Monday, November 19, 2018

Llama fur

Because there are loads of questions about Llama fur I figured it would be easiest to write it all here.
 So my first version of the little Llama used a long fur from Lincraft or Spotlight.

 This large Llama is made with a minkee cuddle fabric that I think I may have purchased when I was investigating sloths. 
It can be found at  and is a Shannon fabric called minkee cuddle Llama in the sand colourway if you want to try and track it down yourself.

 This super long curly fur is from Fur addictions in Australia. 

   English Rose - Extra Curly Mongolian Style Faux Fur

I also bought the one below from Fur Addictions and it is going to be awesome. I have the Llama cut out and ready to sew and will add him to this post once he is done.
Blanc De Blanc - Extra Curly Mongolian Style Faux Fur

and this at last, is Tassle & Pom.
These guys will be my last new pattern for the year. 


  1. I too have had some of my best finds while investigating sloths.

    They are all adorable - do they shed?

  2. will they have to be shorn once a year, can you spin the fibre for yarn? extra income potential.

    awesome as always dear.

  3. Wonderful stuff as always Jodie, Wishing you all the best for the rest of the year and looking forward to seeing what you get up to next year. Always inspirational and a lot of fun.


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