Saturday, May 23, 2015


I can't keep up at the moment but thats Ok. I thought I had better share a bit of market. I am struggling with adding links on the ipad but I know you guys are all on the google so you can investigate at your leisure.

This lion quilt from the Michael Miller booth kills me. It was one of the first things I spotted at market. It is by Violet Craft and she is awesome. I took a photo of my lion Frankie, with this quilt and I sniffed fabric with Violetcraft. Yep, a booth had scratch 'n' sniff fabric in lemon, apple, strawberry, grape and wood ! ( oh the sniffing wood jokes never got old).
Smelly fabric. No, I don't really get it either. The people on this booth (I think it was Camelot) also walked around dressed as Batman and Wonder Woman.

Jen Kingwell's booth. Jen is one of the nicest designers in Australia, super helpful and always up for a laugh. Her booth looked fantastic and it was always full of people.

My favourite booth of the show ! Elizabeth was an absolute delight and told me about how her collection came about and then gave me a little pack of fabric. How nice is that

It really is a crazy riot of colour and quilts and people. I have loads more photos but the technology is a bit weird and the whole camera to ipad to flickr to access via blogsy it dementing.

In other news Minneapolis is great, the weather is great. We have been hiring bikes to get around (awesome bike system ) and I have seen squirrels.

I am happy.


  1. so glad you are happy!

    did EH know just who she was meeting, ROCKSTAR.

    Jen Kingwell's stuff has always passed me by rather as too busy - plus I don't actually make quilts and all, but there is one in Quiltmania called Small World that is very awesome. might need to get that mag.

    all the famous and the overload. you did good!

    I'm not sure why you were so excited about seeing a squirrel though - I've obviously missed one of the company memos. It wasn't even red! (over here the grey ones are considered a menace, the red ones are very rare and never in cities)

    all that and verticality has been maintained. so impressed!

  2. Peppermint Penguin we don't have squirrels in Australia so spotting them in the wild the first couple of times is most exciting.

    Oh who am I kidding? Even 25 years in it is still rather amazing

    1. Thanks for that - the things you learn on the internet. there's one in my garden you can have if you like - wee blighter forever digging up the plants and nicking fruit off the plum tree in the autumn.

      If I spotted a Koala, I'd be gobsmacked and quickly offer him a blanket, he'd be cold here!

  3. Love it all Jodie! Thanks for the pictures, I am glad you are having a really good time, Scratch and sniff fabric! Love it!

  4. That lion is fabulous! I wonder about smelly fabric -- is it scratch and sniff or smelly all of the time? Does is lose the scent when washed? I'm wondering about garment sewing -- apple scented armpits? And scratching while wearing scented boxer shorts? With all this wondering apparently I have nothing better to do!

  5. Thank you so much for the pictures. The lion is awesome. So glad you are having fun

  6. Lions, fabric, quilting & squirrels; sounds like the perfect trip!

  7. sounds like an absolute blast................


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