Saturday, October 11, 2008

The winners

Hi Guys, we are all a bit under the pump at chez Ric Rac this morning.
The big 100th is finally here. Actually Granny turned 100 on Wednesday.
The quilt is finished and wrapped, the kids have been washed and ironed, I got some new hair (as you do) and we are almost ready.

In crafty news we have two winners of the Pre-project giveaway. There was no fancy staging of the draw - we just chopped the comments into a fruit bowl and pulled out the names as Mr Ric Rac looked on with a bit of a " this really has to happen NOW????" kind of look on his face.

From Team Selvedge the winner is Christie of Pigeon Pair and from the comments, the winner is Nannette Merrill and daughters of Freda's Hive.
Yay !!!
Send me your details guys and I'll be in touch tomorrow

Granny Boo
( because she played peek-a-boo with the grand kids when they were small and the name has stuck right through to the great grand kids.)

Born in 1908 , a childhood without cars or electricity and now ...... can you imagine the changes she has seen? One hundred years - it kinda blows my mind.

Big project tomorrow (shes says with some trepidation)


  1. Oh my god, it's so weird that it's saturday there already! Still enjoying my friday night here ....

    (sorry, I never could get to grips with the world time differences!)

    Anyway - Happy 100 to one and all! 100 years old blows my mind too - not that that's hard, bearing in mind the whole time thing ...)


    ps. There is a little RSS thingie down at the bottom of my blog. Will that not do??

  2. Congratulations to the winners. WOW, 100 years... What an amazing span of history to have witnessed. It IS mindblowing...

  3. Good luck with the big day Jodie. I hope it all goes to plan and Granny loves the quilt. Nice pic too!

  4. Hope that you have a great time! I'm sure that Granny will LOVE her quilt!! Good to hear that the kids are washed and ironed as well!! We have a 4 year old party to attend today... not nearly as exciting as 100! We've had rain for two days straight and the place we're visiting is a brand new house... NO GRASS... two days of rain! Interesting!! Hope your day goes well!

  5. How lucky is your family to have a grandparent reach 100 years, very special day for all. I'm sure the quilt will be adored. Enjoy the day and cherish every moment!

  6. Is that Miss Eloise on Granny's lap? Poor Granny looks like she is undergoing the same nasty skin treatment I had to do for the C word four years ago. I had to use Efudex for three weeks, and it burned and hurt like you-know-what, but did remove the cancerous cells - along with lots of innocent healthy cells. My face looked just like Granny's for about six weeks. Happy 100th!

  7. My internet is being bad so I hope this posts only once. Happy Birthday to Granny. How incredible is 100 years! You are so blessed to still have her spirit and experience with you to celebrate.

    I'm super excited!!! I am one of your winners. And I feel very bratty spoiled because I've already had a Jodie prize! Though not spoiled enough to pass!! Never. Thank you Jodie. Have a lovely lovely day.

  8. Did you know that by age 12, today's children have received as much information as their grandparents received over their entire lifetimes? At age 12! Can you imagine what it's going to be like in another generation?

    Can't wait for the big reveal tomorrow! I hope granny loved her quilt as much as we did!

    Two Cheese Please

  9. Hi Jodie! I gave you a blog award if you'd like to stop by my blog and see!

  10. Congratulations Granny Boo!! It blows my mind too those changes she has lived through. And so important that she gets to pass her view of them to you.
    Have a great day!

  11. congratulation granny boo...
    what a wonderful thing to be surrounded by family who love you dearly and so many lovely memories of all the eras and times that have been...
    have a wonderful party...

  12. Happy 100!! A terrific milestone!

  13. Happy Birthday Granny Boo!!!!!

    100! WOWEE!

  14. Congrats to the winners! Congrats to Granny boo for 100 years! What an achievement!

  15. Happy Birthday to Granny Boo!! I hope she has a wonderful party with lots of fun and loads of cuddles. 100 years is amazing and I agree it is mindblowing to think of the changes she has seen.

    I am sure your beautiful quilt will be loved by all and treasured by Granny :)

    Have a great time xxx

    p.s. THE BIG PROJECT !!!!

  16. Happy Birthday Granny Boo. I love how kid-isms stick like that!
    I bet she loves your quilt!!!

  17. Happy Birthday Granny Boo! My wonderful granny got to 99 and a half but sadly didn't quite make it to her 100th birthday - she was wonderful too! Congratulations to the winners! Can't wait for tomorrow now to see the big project!

    Locket xxxx

    P.S. so what did you do with your old hair???

  18. A big Happy Birthday to your granny. Do you still get a letter from the queen when you turn 100?

  19. A very Happy Birthday to Granny Boo. How cute. My M-i-l turned 95 in July and I thought she was old. Your Granny looks like a sweet little lady. A Grand Happy Birthday to her. Oh and I love your blog, it's the first time I've stopped by.

  20. Happy Birthday to Granny Boo - I hope she enjoys her party, and I'm sure she'll LOVE her quilt.

    Congratulations to your winners - lucky devils!


  21. Happy Birthday Granny Boo!

  22. 100 is an absolutely amazing age. I hope Granny Boo got her telegram from the Queen? I'm sure she will have loved her beautiful quilt more though.

  23. Congratulations to Granny Boo. Amazing.

  24. ohh i love the photo! they look so cosy together. and i can't believe i missed a giveaway. i'm always late for everything!


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