Saturday, October 4, 2008

a wee hiccup

Sorry about that rude interruption folks - it seems that what I thought was an eensy computer problem was actually a bit bigger than - Like FOUR WHOLE FLIPPIN DAYS big.

  • So 6 litres of fake blood - Miss Jem's media assignment. Of course she had to film a horror movie in the kitchen last Tuesday. Yes I am still finding little specks of fake blood everywhere. At least I hope it's fake, a small slip with the rotary cutter here on Tuesday night meant that there was a lot of real blood up for grabs as well. I managed to slice right across the very middle of my fingernail. It is my rude finger so I am taking childish delight in poking the big blob of dressing at people and showing them what I have done.
  • Wednesday was totally awesome. I asked some of the local bloggers to pop over to my place - ostensibly to craft but really it was to eat and laugh and be a bit crazy together. Bernadette,Kathryn, Racheal, Kate and Annie all rose to the challenge and we had a great day. If only I had a bigger house then I would have just invited all of blog land. The girls all have photos as well - Mine have disappeared into cyberspace it would seem.
  • The finger slash means my insufferable slow hand sewing is even slower but I have Granny's quilt under control. It also means the label will probably be on ink jet printable fabric but I have decided to be OK with that.
  • Because I am working on the post to end all posts, I have nothing crafty to show you but I do some eye candy of the highest order.

Aunty Cookie fonty deliciousness. You guys know I love all of Shanon's stuff but this fonty stuff slays me.

Some new Kokka fabric from Ballarat patchwork

Does this scream "apron" to anyone else?

and a Pay It Forward gift from the lovely Fiona. How much do I love/need that handbag organiser. You put it in your bag and pop all your business in it and then when you want to swap bags you just take it all out in one go and you're away.
Have you seen the inside of my handbag Fiona?
This gift is perfect for me.
Thankyou so much.

The keen-eyed among you may notice that the selvedge ticker has been removed.....

I'll be back tomorrow with news of a giveaway - but don't go getting those knickers in a twist because this is a giveaway you will have to work for.


  1. OUCH at cutting your 'up yours' finger.. I haven't done this year (been awful close a few times)

    can't wait to see the selvedge project!!! the suspense is killing me!


  2. *wince* not at the fake blood and horror film but at the slicing through your nail! eek, sorry you have a big boo boo on your most expressive finger.

    some fantastic finds though and that purse organizer is fab. and reminds me I signed up for a Pay it Forward the ither week so I really should get posting about it on my blog. Next week though as we are off to York for the weekend.

  3. I bought some of that elephant fabric from Amitie only a couple of days ago. Mine's purple though.
    Hope the finger gets better soon.

  4. Fake blood in the kitchen, sounds grusome! Love the kokka fabrics, and yes, the other fabric screams apron. Can't believe you cut your finger. Hope its not too bad. Slow sewing is definately the order of the day. Hope it heals quickly.

  5. That fabric is definitely screaming apron. Hope your finger is ok.

  6. Well, it may scream apron to you but to me it screams (quite loudly) 'giftie to Trash from her devoted Trashciple with dispensation from wearing required religious sports bra.'

    I'm just sayin' is all;-)

  7. Woohooo, I'm in the first ten comments!

    I'm very very excited to see the big selvedge project! And granny's quilt - I've been hanging out that one so here's hoping your rudey finger improves (although keep the bandage a while longer - showing people by flipping them off sounds fun!)

    Two Cheese Please

  8. Yeah Jodie for a great blogmeet at your place!! I always love going there and drinking in your sewing room. I too can't wait for the unleashing of the selvedge project. Glad your computer is up and running again.

  9. litres of blood...hmmm, that was not what I expected to find here today. I am a little apprehensive about what tomorrow may bring!

  10. so glad to have you back - hope to see photos of your fake blood and your rude finger soon.

  11. I had read about your sliced finger on another blog! Yikes...well at least it is the rude finger and you can really get some mileage out of this one. Have some fun with it. Love the fabric pictures. Can't wait to hear about the giveaway, I hope the work involves some travel, I am antsy to go somewhere.

  12. Trashy is so mercenary - she'll try anything, won't she?

    I think that fabric could be anything you want it to be. It would be a fine apron. It would also be a fab shopping tote.

    Sorry to hear about your digit - bet you said an anglo-saxon word?! No.2 hurt his finger and announced in a very loud voice in the middle of a restaurant that he'd hurt his 'swearing finger' ... he was 5 and I was suitably embarrassed.


  13. just got the same auntiecookie fabric...have cut a pattern out to make a little purse...but havn't had anytime to sit and finish it yet...will love to see what you make with yours...

  14. OOh! OWWW! Don't like the slicey finger thing! Hope it's better soon :-)

  15. Youch! That finger-meets-rotary-cutter-blade horror movie sounds terribly painful!

    I hope your selvedge-ticker removal doesn't mean you don't need anymore because I'm just in the process of sending you some!

    Lucy x

  16. Hi Jodie,
    I am saving those selvedges for you but wanted to let you know that I have a little giveaway that I just posted that has "rick rack" in it. Take a peek at today's post on my blog. :-)

  17. eye candy of the highest order, indeed! lovely fabrics. hope your finger is healing up.

  18. Yeah! I like having to work hard for things that are worth having!! Love the fabrics Jodie and I should have taken a pattern from the handbag organiser the other day.....

  19. A giveaway to work for? Ooooh, that sounds BRILLIANT! Hope the finger slash gets better soon...OUCH!

  20. Ouch! ouch, ouch, ouch. I once stitched through that fingernail with an industrial sewing machine. Again I say ouch! I hope it's better soon. My nail still has a little indentation to remind me to be careful. Ouch! My nail trembles in sympathy.

  21. I LOVE that apple fabric.

    Jodie your giveaway is inspired! I LOVE that too.

  22. Oh your poor finger! Your blogmeet sounds like so much fun - oh, to live in Ballarat!

  23. Ouch. I am in love with the ease and idea of rotary cutters, and own one, with replacement blades, and two mats, and I still rarely actually use it, for that exact reason. I would be most likely to slice the whole finger off! :p

    That blog meet sounds fun. I need one of those around here! :D


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