Monday, March 16, 2009

Buy ,swap, sell

I am starting to feel a bit like I am talking about a party that not everyone was able to get to, so I am going to stop banging on about the show and just show you some of the beautiful things I came home with. My very own Oobee - this guy is so soft. I am going to have to track down this beautiful felt. He is from Leslie of One girl designs (of course) and he is all mine. Leslie is such a gem, a truly truly sweet and generous person. (with a very cute bambino Mae as well).This guy is superbly made and his design is just so beautiful- softie excellence I tell you!

In the crazy buy swap selling that went on at the end of the show, I was gifted this beautiful guy by Louise. This is one of their own awesome patterns! I wish I took a photo from the back - he has the cutest tail and he is ready to move into the sewing room just as soon as I unpack and re-arrange.

OMG - How totally posh is this? Another gift, from the effervescent Nikki.

She is simply the queen of all things bag! I have a work do next week so I think this sweet gal may make her debut there!

Felt, beautiful soft, thick luxurious felt (and I bought more) from Sandra at Winterwood.

I sense a move into the world of felt a-brewing.

Heart-stoppingly gorgeous fabrics from the girls of Ink and Spindle......(who are each heart-stoppingly gorgeous as well, just in case you were wondering). I haven't decided which of the three I am going to kidnap yet. I have this whole hide her away and steal her identity thing planned, but I can't make a decision........
More hand printed fabric (yes there is strong theme here) from Thea and Sami.

Loving loving these mushrooms

The hunky robots from the best craft-show neighbour possible.

Kristen saved my life on about day three by the timely intervention of orange crushed ice. Not to be too melodramatic, but I owe her my life. (and she made me laugh so much that I snorted - in public!!!!)

A little bit more hand-printed fabric, this time from Greenolive design . You guys know I am a sucker for any sort of text on fabric.

and of course, from the queen of text-on-fabric, some delights from the Cookie.

I thought at one point that Shannon might have to call security as Annie was a little ahem...... over zealous...... in her affections but the Cookie took it all in her stride, like the true star she is.

I have a weird kind of affection for Shannon's boys......They are just dorky enough to be super-attractive don't you think?

yes I know that Cathy called me "thunder thighs" on her blog...but I am choosing to rise above that and thank her for the beautiful patterns she gave me...(and besides have you seen the size of her bum????...I'm just sayin')

The delightful Frogdancer gave me these gorgeous handmade coasters at the bloggy dinner. I have seen variations on these around blogland and every time they pop up I have thought I should make some, so I was delighted to get some in the bloggy dinner gift swap.

(That dinner deserves a post all of its own - but if you trawl blogland you'll find out almost all about it)

and from Fi, the chick who re-arranged her whole stall at least three times in five days - I received the worlds largest pincushion! Given the state of every ones feet after five days I think she needs to expand on this idea and make them large enough to be cushions....... They'd sell like hotcakes.

In summary, being surrounded by so much crafty goodness has overwhelmed me slightly. I have a sewing room that looks like a bomb has hit it and and for the first time in months , there is no To-Do list.
So I am planning on just hanging out a bit, enjoying the cooler weather. I'll tidy the sewing room over the week, fill up ye olde etsy shop on the weekend......dig out an old UFO or two and when the sun is out.....
I'll take some photo's of my favourite purchase of all !


  1. Oh, Jodie, it is all just too, too much. A grand time must have been had by you all.
    I am sooo jealous!

  2. Isn't it wonderful to know that apart from cleaning up the bomb of a craft room there is nothing pressing to be done. I have tomorrow off and I can't wait to sloth about. I'd be happy to do so on a giant pincushion for sure.

  3. I'm so envious, all those goodies had me salivating!! Hand printed fabrics look too beautiful to be cut up!!

  4. That key fabric is to die for! I used to collect antique keys as a kid and I think my addiction is resurfacing. You are one lucky woman coming home with that booty!

  5. Wow.
    Bloody Wow.

    You shopped and swapped like a champion Jodie! My fave too is the olive and black key fabric. And I know what you mean about the Winterwood felt. Divine.
    Hope you get some rest over the coming week. You deserve it. xxxx

  6. That's quite a crafty haul Jodie.

  7. I have serious giraffe and fabric envy .... great haul Jodie!

  8. I think you have earned the right to just hang about this week... no stress, definietly not cleaning the bomb site and just enjoying your S&C acquisitions.
    It will all be there next week!!
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  9. It was so nice to meet you at the show. It looks as though you were thoroughly spoilt too which is very nice indeed. I really enjoyed the show and loved seeing your beautiful dress and umbrella in real life, and I have to say that I now want one of those adorable chairs you ahve made too. Enjoy your rest!!

  10. I think it was all worth it just for the swappy goodness at the end! Love all of your new stuff. How much longer are you going to keep us hanging with your special buy.....not too long I hope?

  11. Hi Jodie! It was so great to meet you on Sunday! Kerryanne had told all of us painting gals about your wonderful creations and blog. But to see "the" dress in person was a real treat. Your chair is an absolute stunner,too! Well, I think after such a big show you deserve a good rest, although I'm guessing it's going to be difficult to turn your brain off with all that inspiration going on!! Warm regards, Vikki

  12. You say that like you don't snort in public anyway.

  13. What a great collection of goodies! So many great Australian fabrics and glad that you souvenired some of Thea's as well (mushrooms are my faves too).

  14. That's a pretty big haul! I am must have been such fun to be s surrounded by all that creativity!

  15. Yo, sis. Great to meet you and all, and discover more about your side of the family. Can definitely see the common gene pool in the choice of loot, though I bow down to your superior haulage. I have much to learn oh Master. Have a good old time on the come down after all those days on pumping adrenaline - catch you round real soon.

  16. What fantastically fabulous goodies Jod! It sounds like you had a really good time - I don't mind you talking about it loads even if I couldn't go there myself (sniff)

    Did it go well - did you sell out of doll patterns?

    And how mean are you? Not showing us your favourite purchase! Honestly!!!

    Locket xxx

  17. Glad you like them!
    It was a good night, wasn't it?

  18. And here I was thinking you would be way to busy chatting to everyone who visited your lovely goodies to be able to get any goodies. You did do well and those fabrics and softies are amazing. So glad that you had a wonderful time. It was fantastic meeting you - and I don't think you have "thunder thighs"...vbg

  19. Oh Miss Jod the S&C red cordial hangover has warn off and am back in Sunny Qld lamenting my short -albeit manic twip to the show on Saturday!

    Thanks so much for being a great hostess and looking forward to returning the favour when/if? you come to Brissytown!

    Here are the Happy snaps from the show:


  20. Hi Jod, Any chance we may see you in Brisbane? Sounds like you had a fab show.

  21. So great to see you again Jodie! I bought Megan one of your Kinder Girls patterns when you were off doing important stuff ... she cant wait to get stuck into it! I hope all went well & that you are not still too exhausted!

  22. Jodie it all looks awesome. I'm really hoping Sandra from Winterwood comes to Sydney. I think you might have hit on something for Fi to make, cushions for your feet, that'd be a pouffe right. Those pincushions are exactly the right shape too. I can just imagine popping my feet on one.

  23. You are so mean not showing off the super duper purchase!! And I think we need to find you a new name if Cathy and I are to assume LA and TT - can't wait to see the logo for that!! Thanks for being so very much fun during the show and I am so thrilled to have one of your special dolls. xxxx

  24. What a lot of gorgeous things! I could do with that pincushion to sit the baby on!

  25. Sigh!!!Such goodness! Glad you shopped well and you did receive some lovely presents. I am sure that to do list won't stay blank for long!

  26. I have decided I am in love with you, and there's nothing I can do to stop these feelings ...


    How is the ROFL going anyway? Any ROFLPMP going on?

    Thank god I'm too busy to report back on my purchases. Not only would it take me a day to photograph them, I'm actually scared of what I bought.

  27. Wow, what a great haul!

  28. Fantastic treasure! And the bits you got weren't too bad either.

    Are you going to sell patterns for your dolls in the Etsy shop? Pretty Please? Prettiest Please on my knees? Prettiest please on my knees, eating cheese? Louise?


  29. Haha, awesome post, and nice haul!

    And now I will have to be careful about wandering the streets alone late at night... lest I never come home ;)

  30. Wow, did you score or what?!!!

  31. Please accept my apologies for calling you Thunder Thighs on my blog. I hope I didn't offend you. Your mum told me that was your real name! By the way, please say hi to your mum for me, it was great having her at the Show just as much as it was having you there.

    I know what the secret purchase is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a lovely photo of you with it right here!

    I miss you!

  32. It was tops to meet you - you had some great stuff yourself there miss. I love your goodies too, I think it was best I didn't have to go for 5 days, I could of come home with so much more!

  33. Wow - what amazing booty (and I mean the stuff you have managed to collect from the show :-))! Love your comment about the Ink and Spindle girls :-) I agree - I was feeling overwhelmed too and admittedly a little star-struck after meeting you and all the lovely ladies that made up the Incubator.

  34. I'm glad that someone else bought as much fabric as I did :). I've also worked out that ihave your vintage chenille on our quilt. The penny finally dropped (can't rush these things)......
    Ann Marie (from Nikki's stall)

  35. they probably should invent some sort of detox medication for all you lucky girls that stayed "high" for so many days..Cant wait to see snippets of the special purchase. Hope you finally escaped the crazy "two of mine, two of his and the neighbours", CHeck with annie but that may have made us snort too!!

  36. You and your friends are Craft Goddesses (intentional capitals), and I am your enthusiastic groupie.

    I shall follow you all from Show to Show. I will hold your needles and threads, I will iron your fabrics, I will bring you slushies, I will plump your cushions (ahem).

    And....late at night....I will entertain you with exotic dances.

    I may not know how to sew or knit or crochet or print. I may not know what to do with fabulous felt or stupendous selvedge or marvellous material. But, I do declare, I CAN STILL BE A PART OF THIS WORLD OF CRAFT.

    Sorry...I didn't mean to shout that last sentence.

    I'll go now.

  37. I was so sorry that I missed you on the Saturday. Your stall looked lovely and it was choc-a-block full of customers while I was there!

  38. oh wow it sounds like a girls day out I wouldn't want to miss!!!



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