Saturday, February 25, 2017

Stable Mates

 Stable Mates

My personal favourite, the Palomino because he reminds me so much of the very spirited (naughty as hell ) horse I had as a girl called Chappie. 

 The donkey, because donkeys are totally awesome. 

The skewbald and piebald because I love paint horses!!  Love !!
You guys know I tried and failed at an Appaloosa but these guys mollify me somewhat.

Felt saddles and vinyl bridles to keep everyone in line of course,

and the unicorn... because every freakin' person in the universe seemed to want a unicorn added to the pattern.

A rug, because sometimes horses and donkeys need a rug.  
This pattern is available wholesale through Creative Abundance, retail in all good stores and as an instant download in my Etsy store.

Winners of the giveaway week (in no particular order) are:
Witch on the barn
Sue Niven
Fiona Forsyth
Simple Stitches


  1. wow these are gorgeous and congrats to the lovely winners.

  2. Gorgeous. Love the unicorn glad you have included it. Congrats to the lucky winners.

  3. Perfect name, and congrats to the winners. It will be fun to watch out for the upcoming herd!

  4. Love these Jodie... Beautiful!

  5. does that make us humans 'unstable mates'?

    congrats to the winners. not bitter at all ;P

  6. Oh dear, now I have no excuse when the 5 year old asks me to make her a unicorn!

  7. Oh goodness I love every little detail but that light blue rug is just happiness. I can't imagine what it's like to live in your creative mind. :o) All I know is the result is genius.

  8. I love them all, but especially the skewbald wearing the blankie and the unicorn....who could resist a sparkly unicorn??


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