Thursday, May 31, 2018

Monster Mash

I will admit I am obsessed with stripey toys. They are just so cheery looking. This is my (almost) latest pattern. Three delightfully ridiculous monsters called Monster Mash. The pattern comes with facial variations, including the use of a jelly bead zip for the teeth. 
I really have had loads of fun playing with these guys. These would be an awesome beginner pattern or a pattern kids could work on. One of my pattern testers added a moustache and glasses to her monster !!
This pattern is in ye olde etsy shop.... 

I have just realised all the things I have neglected to tell you... I better come back tomorrow.


  1. they look like they should be in a music video. someone should do that.

    I shall also come back tomorrow.

  2. They look great ...... So bright and funky ........

  3. Congratulations! They are adorable. I thought that zipper was mini pompom braid.

  4. They're super cute and yes, stripey fabrics make awesome binding and monsters!

  5. They are too cute.
    Be back here tomorrow. 😁

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