Sunday, May 26, 2019

Elephant Sewing Caddy

A small but sturdy little elephant to hold your sewing stuffs. I desaigned this guy a while ago for a retreat, then life went wobbly so he waited patiently to be shown. 

It's Sunday, I've been cooking and tidying and doing general Sunday things.
I have some tiny but incredible pants to sew and some tea to drink.

My house smells very sweet and I should be totally relaxed because my 
best-ever-next-door-friend tipped a bottle of radox bath gel down the central heating vent !!!

(It's all fine and no damage is done - but hell it makes me laugh).


  1. OMIgosh the pachyderm is killing me with sweet buttoned tail....simply adorable.

  2. you know, you are a bit good at this designing and making malarkey Jod. you should keep doing it.


  3. Brilliant. Just brilliant. Finished off with the felt covered pins. ❤️

  4. Oh wow he is so cute..... How do you think of these things...... Hope all is ok......


Hellloooooo !!!!