Saturday, March 7, 2009


Gillian, the wonder that she is , has the eBay auction up and running. Matilda is there with her little bag and a few of the patterns I have developed for the show. The auction is full of wonderful things and I am very keen to keep bidding on a few items. If you are able, please pop over and bid. Help to raise money for the Red Cross so they can, in turn help the survivors of the Bushfires and the floods.
(I know! What sort of crazy country is half in flood and half on fire)
The auction leads me to sharing a few more things that I have prepared for the show.
Waaaaaayyy back when the show was just an exciting suggestion I came to the realisation that I could not possible sew enough stock for a five day show of the magnitude of Stitches and Craft.
So I decided to work on some patterns.

Did you know I used to be a chenille addict? - if you go back far enough in the blog you may find some references. I used to make chenille cupcakes by the zillions and made a pattern for this one was easy-ish . A new addition and hey presto - cute play food or pincushions.

Of course I felt duty bound to make a selvedge pattern and decided that bags would be the thing - so, two project bags - showing the different ways to piece selvedge and with a very poufy frou frou selvedge do-dad as well.

The softies - How could I not? I actually first just made the goodies and Miss Emma suggested I should make baddies as well - so I did.

The tea-set. You know I had to do this one!!! After those umpteen tries I was determined to get this to a stage where I could let other people make it as well.

The big decision I guess was the dollies - Yes I know its crazy but in some ways I didn't want to let them go. I was so used to making them and creating their little personalities..... I was worried I suppose that someone would make a hideous skanky midriff top wearing bratz lookalike.
But I also know I could never make enough dollies for everyone who wanted them AND the people who tested the pattern for me made the sweetest most gorgeous little dolls and they LOVED doing it - so the dolly patterns were born.

and because I am always and forever a member of the one-step-too-far club.....some snuggly pyjamas.

End result : 7 patterns

Was it easy? No

Am I a natural? God NO!!!

Will there be more? Not right now but there will be some tutorials soon, and a maybe a few more dolly accessories over time.

Without the help of some very generous friends, none of these patterns would have eventuated. These guys turned my "just tuck the wonky bits and sew over them" type instructions , into real instructions that I hope people will be able to follow.

Jo - I am a bit in love with this woman

Lara - the toughest job job of all

Cass - Who made perfect sense

Emma - technological wizard

Annie - support in every single way possible and she will be at stitches with me on the weekend

Locket - Who muscled in on the action - and I am delighted she did

Moogs - who wanted a dolly and got a job instead.

So , if you are looking for some patterns or even a dolly for yourself, get on over to the auction and check it out.
And if you are looking for generous spirits, great friends and good solid constructive advice - look no further than the guys above.

Thanks guys.


  1. For the life of me Jodie, I can't think WHY you are thanking US!!! I can't explain how excited I was to have the chance to test drive your dolly pattern and how much I enjoyed every step of the way! Hattie is definitely my most favourite dolly in the world! Can I show her off now????

    Locket (with BIG muscles!)


    P.S. I was going to email you yesterday when I glimpsed the front of one of your patterns on Emma's stall - I wanted to tell you how good it looked!

  2. And P.P.S because of those BIG muscles I've managed to muscle my way into first comment again!!!!! hee heee!

  3. You're very most welcome - you clever thing you! Can't wait to see it all buzzing at "the show"!

  4. Hi Jodie,
    You are one busy girl! I wish you all the luck for the show- I know you will be a hit! If you every sell the patterns for the dolls and accessories I am there-let me know. Good luck and take care!!
    Love Melissa xxxxx
    Ps I would never make Brats dolls out of yours- I hate those things....

  5. Squeee! So excited you have the dollies patterns too - I saw the others in your auction, the PJs are adorable too :) Now I just hope you have enough pattern stock to last until I'm there on Saturday!

  6. Good luck for next week at Stitches and Craft Jodie. I hope to see you there.

  7. oh my goodness that is busy! phew I'm exhausted just looking at it all!

    well done and good luck at the show!


  8. My goodness, 7 patterns! love that selvedge bag! xo, suzy

  9. They look fantastic Jodie! Good luck for the show and see you there on Wednesday

  10. wow & congrats!

    can't wait to see you at S & C & see all your hard work :-)

  11. I hope you do really well with all of your beautiful creations at the show. Writing patterns and testing them is an axtremely hard task so well done to all involved!

  12. Wow Jodie! You're a superwoman! And it sounds like you had a lovely team around you too :)

    Good luck at the show!

  13. Big shout out to all the Ric Rac rabble. You are legends. You are great. You are hard workers.... sorry been watching a certain little movie too much.

    And Jodie, I am in awe. You are my hero.

  14. Yay! You did it! They patterns all look FABULOUS and I know that they will sell like wildfire. Can't wait for the show and wish I could do some of your wonderful classes. And can't wait for the bloggy dinner! Congratulations again Jodie for all that you've managed to achieve - and thank YOU for the opportunity to be a little part of it all.

  15. you had better tell me those patterns will make it up to the Brisbane Stitches! And yes, I remember when you were a chenille addict, it's all your fault that i'm one now! Love your stuff, you are one talented chick!

  16. Luv Ya' too Jod! It's been great being part of your journey, I know you'll do well!!
    Congrats to the whole team for getting Jod to the S&C show in one piece, even though at times she was a wee bit frazzled!!
    Three Cheers for Jod! Hip Hooray! Hip Hooray! Hip Hooray!! Hee! Hee!

  17. Man, that's one top-notch team! I can't wait to see the patterns at the show. Hopefully there'll be some left by Saturday!

    See you FRIDAY! (I can hardly believe it!)

  18. Hello! My name's Nicole and I bought one of your dolly patterns at the recent quilt extravaganza in Melbourne ... just thought I'd love you to see how she turned out! No Bratz costumes here .... such a wonderful doll. Thanks for the pattern. Nx

  19. Hey Jodie
    I just wanted to stop by and wish you lots of luck (and sales too) for the stitches and craft show. I really wish I could come along and show my support in person - there's just that matter of a few thousand miles, you know how it is. I'll be there supporting you in spirit, and I cannot wait to hear all about it.

    Drink plenty of water, make a stall buddy (for loo trips) and most of all, enjoy!


  20. You have been soooo busy... Do you sleep at night??? I think we all know the answer...
    Good luck at the show...

  21. hmmm- I actually did know about your former chenille addiction! I guess I have been reading long enough!

  22. How wonderful to have such amazing friends around you to help it all come together-your patterns look divine. I so wish I was going to that show-the best of luck to you. I am sure you are in for a vERY busy weekend and I'm sure you'll be SO Sold OUT!Hopefully some of your wonderful patterns will be available us folk who are not in Melbourne-have a MARVELLOUS time!

  23. Wow, you have been sooo productive. I'm sure the patterns will sell well for you, they are amazing. Let me know if I can be of any help getting the word out on my Stitching Cow website. That way people all around the world can enjoy them!
    Warmly Lenna

  24. Jodie I agree, you should not be thanking us. I was absolutely over the moon to be asked to test a pattern for you and I had so much fun doing it and Ruby now has some lovely pj's although still spends a lot of time in the nude because apparently the elastic is too lose. You are going to be a star at the show and I can't wait to get my hands on some of those patterns.

  25. Ooooh now I know where my hard earned dollars will be spent!! Love it all!

  26. Hey Jodie,

    I wish you very well this coming week. I so love your chair. I cannot get cheap tickets up so will be there in spirit. SO looking forward to making your kinder boy one day soon (before little one arrives).

    Hope you don't explode - will be way to long before i hear about how you went!

  27. Oooooh Jodiepoo.. you have excelled yourself with your Chair.. and the bad a$$ animals.. I love the Bad Cat.. being a bad cat (well BAstarD does have BAD in it dont it?)) I can relate to a cat burglar...

    take it easy petal, and dont forget to take some alcomohol and a brown paper bag (for hyperventilating)...

    take care petal!


  28. Jodie, I love the tea set. Where did you get the pattern, I would love to but it and give it a try for my niece's 1st birthday. 6 months should give me enough time . . . he he he!

  29. This has been the best and most exciting job I have ever had!! Thanks for being such a great boss and for giving me the chance to make something very special indeed for Minx's upcoming birthday :-)

    Best of luck with the show and with those workshops! If it weren't for stoopid geography I'd be right there with you!!

    Moogs xxx

  30. Any chance you will add these patterns to your etsy shop when things settle down a little????

  31. Wow!! You clever thing!! Can't wait to see everything...there is atruck load of chenille in my sewing room crying out to be cupcakes!!
    LOVE the chair!!
    See you Friday, Trace

  32. Everything looks excellent! Well done!

  33. Please, please, please tell me you are putting these patterns on Etsy after the show. I just plain need all of them.

  34. oh my.....your patterns are crazy amazing! Please add me to you "begging these be sold on Etsy" list!

  35. I am soooooo excited, I just one Matilda in the auction!!!!!!

  36. Very nice post.your art presentation an eye-pleaser.Everything looks excellent! i think,i will try to make this type of artistic presentation in next X-mas day.Well done!thank you for shearing your post.


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