Tuesday, March 1, 2016

While I was sleeping

A few weeks ago  ( four but who's counting?) I woke up with a buggered neck - like totally ratshit have-to-roll-out-of-bed-buggered.
It is a lot better than it was, but still .... kinda buggered.

In an effort to help un-bugger my neck/back/shoulder I have been trying really hard not to do too much. Sewing hurts and computering hurts - much less than it did originally but its all a bit crunchy and unfun.

I have made friends with physio appointments and I suffer in silence through the whole thing. (well silence at the physio, but there is a lot of whingeing and whining on the home front  - I am no stoic).

My friend Paddle has joined the troops and so have these super easy little fellows called Best in Show. Don't worry I sewed all these before the neck thing - they have just been waiting their turn in the toy queue.

I have seen the strike offs for my newest fabric range and am psyching myself up for that quilt market craziness again. The mind is willing and I have lists at the ready. I think that maybe things will be a bit less bonkers than last time but there is no scientific evidence to suggest that - just wishful thinking and a that feeling of competence that a list gives me.

I have even been practicing my flat sewing in preparation ! 


  1. Poor you, Jod - I do hope the neck thing is sorted out soon - how very much not fun when you are so busy. 🍰

  2. If you need to delegate Jodie please sing out. I have a wonderful chiro but he's up here in Bendigo, believe me - he can work miracles!!

  3. Get better soon Jodie. Paddle is so darn cute!

  4. A pain in the neck is no less annoying than a pain in the ass. Wishing you well. Cute toys and can't wait to see your new line of fabulous-ness. I'd flat sew for you if I wasn't moving. :o)

  5. well shit. i can imagine how hard it is just to go to work. quit the job for the sake of your neck. also, is it possible the exploding oven buggard your neck??? another sign that cooking is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. hope you;re better soon. xo p.s. maybe it was caused by that crap candy from the USA (just sayin')


Hellloooooo !!!!