Wednesday, December 31, 2008

With Thanks

Just before Christmas I won a giveaway over on FrogslegsNvaseline.
Look who came to live with me.......

Fern !
Isn't she the cutest little monkey you have ever seen. She is all woolly and gorgeous and has the cutest little thumbs in the world. Thanks so much Chris.
The day Fern arrived I also got a beautifully wrapped parcel from Karen of Selvageblog

eeek................ a teeny tiny little quilt cupboard. How clever is this? And Karen sent this to me "just because". Just because she is lovely -obviously. Thanks Karen, it is a hoot!

You guys know that this is the only way I will ever have a cupboard full of quilts.

So while the sewing room is undergoing some serious renovations (That's a big fat lie, it is just a phenomenal mess). Fern and my little cupboard are sitting on the mantelpiece, overseeing the left-overs being eaten , the children kicking back, and me drawing and redrawing and swearing at some new projects.


  1. Fern is just gorgeous! How lucky for her to come and live with you! And the little cupboard of quilts is so sweet! A great start to the new year...
    Happy Quilty 2009!

  2. That monkey could seriously be the cutest thing I have ever seen made!

  3. I'm so pleased you are happy with Fern! She is a cutie girl.

  4. Very cute - Fern and the quilt cupboard!

  5. She is adorable and so very you!! Happy New Year!

  6. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones Jodie. Hope it's a fantastic one for you.

    You received some little bits of loveliness there. Aren't bloggers fab?!


  7. What a fab pair of gifts! Happy New Year to you all! I can't wait to see what your new projects are going to be!!!

    Lucy x

    P.S. I made the snail racing set for Fred for Christmas - I must show you some time!

  8. Fern makes me wish I could knit!

  9. Ah! They're both very cute!
    Happy New Year!

  10. I agree with Lady Hopwood. Fern makes me rethink the whold knitting thing. She's amazing, though I couldn't get a very good look at her thumbs. :>}

  11. Fern is just adorable! And that tiny quilt cupboard is amazing.
    What sweet gifts.

    Kimberly :)

  12. Such a cute little monkey indeed! Good luck with the designs and I wish you a Very Happy New Year full of fun,creativity and plenty of smiles:)

  13. Haha, I totally got excited when I saw "Fern!" and was all "Jodie's talking about ME!!" and then I actually read the post instead of homing in on my name, lol.

    Fern is a beauty, and wow at that tiny quilt cupboard :)

  14. What a cute monkey, lucky you!

  15. What lovely gifties! Happy New Year Ms. Ric-Rac!!! I can't wait to see what selvedge-y goodness comes our way in 2009!!!

  16. Happy New Year Jodie!!

    Little Fern is gorgeous and I am so envious of that mini quilt chest!


  17. (I just left you a comment on your cute wallet but I somehow can't get it across to your blog so sorry but I love it)
    Oh this little cutie is driving me mad!!!!I have seen these before they are totally adorable!xoxo

  18. I bought a couple of those little wooden cupboards years ago, but had no idea what to do with them, so I ended up selling them in a yard sale! Great idea!


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