Wednesday, February 28, 2007

AQC Loot and Vintage chenille

I thought I'd just show off a few of the purchases I made while being so busy at the AQC -
Gorgeous red bag handles (a new woolen winter bag is forming in my mind). Some delicious fabrics and a gorgeous book by Denyse Schmidt.

Apart from the handles I have no plans or actual projects for these but I would love to get started on something with Heather Bailey's fabrics.

But for today I must finish the cushions that have been on a promise for far too many months.

They are delicious vintage chenille cushions - speaking of which two more new (vintage) arrivals turned up late last week and I am hoping hoping for some more today.

Don't you just love parcels in the post !

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  1. Hi Jodie,

    I'm so jealous - now I'm REALLY wishing that I'd found time to go to the AQC! Heather's fabrics are truly astounding - time for me to go online shopping I think! I'd love to see some quilt projects from that book too!
    And you know I always love your chenille!


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