

    Good luck and have fun and DO let us know how it goes!

  115. If I lived in the right hemisphere I'd be there like a shot and I honestly wouldn't care what you talked about 'cos I'd sit there with a big dumb grin on my face and be too excited to listen - especially if you had your Spock ears on!!


  116. Jodiepoo...
    if you are going to Rosehill, you can train it there.. there is a station right at the centre.. its not a popular station so may involve a couple of changes BUT they do run buses from Parramatta station, the details should be on Stitches & Craft website.. I've not been to this show for a LONG time.. (um 4 or 5 years now) but thats what I remember... transport, hmmm I am sure they usually put something into their brochure about it(mine is at work sorry petal)..
    if you are flying in, there are trains at the airport to get you to wherever..

    email me privately and I maybe able to help you with a CITYLINK train timble website (or I reckon you could google it! if you are internet savvy *VERY Tongue in cheek)...

    what to talk about? um exposure, how to, why? etc... I am sure you could fill 30 mins no trouble!

    who is still deciding whther to go or not...

  117. I'd love to be included! Thanks

  118. Some of the technical stuff - adding photos, fancy signatures at the bottom of a post - things that some of us are baffled by when we start.

    Also topics - some people find that they don't feel they have anything interesting to talk about - when in reality almost any subject interests someone - and someone finds the posts enchanting. Encourage bloggers to find joy in the everyday.

  119. i may be too late with this, but i think folks love a handout...something to take with help them remember. include lots of links that will help them if they want to start a blog...keep it short, sweet, and simple! you'll be fabulous i'm sure. wish i could be there in person.

  120. just found your blog.....delightful!

  121. Lurve this blog....and your listeners will love you, no matter what you say. ( I know,I know, I'm always this helpful! )

  122. eeek! i'm behind on my reader, don't know if parsley and beet are still up for grabs but i'd love to be entered if there's still time... so cute!!

  123. Please tell me how to add the photos - I am hopeless at the technical aspects of blogging!

    I dont know whether I am too late for either of the giveaways but if I am not, I am in for either.



  124. Oh your blog is fabulous - so if you talk like you blog everyone will love you!

    I so wish I was in Sydney (grumble grumble)

    Also I'm sure people would love tips on how you come up with designs.

  125. Hello here from Richmond, VA USA

    Most of all, tell your listeners that blogging is the 21st century diary! It is a wonderful gift that the creator can give to a friend or family member...

    It is AMAZING & AWESOME how much we can learn about each other from different corners in our world...

    The sharing of ideas & written congrats are so meaningful to those of us who are @ home more often than in the "workforce".....

    When weather is nasty, as long as the electric flows, friends, laughter, creative wonder are available at anytime, really a gift for us all to embrace.

    Have fun in is always exciting to visit a city that one hasn't been to in a long time, ie NYC or Boston for me would be similar comparison.

    you are such a dear, dear friend to so many of us all over the globe! thanks for your brimming enthusiasm & generosity


  126. Wish I could be there! Congrats on the presentation. I find handouts to always be helpful, so I can take notes on them and remember things better later. Best of luck to you!

  127. i love the blogs about other blogs. i just love reading about life in general, although tutorials always help me come back again and again!

  128. Personally, I think you should talk about what *inspires* YOU ... why do YOU blog? Why do YOU craft? What do YOU think makes you stand out ('cause, um, you DO stand out)?

    I think an audience would really relate to your take on those topics ~ I think part of your attraction is that you're clever, talented BUT approachable. You don't feel (at least, not to me) like some diva who demands to be put on a pedestal ~ you come across like a BFF or sister.

    I think you're gonna be PERFECT. :)


Hellloooooo !!!!