Tuesday, August 30, 2016

this is not where I was going

Some time ago I sent some of my Bunny Trail fabric to Helen Philipps.

Do you know Helen? I don't but I do follow her blog.
 It is the prettiest blog in all of blogland, full of great photography and sewing and flowers.

Helen made a bundle of the cutest things with BunnyTrail - but I thought I had better wait until the fabric was actually available  before I shared .
(The timing stuff with fabric design is bonkers )

Check out Lettuce - isn't she awesome ? You know how much I love a good name for a softie!
You should do yourself a favour and pop over and see the little quilt and the hexie ball as well as a great block that Helen made.

I have been glued to my computer for what feels likes weeks, finishing off two HUGE patterns. I have been working on another little alphabet friend, making suitcases, and watching the days fly by on the calendar.
I got an email this week asking me to teach in 2018 !!!! It totally fruck me out friends, and don't think it will surprise you to hear that I am failing at any semblance of a work/life balance these days. I keep saying things like "Oh it's just busy now because of the fabric, or because of market, or trade show"....but I think I need to realise it is always like this. this has become my normal.
How do you do it? Do you balance stuff?
 If you run your own business, large or small- how do you stop working?
Even if you don't run a business, do you struggle with the elusive 'balance'that we all must have in our lives?

(Must we have it? Is it in fact haveable? Is is a crock of shit?)


  1. My normal is to do what makes me happy, As long as you get some whatever Happy Time is for you in your day, It will help you get through the rest. Enjoy the ride!

  2. pretty bunnies.

    yes we must and yes it is a crock of yon other trying to achieve that.

    Here we say 'hunger or a burst'. just don't burst, eh?!

  3. I am a lazy hag who seems to be on a continuous loop of Princess breaks and, now my kids are all grown, have no excuse for being the SAHM of the past decades so this balance of which you speak is totes outside my sphere of knowledge. My work/life seesaw is permanently stuck with the 'can't be arsed' end permanently on the ground.

  4. I'm so peed at myself for not doing enough sewing and doing far more arsing around than is required over the summer holidays. Now I'm back at work I'm also keen to get back at the sewing table! Quilts for Christmas for everyone! I don't know how you do it Jodie...I'm guessing there's something in the Vegemite...

  5. Not doing enough of the business because fun projects are funner which is bad for business and being at home to run said business is crazy because there is always much to do at home, then there is Social Media. :( Balance sounds like an unreachable dream. Sometimes it's just a lot of this then it's a lot of that. Love this bunny fabric!

  6. Balance shmalance. I just do stuff. I do my best not to let people down, I try not to forget things but often do and if it's all getting a bit much I tickle the fat baby and his laughs make it all better. I prioritise things that make my heart happy over things I 'should' do and I think I'm a better person for it. We know that shit things happen so there's no way I'm letting the shoulds outweigh the needs and wants of me and the tribe.
    Let me know if you need to borrow the fat baby....

  7. Lettuce is as darling as her name. I can't do it all nor do I want to. Wisely I learned what I could do best and unburdened myself of the rest. I supposed it all depends on what YOU as a person/designer want out of life. I need order. I need time to read a book. I need free days on my calendar. I am happy. :o)

  8. I think work/life balance is the new politically correct term for superwomen - because we all still think we have to have a career, raise perfect children, run immaculate homes that have been renovated with our own bare hands into the latest look and perform in the gym, bedroom and boardroom! Its a crock and that's why I quilt, to take me into the place that allows me to forget to feed my children nutritiously balance meals and that the bathrooms need scrubbing :)

  9. Gorgeous fabric and yes Lettuce is too cute!
    As for work/life I agree with Sue SA. We all juggle and sometimes we drop a ball or two or the wheels fall of the bus - for me I get the kiddos to pick up the said dropped balls and chip in so I can have some crafty me time!

  10. I read an article that said it was better not to seek balance, that the imbalance in life is because we are passionate about what we do! I'm sticking with that view.


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