Sunday, August 23, 2015

I am giving you the side eye blogger

Blogger is being a bit of an arse lately , but that's not the reason I haven't been posting.
I have been feeling a bit hamstered and over-doctored and generally out-of-sorts but it is all OK and I have given myself a sound talking to!
When I am not here, chatting to you guys I am usually floating about at the day job, or hopefully farting about in the sewing room. Sometimes I am teaching, sometimes I am up to my ears in secret stuffs and sometimes (though not often) I am just having a cuppa and a bit of zombie killing time.
I am (very often) on Instagram posting pictures without the blog-need to stop and chat.

There have been some birthdays which meant I made a wool version of my Circus tuffet pattern - and I LOVE IT ! But 'cause I am an awesome mum I gave it away to my TWENTY-FOUR year old daughter. (I know, how is that even possible?)

 I made a new creative card pattern : This is Karma Chameleon and he can be made in either cotton (degree of difficulty quite painful) or felt (super easy). It is the ear worm that will get you with this one !

I made him with hand dyed felt from Winterwood and seriously wanted to make a whole mountain of them

 but this little fellow needed some time as well.

This is P is for Pig , my newest friend in the Alphabet animal series. He is number seven so there are only 19 more letters to go.
Do you all get the newsletter ? It's kinda boring but it does give you shop discounts - current discount uses the code BLOGLOVE for 25% off all the stuffs until Tuesday midnight.

So stakeholders, we have 19 letters to go, having used D E F G H P T - what do you suggest ?
(and no you can't make rude words out of it yet - you know I have tried !)


  1. My preference would be "R" for Rabbit - only because I have a soft spot for bunnies. Piggy is very cute and the rainbow chameleon is AWESOME.

  2. A for Aligator. W for Wombat. S for Squirrel. L for Llama. K for Kitten.
    We play a lot of Scattegories in this house. I have PLENTY more ideas but will refrain from filling your feed.
    Love you muchly.
    Andi xx

  3. Oops something happened to my comment. Andi beat me to it I was going to say S for Squirrel too but I absolutely love W for wombat as that is the name of our soccer club so it would go down well here

  4. Over-doctored? Not a fave phrase when used by friends. Trust all is well. Animals? Hmmmm...aardvark? Narwhal? Meerkat?

  5. Over-doctored? Not a fave phrase when used by friends. Trust all is well. Animals? Hmmmm...aardvark? Narwhal? Meerkat?

  6. you couldn't be boring if you tried.

    although I still haven't forgiven you for going with Pig instead of Penguin - obvs.

  7. Awesomeness as always. I know you're such a big fan (LOL) of alliteration! I could go on my two cents offers up Q for Quail. Love the little things and it's the California state bird. I do not eat them. Oh and K for Koala, of course.

  8. I love your chameleon pattern! Would I be able to stitch it up with fleece? I know that, because of the stretch, my chameleons might be a little fatter, but I can get cool fleece much more quickly than I can get cool felt.

    And, for Alphabet Animals:
    A- Aardvark (I love saying aardvark!); B- Bat (because bats can be cute); C- Cow (I know it was mentioned, but I agree!) or Camel; I- Iguana; J- Jellyfish; K- Kangaroo; L- Lemur; M- Mouse; N- Narwhal; O- Orangutan or Ocelot; Q- Quahog; R- Rhino; S- Starfish; U- Unicorn (I know they're not real, but...); V- Vulture (even carrion eaters need some love!); W- Wombat (also mentioned, but also excellent!); X- X-ray tetra (or you could go with the Latin name for some frogs Xenopus); Y- Yak; Z- Zebra

  9. I love a Quail, but that is a bit unfair as I have no idea what a Quahog is, it could also be very nice. Definitely a camel, yak and zebra :)

  10. R = Rhino, W = Walrus, M = Meerkat, Q = Quokka!

  11. Ummmmm K is for kiwi 😉. L - lion. S - snail or seahorse.

  12. W for wombat!!! I'm jumping on the bandwagon for that one! Squirrel and Meerkat are also great ideas. Though I'm not from Michigan in the US, they have the cutest black squirrels.

  13. Here is a challenge for you Jodie!!!
    This is what I would love to see for the X is for!!!
    Love your work.


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