Saturday, August 29, 2009


Just back from a coffee this morning with Annie, Kim and Jus (and my blogless mum). Lots of laughs, lots of noise and even a chat with a young guy who won a design competition last night.

(This is Peggy, whom I adore. I bought her from Nan at Stitches and craft. Nan is beyond compare - I am desperately in bloglove with her and with everything she does.)

Did you know I am in Readymade magazine? (or the selvedge frock is at least)
No !
Well me either really. Ages ago someone contacted me to send them some photos which I did but I didn't know whether it had gone ahead or not - apparently it has. I have had a few people email to to tell me about it but of course I haven't seen it.

I am wondering if any of the US readers would be keen to send me a copy and in return I could send you an Australian magazine of your choice.....

I know !!! How is this for cute overload? I bought a kit for these little mini owls from Claire of Craft schmaft and I have to say that the presentation of Claire's stand and her packaging and just everything were super gorgeous !
(I really bought the kit for my niece but the chances of her actually receiving it are pretty slim.)

Right now, even though there are 25 little fleece caps waiting to be sewn, I am going to go into the sewing room and I am going to do some sewing for me - sewing that does not involve the school concert..... Sewing that has been eating away at me for about three weeks, sewing that I cannot ignore any longer!
I just have to remember where I put the hinges......


  1. Those owls are super cute!! Peggy is superb. And I say lock the door behind you and don't come out till you've had your well deserved selfish sewing fix.

    Will you pop a pic up of your article once you receive a copy?

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  3. I love the peg doll too! yours is very sweet.

  4. Hope you've had a gorgeous afternoon in the sewing room.

  5. Perhaps you should have bought two of those owl kits. They are very, very cute! Have fun sewing for you!

  6. mmmm, sewing and hinges?! can't wait to see the results of that!

  7. I love Peggy, how super cute is she. Yes I too love Claire's patterns and bought her sock giraffe and owl pattern. I am now making my 3rd giraffe and cant help myself. Maybe everyone will get a sock giraffe for xmas, hehehe! Have fun crafting and yes you should do some of your own stuff otherwise you lose inspiration.

  8. Congratulations on your inclusion in the magazine! That peg doll is gorgeous and I too couldn't resist buying an owl pattern-such cuteness. Hope your sewing is going well hinges and all-hmmmmm! Intriguing-what are you up to now!

  9. I think my mojo may have been poisoned... possibly by a sweet old lady with some aresnic laced tea.... I have parcels to send out that are terribly later and we just got back from two days away... *runs around in circles chasing my tail* ... I can't remeber the last time I made something just for me...I think I need more coffee for that....definitly mroe coffee before I even attempt crafting this morning and battling with the washing machine....

  10. Hinges? That sounds interesting...

    Also, I love those sock owls, and good on you for doing so much for the school concert. ( The librarians at my school end up in a sweatshop for our school costumes too- is it part of the job description?)

  11. Those owls are delightful! I doubt your niece will get a look at them!!!

    Hope you had fun playing in your sewing room!

    Lucy x

  12. Clare has got some seriously cute sock creatures!

  13. Jodie,
    I would love to send you the magazine. How many do you want?

  14. Well since the niece now probably knows about the gift it only seems fair that you keep it and get her a 'surprise'.

  15. Loved our coffee today - sorry about the ride home - glad you are doing some YOU sewing. It's all happening isn't it!!!!

  16. Those owls were pretty cute - if only I hadn't run out of money ...

  17. ...the hinges?!!! Oooh, the ears of something!... maybe?!

    I love those owls. They really are quite fab. But I'm looking at them thinking... ok, that's wot Claire did, but... wot would Jodie do?... Selvedge owls?

    And as the prophet says, 'Oo, knows mate, oo knows?!'

    Er, well Jodie, actually!

  18. I'm in Canada but I'd be more than welcome to do a magazine swap with you. Congrats on the feature!

  19. I'm going out into the world in search of the magazine. If I find it I'll buy two, one for me and one for you! Just a bit more of that fame we were talking about. :>}

  20. I have a subscription to Readymade, and indeed, I saw you in it! If you'd like me to send it to you, email me your address and I will gladly send it over! Congrats!

  21. Hello sweetie!

    So glad you enjoyed the Stitches & Craft show in Sydney! I reckon you were born to be on stage Jod... do you plan on running any workshops in the future? You'd be great! :-)

    Those owls are too cute! And I can't wait to see what you make when you find those hinges? Have you got a few screws loose as well?!!! giggle!!!

    Hugs! Vikki xox

  22. hi ya!
    thanks for your hospitality - your a good sort!
    I have a MAD crush on Nan also!!
    see you soon

  23. I found your blog because of your inclusion in ReadyMade. I love the content and I've become a fast fan.


  24. Awww Jodie thanks so much for the link - it was fantastic to meet such a Crafty Celebrity, I have loved your selvedge works for such a long time.

  25. I'm sorry that I couldn't be at the Craft Show to see you, we had to fly home that day.

    Meeting Nan was so wonderful. I bought a beautiful hairclip from her, that I've worn almost everyday. I am in blog crush with her! Beautiful photography, great styling and she was so so so fun to chat with.

    Take care,
    E xxxx

  26. I so have to get me one of those owl patterns, I have a little fixation with those, love your Monty and Pearl too!!!


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