Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blog housework....blogwork?

I went back to the doctor today who tut tutted a bit and suggested another 2 weeks on crutches......well actually she kind of ordered another 2 weeks, rather than suggested but you know, maybe she was just being bossy- surely its open to interpretation.

I have had a few ideas kicking around in my brain for some dolly friends but have been struggling to find the right fabric - so today I took the plunge and decided to dye my own. I was going for a soft pink and a taupe-ish colour .....

Not quite what I finished with, but I think they are still do-able. Next time it will be less dye or more fabric!

Together these remind me of Neapolitan ice cream.

Here comes the house (blog) work bit, Lots of people have emailed about the previous post and I am sorry but the dollies are not ready yet - you saw them in their one and only outfits, they need cardis and coats and another frock at least, not to mention hats and bags and scarves and so on. Thanks for all the sweet comments. I was going to mention all that palaver in the post but then again,................

I am at a bit of a loss about the whole Etsy / blog thing.

I know that the blog is a great way to let people see the dollies (and I do love to create their little stories) but I don't want people to think - Oh there's Jodie trying to flog stuff again..... at the same time I get emails asking if I sell stuff , and I reply and explain and give them the link....

I did have my Etsy shop on the sidebar with little dolly pics, but when they sold and the shop is empty - it doesn't show up. I am happy enough to just have a little link over there, its the whole showing stuff off or letting people know stuff is available via the blog that I am unsure about....................

But then again,
Blah blah blah brain fudge.

Yikes, Lucky I don't have important stuff to think about isn't it, like the state of the planet or anything

I know lots of people have Etsy shops or other shops and blogs as well, so whats the balance guys - share some thoughts please?????


  1. Jodie, if i was half as talented as you are, i would be shouting it from the rooftops! I love the kids stories, and seeing your handiwork, and i'm sure no one else minds your bragging!

    Keep it up!
    Selina xx

  2. Oh I'm so glad it's not just me that gets 'brain fudge' as you call it. You know what you want to say but getting it out there, it just gets a bit jumbled up. It makes sense to you but to anyone else......?
    I am at the stage of being about to open an etsy shop but just don't feel I have enough stuff yet, or that it's much good. I wouldn't worry about promoting your stuff on your blog. The balance you have seems fine to me. If you've got new stuff and you want to sell it then it's your news for that day so blog it.
    Oops! In danger of 'brain fudge' attack!!! :0)

  3. Pretty please put up the link and keep showing us the dollies. I love knowing that something may be up for sale so I have no problems with bloggers showing off their goodies, as long as every single post isnt trying to sell stuff then it is all part of the sharing, caring and showing ideas side of the crafty blog world and like that.

    Sorry I am rambling, the brain fudge must be catching.

  4. you must share your dollies on your blog otherwise we wouldn't all know about them. A lot of us just aren't quick enough to buy them so at least we can admire them, be inspired by them and really enjoy the stories! You MUST put them on your blog. Everyone who sells stuff shares it on their blog it would be crazy if they didn't!!!!
    Hope your sleepover goes well. The tent is sounding like a great idea!!

  5. I don't think "Oh bugger, another person selling stuff". I think, "Oh cool! Another etsy shop!!" Keep the shop stuff. It's great :)

  6. Jodie you absolutely have to let us know when you have updated the Etsy shop - it is imperative !!

    It is when the blog becomes all about the shop rather than all about you and incidentally about the shop that it becomes boring! That is what I have observed with a lot of blogs anyway.

    Maybe next time wait until you are just about finished the dolls (the way you did it last time was perfect) so that you don't feel under any pressure to rush to finish them.

  7. I agree with all the above comments. I can't see why it would be wrong to let people know about your products. I haven't started an etsy shop yet, I'm to busy filling local orders (or too slow LOL) but I wouldn't be ashamed to share my products as I made them. People know what you are selling and/or are inspired. have I said that right? Are there any ethics rules regarding blogging or is it open to private interpretation? I would love to know too.

  8. I think you should keep your shop as part of your blog and should certainly tell us when it is updated and who is going in etc - and please keep telling us the funny stories.

    The blog/shop balance gets skewed when you go to someone's blog and all they do, post after post, is tell you what they are trying to sell you - then I just stop reading (and get grumpy too!) - I can't imagine you ever doing this and I really think you should be "shouting from the rooftops" about your gorgeous dolls!

    There, lecture over!!!!!

    Lucy xxx

  9. Seeing as how I just found etsy about a month ago I love seeing that someone has a link to their etsy shop. I love going and checking out what everyone is selling. I have already found a couple of gifts for people just by seeing a link to a shop.

  10. i don't have an etsy shop, yet, but i do hope to make some stuff to sell through there. i will definitely post a link (with pictures) on my blog. i don't think there's anything wrong with it. almost all craft bloggers have their etsy shop with some listings on their sidebar. besides, your dolls are so cute and you should feel proud to show them off! i think you are very creative and lucky to already have people waiting for your dolls to go in the shop. there is so much competition on etsy now that i worry if i'll even make a sale. but you are already well known by many and it would be nice to have the side bar as a gentle reminder that your dolls are in your shop!

  11. Jodie, you are perfectly balanced...hee hee at least in terms of the blog/etsy shop bit.
    When you tell about your dollies it's like story telling hour with the kids. I love it, looks like most of your blog readers do to.
    As far as world important stuff there are enough too serious noggins out there spouting about all that worry.
    I go to your blog for a giggle and it brightens my day. Keep it up.

  12. I like the way you do it :-) You show your stuff, tell the story, and next post it's on to something new.... It's a big part of your life, and so it's on your blog.

    The thing I like about blogging is, that you blog about the things that are on your mind at the moment, and so naturally, when you are making stuff for your shop, that's what's on your mind :-)

    You are nowhere near being one of the bloggers who primarily use their blog to promote their store. Nowhere near it!

  13. Lucy Locket-Pocket has (very rudely!) taken the words right out of my mouth......or at least she would have had I been capable of saying what I was thinking as eloquently as she did!!

    Would you just look at all those red dots on your world map - how famous are you missus?!!!

    I'm not going to even think about going back to my blog to count my dots.........

    I don't think you will put any of us off by plugging your shop on your blog as we are, by now, all thoroughly addicted to the doings in Jodie's World :)


  14. Oh, you are funny! Why oh why do you think you'd be thought of as showing off? Anyway, your fab creations deserve to be shown off!

    I'm with Kyla, I love seeing Etsy linkage. I spend (too) many a happy hour wandering through the shops at Etsy looking at all the lovely stuff, and I never feel compelled to buy .... well ... not always ....


    ps. You'll be an expert with those crutches by the end of the two weeks ...

  15. Jodie don't change anything. I love your blog as it is. People can always check your etsy when they are on your blog and you could just do an extra post when you put something else in your shop. Blogging should always been fun for you and us.

  16. I love your neopolitan icecream dyed fabric-turned out so well! Just because your wonderful dollies and their amusing stories are on your blog do people think you are trying to flog them off. What you are doing now is just right. People love what you make and obviously many people would like to buy your special things and those that don't just like admiring them and being entertained by your special,clever and funny style. You are a bit hard on yourself my dear!!

  17. I think everyone else has already said what I would like to say, which is pretty much "just keep on truckin'". I personally enjoy blogs that are about general crafty/personal stuff but still let readers know when something new is going into their shops (because sometimes we don't want to miss out, and we like being the first to be 'in the know'). So that is how I approach my blog too. And I'm hoping that balance is ok!

  18. It's a good discussion to have, I think. But as everyone has already said, your hardly over doing it!!

    For me, when people say they've updated their shop I go have a look if I'm in the mood, it dosen't feel like a 'hard sell'. I also appreciate the reminder to have a look as well, as otherwise I'd miss out as I don't have the time to be checking in on etsy constantly.

    But what I really wanted to say is your dolls are gorgeous!

  19. I totally get what you're saying.
    I try to set up my blog like an online decorating and craft magazine.

    Just as I would NOT read a magazine that was all advertisement, I don't want my blog to be ALL about the stuff I'm selling.

    But, I am grateful that magazines advertise a little and tell me where I can get the cool things I'm reading about.
    So, I do have my shop links on there and a scattering of posts about the items for sale.

    Kimberly :)

  20. I love, love to shop Etsy. I agree with the post..blogging should be fun and done on your own terms. Your blog is always wonderful.

  21. Jodie
    Your blog is my favourite in the whole world. I think it would be naughty if you didnt have a link, You should be super proud of all the kids you have created and yes seeing all those dots on the map is a testament to your popularity. If people dont want to buy a doll they dont have to click on the etsy link. Nor have I ever read "check out my shop" on your blog...PS Love the keyrings...I reckon you would be a hard person to keep up with in life. Always up to something..

  22. Jodie, you've got the balance perfect. We love your blog, we love your dolls, we need to know about your etsy shop too. Keep it up as you are - it's just lovely! And we must know what your dollies are up to!

  23. I'm a complete lurker.. I don't have a blog or an etsy shop, perhaps one of these days... In pondering your "dilemna" (love your little dolls btw!), one thing you could do is put a flickr mosaic mini.. then folks could see what you have done and what you love while on your blog. i like looking at those almost as much as clicking on etsy shops. :) Just a thought.

  24. I don't think you are All Etsy All the time, so I think that's a good balance. I often click through to look at things if you have a link, but otherwise how would we know there was something to see???

  25. You know Jodie we all have to eat! So I say however you can market your stuff in an economical and successful way you should do it and to all those who live in the world where no money is required ... good luck to them!

  26. I agree with the majority, I'm a lurker and love your blog, so it's a bonus to see any gorgeous stuff you make in your Etsy. :)


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