Sunday, July 30, 2017

Birthday -yeah 48 (I had to check)

It's my birthday - and the start of Rockpool week - does life get any more exciting than this ?
To celebrate and because I haven't done it for ages- there is 25 % off all patterns in my shop, including all these rockpool dudes below

 Gary and Glen 


Little Boats

Sea Stars

Pin whale

Stay tuned my friends, see you tomorrow.


  1. Well happy birthday! May it be filled with all the good things 😂

  2. Happy Birthday to you! 48 is still young and as long as you're still kicking, live it up! Every day is a blessing, so enjoy it all!

  3. Have a Wonderful day, I have just become a Great Auntie, A lovely baby boy. I think the boats is Perfect gift for him.

  4. HB2U, HB2U, HBDJ, HB2U!!!

    I am, as you know, 97 - but my birth certificate says I was 46 this time last week. we is old.

  5. 'Happy Birthday to you squashed tomatoes and stew, bread and butter in the gutter, Happy Birthday to you' as my old cockney mum sings to me every year - it is obligatory to drop all 'H's and not pronounce the double 't's in butter and gutter.
    Off to buy a pattern or two.

  6. Happy birthday you young thing!

  7. Happy birthday Jodie. 48 years young.

  8. Enjoy your birthday celebrations. Wonderful patterns and fabric, especially love the sea gulls...but you didnt make them stealing a hot chip LOL!

  9. Happy Birthday Jodie! Bloody love the seagulls!!!

  10. Happy Birthday Week!!! I hope you celebrated with abandon!


Hellloooooo !!!!