Thursday, September 8, 2016

L is for Lion and litres

I had a plan. 
I was going to release at least two of these little friends every year. 
But this is my first little alphabet animal for the year - number eight. I have 16 letters left to go. I think I'd better get moving because I find it hard to believe anyone will still be listening to me in 2024 !

He is completely hand sewn and suitable for beginners.

He just needs a final final final proof read and he should be available pretty soon.

Things are busy here as usual. I am working on two new pattern releases before the next lot of fabric arrives and the crazy market sewing takes over. 

The hot water service went on the fritz, 
The dog is limping
 The bathroom ceiling has all but caved in with a massive roof leak.
The grandpuppy chewed the tap off the water tank so we have 5,000 litres of water trapped inside the tank.

 When asked what could be done about it , the lovely plumber said. 
"That's fixable but man, someone is going to get really wet"

Stay dry friends !


  1. Oh you do make me laugh, Jod (with you, not at you). What disasters!

  2. Oh dear... Puppies! The bottom panel of our shed seems to have been pulled off and chewed... Now I wonder who did that?

  3. 2024! If I'm still here, I'll still be listening ;)

    Let's hope it's only the plumber that's going to get really wet? Good luck with that.

  4. Love your Lion & love your laughs!

  5. lalalala- linoleum

    I will, if I'm breathing, and you are breathing, I will.

    oh dear. that's a lot of leaking and wotnot. better not get near the fabric!

  6. Please don't read this as sarcastic or judgmental: does the alphabet in Australia only have 24 letters?

    1. hahahahah - now you see why quilts are so hard for me.... Its all the math !!!! but that means I will be doing these toll 2025 ! Sheesh....

    2. That's a good number. I really like 25.

  7. Love the lion...can't wait to add him to my alphabet collection. Sorry to hear about your plumbing and dog woes. I have some of the same ones....and I can relate to the frustration...Forward march...a motto muttered a lot lately.

  8. Oh no! As I type this we had torrential rain last night and I can see on the radar that you will be copping the same downfalls this morning. Hope the roof got fixed before hand? Perhaps the repair to the rainwater tank can be made in summer, when the lawn is going to appreciate a drink? Or do you kids like scuba diving? I am sure there is an human interest story for the Ballarat Courier in there somewhere ;)
    Very cute lion, another Ric Rac success story on the way.

  9. Oh my, water messes are the worst. The plumber seems to have an odd sense of humor. Lion Love!!!

  10. I love the little lion, I have a nephew with hair like that. I sympathise with the roof leaks as we had our roof 'fixed' a month ago because of two leaks - now they are even worse. I'm waiting for the ceiling over the bed to plop down one night.

  11. Hi! I have a question about your rag rug from about a year ago that was recently featured on Sew Can She. You gave instructions to straight stitch and zig zag the fabric covered cording. Did you then zig zag each new layer around to the previous, end your stitching, go back and see the straight stitch for that same round? Effectively stitching each round twice with a start and stop for both the zig zag and the straight stitch? Next you would create the next layer around and then again start and stop the two types of stitching to that new layer around? I just wanted to make sure I understood! No need to reinvent the wheel! The rug is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your work!

  12. #shite so sorry about it all....but the lion is adorable!! i need to make him. ;p

  13. Seriously why cant things happen in an orderly manner and not all hit the fan at once?! But oh Jods he is my favourite yet (I think its my love of the Lion King movie as a kid- and still ;p)! So adorable xxx


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