Wednesday, January 14, 2015

In progress

My holiday boss is a total hard-arse.
She has rules. Lots of rules.
She would probably be cross if she knew I was sitting here blogging and enjoying my second cup of tea.

She'd be asking how this project was progressing, had I worked out that little tail issue ? Will there be accessories? Is this a halter and lead kinda guy or a wind blowing through the mane kinda guy?She may also mention the five patterns that need to be written, the exciting newses that need to be shared and the inexplicable amount of tea being consumed in the staffroom. She is certain to mention the need to follow up with the breakthrough in the 'roundness of head' issue in another project and the weird leg to body ratio in yet another.
So I had better get moving and address some issues and tick some boxes. Today is tails and manes and rounded heads and sea creatures and even more French knots (previous post). I need to send some emails and investigate some PAYHIP stuff and take some photos.
I'll just boil the kettle first.


  1. Sounds like you need an who can boil a kettle and serve tea while you stay busy from mane to arse! :o)

  2. Enjoy that cuppa, Jod - dammit, you've earned it!

  3. I think we need to stop these mean bosses having it all their own way - keep that tea flowing Jod!

    I'm planning to drink at least one hot cup of tea today whether my bitch boss likes it or not.

    Good luck with your body parts.

  4. Glad I snuck in a little visit...thanks pussy cats!

  5. Maybe you should call in sick?

  6. I feel I'm missing an opporchancity to say something about a week off/wee cough and something about being a little horse...

  7. boy he's/ she's cute and they can come to my house any time and I have lots of tea.......

  8. But WAIT!!! Exciting News??? C'mon -- you must tell!!!!


Hellloooooo !!!!