Thursday, November 6, 2014

Going then stopping

This was meant to be one of those "you will not believe all the things I am doing" type of posts.
I have just finished a  secret charity project. It took me forever and included one massive crisis of confidence.
I made a mushroom garland and have eight more (yep 56 mushies) cut out and ready to sew. Don't even bother adding up the number of spots.

I have almost made myself a new froggy friend - one last tweak has been twuck since this photo and I have 11 little crowns finished awaiting 11 little frogs .

 I was going to tell you how I have a new project that I would like to get finished and written before Trade show at the end of the month,
 I was going to tell you I have nine D-is-for-Deer friends in various stages of completion.
 I was going to to rant and rave at my own crazy pants ways.

 Yesterday the Mr broke his ankle. Yep,  I know, I remember it too. As the verdict was delivered in the curtained off room in casualty, I know that our brains both went to exactly the same place .
So now, the one-armed, one-legged man is in a not-too-happy-state with a giant boot and a walking stick and the able bodied woman is breathing deeply and hiring bathroom equipment.
(The able bodied woman is also wondering how long it has been since the bathroom floor got a wash)


  1. oh bugger...........hope it heals quick and well and he is back on 2 feet asap...............
    breathe.........all will be ok..........

  2. Are your mushrooms magic? Perhaps you could have a munch. :o) Sorry for the mister problems but frog princes in crowns and spotted 'shrooms sure make the world a happier place.

  3. Poor Mr Ric Rac. And poor you. And poor crowns awaiting their wearers. I have a plastic chair to use in the shower if you're interested. Used by me when I had pneumonia and Annie when she had her bung foot. Best of luck to you and the Mr.

  4. Get better soon, all your lovelies are delightful!

  5. Dress him up as a pirate and tell him to get plastered with ale, he can then behave badly , make a joke about himself and cast off his woes. you can be his lusty wench and have a good time too. Hope all fares well in your household, at least have a drink to save your own sanity girl! All the best.

  6. I hope Mr Ric Rac will be OK, sounds like you need a big strong drink, or two xx

  7. you are sewing the wrong things. you should have sewn a full body bubblewrap suit, with an inbuilt gyroscope for keeping him upright.


    for both of you.

  8. Oh, dear, wishing you lots of strength.
    Love the frog btw.

  9. I often ask myself the same thing about my bathroom floor but don't like to contemplate the answer.
    I hope Mr. Ric rac doesn't notice and that he gets better soon x

  10. Is he quoting Monty Python yet? 'It is just a flesh wound!'
    Both being injured or sick and nursing the injured or sick are no fun. Take care, both of you.
    May I kiss Froggy Prince Charming? He is so cute!

  11. Shoot! Maybe the froggy prince can cheer him up? OR, put that one good arm -- give him a glue bottle and he can help with those spots. Assembly line style. You must use his gifts! ;-D

  12. Not Good!!! Hope you are all ok. If you need any help just yell (or if it makes you feel better scream). Hope he isn't in too much pain. He doesn't seem to do things by halves does he - gotta be the full break situation here....

    Take care

  13. Oooo, so sorry to read this piece of news. I hope you've both settled into a routine that works for both of you and that there is not too much pain involved.

    I've just finished reading all your posts, February through November (we moved house in April and I fell behind as soon as the decluttering started). You've had an eventful year and come along way in the years I've been following your blog. Congratulations.

  14. What a bugger for you and Mr RicRac :( I hope he heals well and quickly and doesn't drive you too mad in the process.
    Good job you have magical mushrooms and fairy tale frogs to look forward to!

  15. What Peppermint Penguin said.
    That frog is gorgeous. He needs a little girl princess. ;)
    Honestly Jodie!!!! Actually, Vic's good at falling off his feet. He's twisted his ankle lots, although not for years (touch wood). But, here's one for ya : he tore his Achilles Tendon while stretching his leg when woken up with cramp in the middle of the night several months ago. It hasn't healed properly, so he's had one round of injections into the site, and may have to have a second, as it appears not to be fixed yet. Such fun!
    Get well Mr RicRac.


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