Sunday, October 2, 2016

Tilly & Ginger & swears

I am flying in on the last day of school holidays to introduce Miss Tilly. She is the cutest little thing - well actually she is quite big at 23 inches high.
 Tilly is one of my new patterns and she comes with her dress and cardigan
 as well as her shirt and shorts,
and her romper.
Her best friend Ginger comes with a dress and coat,
overalls and handbag
 and her shirt and skirt

The best thing is, they can swap clothes so you can create a whole little wardrobe. I am so glad these two huge patterns are done !!
These patterns will be available in all good stores any day now and the PDF versions are available in my Etsy shop....

along with a bit of fun ! I had these enamel pins made and there are a few up for grabs in my shop as well. This has been a whole new ballgame but I am happy with how it worked out and have another (crafty) pin due in a few weeks.
I am becoming obsessed.


  1. becoming


    them girls are better dressed than either you or me

  2. these little girls are awesome!!! I love the clothes! Also, wow, what a ton of work. I am so impressed.

  3. Love the fact that I can buy a pattern for my very own little Miss Tilly! We spent the day making clothes for her toy animals so now we can make them for her mini me! Divine.
    They even have matching strawberry blonde hair. Love love love!

  4. Awesome work Jodie. Your girls are beautiful.

  5. These are gorgeous. Wish my girls were still little enough to play with dolls!

  6. Darling -- wardrobe swapping amongst best friends. You rock the doll wardrobe and the the world of CUTE! Tilly and Ginger are going to be a hit. No doubt!!! And YES to sweary pins.

  7. Gorgeous girls...and their clothes are so very beautiful! Love all the fabrics, the photos (and the pin too).
    Helen xox

  8. Being obsessed (and sweary if you like) is perfectly fine!! Gorgeous dolls and I love their wardrobe too.


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