Sunday, December 23, 2007

Not quite last minute crafting

I have been busy since finishing work on Friday but not out of control - I have managed to squeeze in a few last craft duties as well as all the other stuff. We aren't having a huge day on Christmas day just my mum, Mr Ric-Rac's parents and Great Grannie (she of the 99 yrs) so there is not a lot to prepare.

We have decorated ( I bought a pre- baked kit) the gingerbread house.

The Christmas cake is cooked. I always leave it until the last minute or it will get eaten before Christmas day arrives.

We tried something new, I found it on the web of course. It is called Christmas bark! White chocolate melts and crushed candy canes - very nice!

Some last minute gifts are ready to be wrapped. Potholders For Grandma and Mr Ric-Rac 'cause he was being a smart bottom about them!

and an ornament each for the kids - How cute is that surprised little gingerbread man. I downloaded the pattern for him from Elsie Marley. A great blog that I have only recently found.

Grandpa was proving very very difficult in the present stakes until I chanced upon this post on the wonderful Pea Soup blog. (super blog, add it to your favourites). Buying this wonderful book mark got me back on track and today I gocco'd a journal to go with it. (M for Mike)

I really love the acorn bookmark - you guys know that I am impressed by all forms of knitting and crotchet because I can do neither, but this is so cute.

I am expecting Favourite-in-law status after he opens this little gifty. I am sure he is going to love it, even though it may take me till lunchtime to explain how I bought it from a lovely woman that I have never met who has a blog...well a blog is kind like a diary Grandpa but its on the Internet........

The grey board books came from Office works and are quite reasonable. I tried this once before and fluffed it, but now that I have figured some out-of-machine goccoing I went a bit crazy......

I even Gocco'd a T-shirt, it was just with the regular ink that was already in Gocco from the journal but it worked !!! The print came out clean and clear. Now I want to ignore the housework and the cooking and just play with Gocco.

I hope you all, whoever you are , in whatever little crafty corner of the world you are in , have a lovely and safe time over the Christmas season.
Thankyou all for visiting this year and welcoming me to the land of blogs.
I wonder what I did with myself before I stumbled through the sewing room into this world?


  1. jodie, i tried to make that mint bark stuff and i couldn't get the candy canes to crush properly! when i was beating them in the plastic snaplock baggies, the sharp candy chunks were making holes in the bag, making a right mess! do you have any tips for me?

  2. Great post Jodie, lots of wonderful pressies.
    Have a fun christmas with your family.

  3. What beautiful gifts Jodie. Thanks for introducing me to some new blogs, too! The gingerbread person is so cute, and your gocco-ing superb - it's obviously becoming addictive!
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Happy Christmas, Jodie! I've loved reading your blog this year and look forward to more bloggy fun next year. Thank you for your generosity with your tutorials and projects. Have a lovely Christmas with your family. Carolyn x

  5. I LOVE the gingerbread ornament. Alas I have run out of time and energy and that will have to wait for next year. You sound very sane and in control. Have a great Xmas and thanks for all the great entertainment and inspiration this year! X

  6. Hi Jodie,
    What great pressies and you have done so much. I have been very slack and I think wait until the new year to blog again- I am still working and the blessed tree is not up still-poor kids having me as a mummy. Have a lovely and safe chrissy and new year!
    Love Melissa!

  7. Love all your photos of your sewing etc. The wall looks great too.

  8. A very merry christmas to you dear Jodie - I also wonder what I did before this new crafty land on line. So much inspiration and motivation to make and create - I just love it. I hope all your handmade pressies are well received. I'm almost ready to wrap! Been riding bikes looking at all the lights tonight with the kids. Happy days to you.

  9. Gorgeous crafty gifts! A merry Christmas to you and yours - have a great day!!

  10. Happy Christmas Jodie! I love all of the presents you have made, especially the gingerbread man, hee hee!

  11. Have a lovely christmas to you and yours and all the best for 2008!
    Sarah x

  12. Merry Xmas. Wonderful pressies.

  13. Have a wonderful happy Christmas and I look forward to more adventures in blogland!:)

  14. merry christmas Jodie - I love reading your funny and oh so clever blog! xx

  15. Merry Christmas to you too. I must say your Christmas presents are just wonderful. Good on you for doing the homemade thing.

  16. Have a lovely Christmas Jodie - looking forward to seeing all your lovely creations in the new year! Lucy xxx

  17. Man, you are prolific and talented! Amazing! Everything looks fab, and I look forward to the new year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    ~Angela :-)

  18. I hope your grandfather liked his acorn. Thanks for putting it up on your blog :)

    LOVE the gocco!!!

    Happy Christmas.

  19. Love the look of your new header - "oh the wonderful things you can do" Mr Brown can Moo, so can you!

  20. Jodie, I just noticed the new header... looks fabbo.. and the gocco got a run again? I sure wish I could be brave and open mine.. I had mine before you and still haven't used the sucker!



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