Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I waited so patiently for Christmas day to arrive, for all the usual reasons but mostly because my SSCS parcel had been waiting on top of the wardrobe for me for weeks.

Every time I walked past I wondered who it was from, and of course what was inside. I did give it a squeeze or two so I am very glad it had no pins in it.
My SSCS swap partner was Deb of The Angel and the Pukeko and she made me this beautiful table runner. There were also sweets (all eaten) and gorgeous smellies in the parcel as well. I think it must be the year of the table runner because I sent one to my SSCS swap partner as well. (I have to admit that the one I sent was nowhere near as complex as the one that Deb sent to me.)
Thanks so much Deb , I do really love this and we used it on Christmas Day and (insert small miracle here) no-one spilt anything on it ! Whilst I want to say a huge thank you to Deb for her beautiful gift I know that everyone who took part this year would also like to give a rousing cheer to ChookyBlue for organising this swap. So many many people from so many different countries were involved and she kept us all up-to-date and in line and on time...and lets be honest that's no mean feat.

Thanks Chooky !


  1. What a glorious table runner! Super gift!

  2. Of course it is lovely, but we want to see the one you made, too!

  3. Oh, it's lovely. She did a fab job on it and fancy no spills on it! I must make sure I am in time to join Chooky's swap next year....

  4. i got a table runner too!
    but i didn't make one :(
    yours is gorgeous though and it would have made a lovely addition to the christmas table.
    incidentally, i made a sscs gift for deb - it's fun seeing what everyone got and what everyone made.
    happy new year

  5. I am impressed...
    1. no peeking
    2. no spills
    nice runner from Deb.........so pleased you joined the swap this year.......

  6. Here Here to Chookyblue! ...and yes, the table runner is complex and a lovely addition to the Christmas table.

  7. Beautiful! I've seen so many lovely tablerunners and have not made myself one yet. Yeh, the spilling thing could definitely happen in my house.

  8. What a wonderful tablerunner! Lucky you!
    ...but...may we see the one you made too? Pleeeeease!?

  9. I'm with you there hip hip hooray for the chookster....Lovely table runner and congrats on no spillages that is always a miracle in this house.

  10. Such a well made and gorgeous Chrissmassy table runner-how lovely.


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