Thursday, December 27, 2007

and the craft goes on

I hope you all had a great Christmas day. Ours was good, with a little afternoon Nanna-nap. It was also very very loud!!!!! Mr Ric-Rac's dad and Grandma are both quite deaf and Grandpa's hearing aid seemed to be picking up alien signals all through lunch.

He had the kids in hysterics, each time he waved his hand (or anything else ) by his head , the hearing aid started sqweeblebroxpopping like crazy. Of course Grandma got cross and told him off so he rolled his eyes behind her back and sent the kids off into peals off giggles again. It was all very relaxed really , apart from the shouted conversations and Grandma telling everyone off (for being too jolly perhaps?)

Yesterday was quiet so I gave myself a quick project , it has been in the brain pipeline for ages. The bag is made from canvas from spotlight so is quite heavy duty. I have lined it and put in a covered templastic base for a bit more support. I am thinking it might be good to keep in the car so I can use it at the shops? or the library? or just into the stash with all the others?

I have a few more images like this one - Isn't she gorgeous? I scanned the magazine cover and then printed it out on that plastic backed fabric that can go through the printer. I'm sorry I have used it all so can't tell you what it is called but I think it is pretty readily available.

That is the lead article in the November 13 edition of New Idea circa 1963. There is some seriously good stuff in here housewifey's, like tip number 81. Time-saving trick: when cutting celery or French Beans into slices, put two or three together on the board and cut through the lot .

wow ! who woulda thunk it?

Or number 38. Ideal for the hostess: glue tiny shells to plastic or wooden toothpicks and use when serving hors d'oevres or small sandwiches or cakes.

AHA !!! Now if only I had glued some tiny shells onto toothpicks and stabbed them into the food, Christmas day would have been perfect.


  1. Hi Jodie,
    Glad that no one died at your house. We some arguments house and also at our outlaws on boxing days. Love that bag-have to try that plastic paper thingy.
    And those tips-so you thing that they could think for themselves then or what.
    Love Melissa xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Jodie
    I have wrote those tips down, and I do wish you had had time to put the other 99 down.. roflmao.. glue tiny shells? does this mean I'd have to go HUNTING for tiny shells??? and hmm who would of thought about cutting more than one vegetable at once, that one is definately a keeper!

    Sounds like grandpa is a hoot.. my dad is deaf too, no hearing aid, but boy, its like groundhog day having to repeat yourself over and over and over.. arrrgghhh!!!


    PS the bag is a keeper.. a bloody ripper!

  3. Love the title...and the craft goes on...looking forward to warming up my sewing room soon once I clear the decks. Bag looks great Jodie - you are a wonder.

  4. Sounds like a perfect family Christmas! Love the bag and the tips, we modern women don't have a patch on those girls do we!

  5. I love that bag, it's awesome! I love those vintage images--and the tips! Awesome! Here's to a really crafty New Year!
    ~Angela :-)

  6. Glad you had a giggly and jolly Christmas day. Love the bag!!! As I live near the beach I just happen to have lots of little shells I have collected-now I have a use for them!!

  7. Glad you had a wonderful christmas Jodie. I luv your magazine bag... and the article sounds hilarous.
    luv Abby

  8. and all this time i have been cutting my beans one by one- if only i had known!

    the bag is VERY cool, love the vintage image!

  9. Damn, I've just got back from the beach, I could have collected a whole load of tiny shells to glue onto toothpicks! Oh, well, there's always next time. Have a happy rest of the holidays!
    Allison x

  10. how funny - the word h'orderves just freaks me out.

  11. Hi Jodie!
    Glad you are having a great holiday! Check my blog for my holiday news. Can't wait to see you and do some sewing.

  12. Love the bag Jodie and those tips are fantastic!!! Glad to hear you have had a happily noisy Christmas! Lucy x

  13. Thanks for the tip the other day re comments and the wonderful ones from today they lived out there on the edge back in '63. Loved grandpa's hearing aid story they are always sooo cute - my grandpa use to turn his off all the time to save the battery didn't matter that he couldn't hear!!!!

  14. I LOVE that bag, the scanned magazine cover is just brilliant, great idea! I wonder if you'll get a lot of remarks from strangers when you use this one?

  15. Love the bag! I made a collage of housewife things from magazines last year with quotes. They are hilarious! And scary that they were writing articles like that so recently really.

  16. You've gotta love a good hearing aid playing up at family gathering story!

    Happy New Year!


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