Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Excuse me,

 I've just popped in the clear the cobwebs and collect the mail that has piled up inside the door. 

There's been a lot going on in the world since I last popped in hasn't there? I'm still around, flogging my wares on the internets and sewing new friends.

This is Henry. He is the biggest pattern I have ever written. There are about 50 pattern pieces and eleventy million diagrams. 

He is the same size as Tilly and Ginger and Addie so the combined wardrobes are huge.

Next on the list is a sheep. The sheep is 99% done but then..... there is something just not quite working so I'm going to start again today and keep the bits that are ok and ditch the rest.

The ears are too big and the legs are too long. I think the face needs a little bit more shape as well. 
My initial plan was a little knitted cardigan but then I switched to a skirt and now i have no idea. It seems a shame to cover up that lovely wooliness.


  1. Maybe a knitted vest for the sheep. So good to see a post.

  2. I hope to have my hands on the real pattern soon - it's at the printers aka hubby's printing at work for me when he has time. Now as Tilly has been looking blankly at me for longer than your last post I think this might spur me to do something with her, but hay no guarantees!

    Love the wooliness of the sheep get why you wouldn't want to cover them up. Pretty sure we all know kids who are going to rip any clothes off anyway. I think the nose looks like it needs to be a little longer??

  3. Henry has a wonderful collection of clothes. Those sheep are looking very cute.

  4. Hey so nice to hear your still around.........still flogging your goodies....still creating amazing tiny things that I will never attempt......the sheep look cool......do they even need clothes they look so pretty..........


Hellloooooo !!!!